Tuesday, 17 November 2015

christmas wish list part 1 ♥

This is just a small wish list I've put together, I feel like I've spotted so many nice things in shops at the moment! When it comes to Christmas, I usually want my classic favourites, I never get tired of Alien by Thierry Mugler, that has been my favourite perfume for years but I prefer the parfum version because the scent is stronger. I am loving snake print at the moment, I have been looking for a pair of boots but the heel styles that I have looked at haven't been that great but this pair from Schutz looks perfect! I will actually be going to New York in February so I'm hopefully going to buy a Louis Vuitton bag out there but I have also become obsessed with the Stella McCartney bags, I recently saw a black leather bag which was £850 - slightly on the pricey side but it is still beautifully made. What is on your Christmas list this year? Is there anything in particular that you always have on your Christmas list? 


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