Sunday, 1 March 2015

life in a glass house ♥

Before I start with this review I just wanted to do a small disclaimer to say that this is my own personal opinion and my own experience with using Bio Oil and the Superdrug Vitamin E Body Butter - like any product, (especially skin care products), they can react differently for the individual creating varied results. I wanted to discuss my own personal experience with these two products and how they reacted with my scar, I recommend you talk to your local GP about products you want to use and whether you are ready to start applying creams, lotions or oils on your scar. Now, this is a slightly personal blog post today because I haven't really mentioned that I had heart surgery last July, after fully recovering I was left with a fairly noticeable scar down the middle of my chest. I was told by the doctors to avoid applying any products to the fresh wound because this would irritate it, I made sure my scar was fully healed before I started my product research. Obviously I know my scar won't disappear and look like my skin before my operation, but I like knowing that I can keep it soft, clean and less noticeable by using certain products. Let's start with Bio Oil - available from Boots for £14.99, this oil is designed to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, ageing skin, uneven skin tones and overall dehydrated skin. Bio Oil claims to help maintain the elasticity of the scar tissue on joints (so any scars on your knees or elbows) and they suggest applying Bio Oil twice a day for a minimum of 3 months.

I started using Bio Oil in September and I also bought the Superdrug Vitamin E Body Butter (for £1.99), it feels lovely using Bio Oil on your skin and I love using the oil after I have had a shower, it is really good to gently rub the oil in because it contains Vitamin E and Vitamin A. I'm really impressed how this improved the softness of my scar and I know not everyone likes an oil but I think it really penetrates into the skin cells and leaves your skin looking healthy. I definitely recommended this oil for your daily skin care routine. 10/10. The Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Care range has a variety of products that range from creams, lotions and body butters  - I wanted a body butter so I could really work the product into my scar and because it is quite thick, it would really sink into my pores. It smells gorgeous and is really easy to apply, now I heard that Vitamin E products really improve the appearance and help encourage the collagen development for scar tissue but I really didn't see a difference when using the product. Yes, it is great for circulation and keeping my skin moisturised, but for the actual quality and redness of my scar, I personally found that Bio Oil was more beneficial. The oil created a soothing barrier for my scar and I am still using it today. I recommend the Superdrug Body Butter as a body butter on its own, but for scar? I would stick to Bio Oil to help improve circulation and to help keep your scar soft and in good condition. What products do you recommend for improving the appearance of scars? ♥

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