Sunday, 21 June 2015

kurt geiger - snake print ♥

I am obsessed with snake print and with Kurt Geiger - so combining the two is always a good idea. I have been wanting a Kurt Geiger clutch bag forever and my amazing, beautiful best friend bought me this Bailey Snake Clutch bag for my birthday! I am in love with the design and the size is perfect for fitting your essentials in - so your phone, powder, money, keys and a lipstick. Although I'm used to giant clutch bags, this really is the perfect size and it adds instant glamour to any outfit, Have you found any new snake print bags? You can see the full range of Kurt Geiger bags here. I am looking for a giant handbag - let me know if you see any nice ones ;) Have a lovely evening girls! ♥ 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

brand spotlight - gemondo ♥

So a few months ago I did a post about the jewellery brand Gemondo, they have a range of different collections that suit everyone's taste and they have released a few more pieces that I had to do a post about. They have added a few more extra pieces to their pearl collection and I don't know about you, but I think pearl jewellery is perfect for summer! It is subtle, but adds instant glamour without being too over the top. I've also included some bold, gem rings and bracelets - I am really loving colourful bits of jewellery at the moment, especially because I've been wearing pretty plain outfits this summer.  Have you seen the Gemondo range before? What are your top pieces from their site? You can see the full collection here 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

mcm comic con ♥

In late May, I was lucky enough to attend the MCM Comic Con event at London Excel, I am a huge, huge sci-fi/batman lover so I was pretty much in heaven! Over 122,000 people attended and most of them were dressed up as different comic book characters - my favourites were definitely the Joker, Batman and Vampire Willow ;) The exhibition featured everything to comic books, anime, film, posters, clothes and games - Felicia Day (who appeared on Buffy and has a massive Youtube following) also attended and was interviewed. I picked up a few goodies from the stands that I will be posting about in a separate post, for this post I wanted to show you my favourite stands! The next show will be on October 23-25th so definitely get your tickets booked. Have you been to MCM before? I would love to see what events you have been to recently!  
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