Monday, 13 July 2015

rimmel kate moss lipsticks - nude collection ♥

We all know how obsessed I am with nude lipsticks, so you can imagine how fast I ran to the Rimmel section at Boots last week to see the new Kate Moss Nude Collection. The range includes lipsticks and nail polishes and wow, the packaging for the lipsticks really caught my eye. Boots are currently doing a buy one, get one half price offer so I picked up shade 43 and 45, there are 5 different shades available. My initial thoughts after swatching the lipsticks was really different to what I expected, when I hear the word nude, I automatically think of a light tone, similar to foundation - on my skin tone, 43 and 45 are more warm, browny nude shades. I have seen other reviews on the lipsticks and on fairer skin tones they look very nude - I'm quite tanned at the moment so the lipsticks look much warmer on my skin. They have really adapted to my lips and blended really well with my natural lip colour. I think it's important to understand that lipsticks can look slightly different depending on your colouring, but I am really loving the lipsticks and I am so impressed how long they last! I really can't fault these shades, 43 and 45 remind me of the 90's so I am very happy with this - have you tried these shades before? You can see the full range at Boots here for only £5.49. What do you think of warmer nude lipsticks? 10/10  


  1. Aw these are so cute! love the packaging, definetly going to have to try out 45 and 48! love a good browny nude! Lovely blog :) xx

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