Sunday, 10 May 2015

get the look - lucy mecklenburgh ♥

Okay so the BAFTA's are currently in full swing at the moment and as soon as I saw the photos of Lucy Meck I had to put together a quick get the look! She looks incredible and her make-up is so on trend right now and also so easy to create. I've picked some products that are mainly from the high street (the Terry lip liner is the only exception), so lets get started! The key focus for this look include dewy, bronzed skin, statement brows and glossy lips with a lot of lip liner. For foundation, you want something with maximum coverage, Lucy lets her skin do the talking for this look - I am loving the Bourjois 1,2,3 Perfect Foundation, this provides coverage for redness and dark circles which is pretty handy when Lucy is getting photographed on the red carpet. Before you apply foundation to your primed skin, mix a dab of the Bourjois Bronzing Cream 8-In-1 and mix together - this will create a freshly tanned look, without needing a beach! From looking at photos I can see that her cheeks and forehead have been highlighted so don't be afraid to add a dab of the bronzing cream to these areas. For the eyes, apply a matte, brown eyeshadow and line them with liquid liner - this is a pretty basic eye make-up look so it is perfect for everyday wear too! 

I am useless at using liquid liner but I think the Revlon Color Stay Liquid Liner is super easy to manage. Next, the brows - an angled brush is essential for creating Lucy's brows, they are perfectly shaped and very straight, Superdrug have a new brush range called L.A.B.2 that are super affordable and have easy grip - their angled brush is perfect for this look. I've picked the Rimmel Brow This Way kit because it does exactly what it says on the tin and you could even use the shades as eye shadow. Finally for the lips, draw you lips with a warm, matte, beige shade, this needs to be slightly darker than you lipstick. Now, I will be reviewing this lip gloss later in the week but the MUA Whipped Velvet in Spry 349 fits very well for Lucy's look. The formula provides great coverage like a lipstick but it also creates a subtle gloss finish, this shade is a few shades lighter than the Terry lip liner so we have a winner! And there we have it - a quick and easy evening look which is perfect for the warmer weather. What are your favourite looks from the BAFTAs? Would you like me to create any other looks? Have a lovely evening girls! ♥

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