Monday, 13 July 2015

rimmel kate moss lipsticks - nude collection ♥

We all know how obsessed I am with nude lipsticks, so you can imagine how fast I ran to the Rimmel section at Boots last week to see the new Kate Moss Nude Collection. The range includes lipsticks and nail polishes and wow, the packaging for the lipsticks really caught my eye. Boots are currently doing a buy one, get one half price offer so I picked up shade 43 and 45, there are 5 different shades available. My initial thoughts after swatching the lipsticks was really different to what I expected, when I hear the word nude, I automatically think of a light tone, similar to foundation - on my skin tone, 43 and 45 are more warm, browny nude shades. I have seen other reviews on the lipsticks and on fairer skin tones they look very nude - I'm quite tanned at the moment so the lipsticks look much warmer on my skin. They have really adapted to my lips and blended really well with my natural lip colour. I think it's important to understand that lipsticks can look slightly different depending on your colouring, but I am really loving the lipsticks and I am so impressed how long they last! I really can't fault these shades, 43 and 45 remind me of the 90's so I am very happy with this - have you tried these shades before? You can see the full range at Boots here for only £5.49. What do you think of warmer nude lipsticks? 10/10  

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

product essentials - big eyes ♥

I am not a morning person, I struggle with getting up early so this means I am more of a night owl which normally leaves my eyes looking really tired and worn out. I wanted today's post to be about my three essential products that make my eyes appear bigger and more awake. Of course concealer is a massive help with covering dark circles, but I personally don't think it helps your eyes stand out. My first go to product is from Illamasqua - their Vernau eyeshadow is perfect for adding a warm finish to your lids and it really helps create a nice base. I then reach for eyelash curlers - Eyeko are my favourite brand, this set is super easy to use and it was included in last years Latest in Beauty box. Finally I reach for mascara, I am loving Benefits "they're real" wand, this is just a small size but I love that it doesn't take up much room in my make-up bag. These are pretty much the only products I use when it comes to making my eyes appear bigger, really simple and straight forward. What are your top tips for helping your eyes after a late night? ♥ 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

get the look - lucy mecklenburgh dark lips ♥

As you all know, I am obsessed with Lucy Mecklenburgh, even when she was in TOWIE. Her tanned skin and stylist outfits have always appealed to me and this recent look is no exception. I don't usually wear red lips as much as I would like, which is shame because they really create instant glamour and can take your day make-up to an evening look. When I put this look together, I wanted to keep the majority of the products high street based, yes we all love YSL but using every designer brand can be very pricey. For her lips, at first glance I thought she was wearing a simple red lip but after looking at a few photos, Lucy's lipstick definitely has a brown tone to it. This Bourjois Rouge edition lipstick in Pretty Prune is such a perfect match. 

I have swatched this shade before and it really looks identical to the colour that Lucy is wearing in these photos, this is definitely the hero product for this look. I'm actually quite surprised that Lucy has skipped bronzer, she does not look as tanned as usual but it really suits her! I think she has slightly contoured with a dark, matte powder - the Sleek Kit I've included above will be perfect. For her eyes, she has used a simple, grey eyeshadow - the Bourjois Colour Band will be able to help create this, it is easy to blend and is great to use if you are in a rush. Don't forget to add some lashes! Overall, this look is super easy look to create and I love that Lucy has stepped away from her usual bronzed, nude lip look! What do you think of the coppery twist on Lucy's red lips? ♥ 
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