Wednesday, 26 August 2015

very on trend campaign ♥

Hi girls, I hope you are all having a lovely week - minus this awful weather. I am super excited for today's post, I recently collaborated with Cosmopolitan and Very for their Very On Trend campaign. I went down to a studio in central London and was included in their Very on Trend video, it was lovely to see the gorgeous Cassie Powney, the Beauty Editor of Cosmopolitan, Wendy Rigg and Amber Ashcroft from Reveal. I had to find an outfit from Very that would be perfect for a first date, I picked the black and white skater dress because it is super easy to wear and I actually included the Cheryl Eylure 114 lashes as my make-up must have! I am so excited to be part of this campaign and I'm really proud of the final video. You can see the products featured in this video here 

Monday, 17 August 2015

khase cosmetics - purple lips ♥

I don't care whether it is summer or winter, purple beauty products always look amazing - particularly lipsticks and lip glosses. I was super excited to try these products from Khase Cosmetics. If you aren't aware of Khase Cosmetics, this brand has a range that includes lipsticks, lip glosses and eye shadows. They are a professional brand without the heft price tag involved. The packaging is perfect, simple and classy - it does exactly what it says on the tin, high pigmentation and a lovely finish. I was really surprised how bright and bold the shades were and how wearable they adapted to my lips, as you can see from the swatches, the colour is incredible. I know one of the problems lip glosses can face is the texture and I am proud to report that this has a sticky free formula and does not lay on your lips like glue. 

I have been pairing these lip goodies together as well as separately while keeping my eye make-up quite neutral. I know some people might be slightly hesitant with bold shades but it really does adapt to your skin tone without looking too intense. I definitely recommend these shades purely for the price and amazing quality. I find it hard to spend £30 on a lipstick so £12.99 is spot on for me. Have you tried any of the Khase products before? You can find the full range here, the lipstick I tried is called Lace and the lip gloss is Haute. Have a lovely evening girls, I would love to hear your tips for wearing colourful lipsticks! 9/10 

Sunday, 9 August 2015

veet easy wax kit ♥

I am a huge summer lover - cocktails, light evenings, dresses and tans pretty much mean summer to me. When it comes to having a summer tan I love keeping my body hair free, whether this is for my underarms, legs or bikini area - I love not having to worry about stubble! I find razors never keep my legs smooth enough and the hair grows back quite quickly so I was intrigued to try a new waxing method from Veet. Experts in facial hair removal, depilatory creams, permanent hair removal and general waxing, Veet are well known for keeping hair at bay. I was really excited to try the new Veet Easy Wax Kit* to see whether this would help with my razor situation. 

So what exactly is the Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit? Well, it's a heated wax system that you can use at home, by yourself and has a wax formula made from pine tree and shea butter. The kit includes a self heating device, a 50ml roll-on wax refill, 12 non-woven strips, 4 Veet Perfect Finish wipes and a electrical cable. Besides from the lovely packaging, what I loved straight away when I opened this kit was the easy instruction guide - for me, waxing has always sounded too technical compared to my razor but I couldn't have been more wrong! 

The Veet guide was incredibly easy to understand and its made me regret not waxing earlier. Using the kit was super easy, all you need to do is insert the wax roll-on into the device, plug in and leave for 20-30 minutes, roll on the wax onto your legs, bikini area or underarms, apply a strip then voila - silky and smooth! You can then use the wipes to get rid of any left over wax and you are good to go. I was so shocked how smooth my legs were, I applied the kit a week ago and they are still smooth and stubble free! There was hardly any pain and there wax no mess to clean up afterwards. I cannot recommend this kit enough, super and quick to use - what more could you want?! Have you tried any of Veet's hair removal products before? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks for waxing! 10/10 ♥
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