Thursday, 31 December 2015

ari - the ariana grande perfume ♥

It is no secret that I am obsessed with Ariana Grande, so when she launched her debut fragrance Ari in September, I was instantly curious. I didn't really know what to expect for the bottle design but when I popped into Boots in September I was really impressed with the overall concept of the perfume. If you follow my Instagram, I took a few photos of the giant Ariana Grande cardboard cut out - Ariana posing with giant Dalmatians was definitely a plus in my books! For the bottle design, I was lucky enough to get the special edition and regular bottle design for Christmas. For the 100ml special edition bottle, you can spray the perfume by pressing the giant fluffy pom pom, very 1920's! For the original 50ml design, the fluffy pom pom is slightly smaller but this design sprays like a regular perfume.

The top notes include pear, grapefruit and raspberry and for the middle notes, you can smell lily, rose and vanilla orchid - overall an incredibly fruity and sweet scent, perfect for everyday wear. I absolutely love the design of this perfume, I am not usually a pink fan but the bottles look gorgeous on my dressing table. I am really impressed with how long lasting this scent stays on my clothes, even though this is a perfume version. Although I am not crazy for the Ari perfume name, I think this perfume captures the Ariana pop princess essence perfectly. What do you think of this perfume, did you get any celebrity fragrances for Christmas? You can find the perfume here 10/10 ♥

Saturday, 26 December 2015

louis vuitton - the josephine wallet ♥

My boyfriend has spoilt me rotten this Christmas, I have been obsessed with Louis Vuitton for a while now, so I was shocked when I opened this present! The Josephine wallet has a gorgeous sleek design and there are a few different interior colours that you can pick from, including fuchsia, mimosa, rose nacre and chilli red. I personally prefer the fuchsia shade even though it appears more red! This wallet includes four different credit card slots and a removable pocket that you can keep coins in. I cannot express how much I love this wallet, I am saving up for the matching bag for when I travel to New York next year. I love that my initials have been added inside of the wallet case as well, you can pick what colour you prefer for the print letter design too. The design is easy to use and very lightweight, it fits everything in perfectly and securely. What are your thoughts on the Josephine wallet? I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas, I will be reviewing my new Ariana Grande perfume tomorrow! ♥

Monday, 7 December 2015

this week's instagram ♥

For today's post, I thought I would do something slightly different than a product review, I have been slightly struggling to manage the blog front as well as finally working as a beauty journalist and having a social life. This year has gone by so quickly and so much has happened, I still need to do a separate post, now that I have my dream job as the News and Features writer for Scratch magazine! But for now, I just wanted to tell you what I've been up to and the things I'm loving and sharing through my Instagram. This December, I have managed to go to Winter Wonderland and I feel like this is the first time I've gone out with winter make-up. I usually change my beauty routine as soon as it gets colder and this month is no exception. 

My hands are getting incredibly dry so I am using the Margaret Dabb's cuticle oil, I recently had my nails done at my local nail salon too, they used a gorgeous nude, pink shade from OPI called Bubble Bath. For celebrity scents, I am obsessed with the new Ariana Grande perfume and this Cheryl gift set (pictured above) is definitely on the wish list! I have finally booked New York and I am super excited, we go next April. For the rest of this month, I am wrapping up the next issue of Scratch and getting ready for Christmas! Let me know what shops I should visit in NYC! Have a lovely week girls, you can follow my Instagram here. ♥
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