Tuesday, 31 March 2015

spirit in the night ♥

After wearing acrylic nails for a good few months, I decided to give my nails a break. I was really shocked at how weak and unhealthy my nails looked after I had my acrylics removed so I have been looking for products that really focus on healing and strengthening my nails. When I was offered the chance to review the Nail HQ Strengthener*, I jumped at the chance - the formula is designed purely for improving the quality of your nails and in the long run, it will help your natural nails grow. The Strengthener contains keratin and a multi-fruit complex of lactic and glyolic acids - these are all key ingredients for healthy, happy nails! My first impression? I will be honest and say how much I neglect my nails, I pretty much slap my nail polish on without actually thinking about the prep work. My nails were incredibly weak a few weeks ago but since I have started applying the Nail HQ Strengther I have really started to notice a difference.  

I have been applying the formula to my nails (painted and also unpainted) and it quickly dries leaving a subtle barrier over your nails. I am really impressed with how quickly the formula dries and what a lovely finish it leaves - I know it is working its magic for the health side, but it looks lovely over nail polishes too! You can see the full Nail HQ range here, they are available in Tesco's, Amazon and Superdrug 10/10. Now the Eye Candy London Lights nail polish is less health based and more pretty and sparkly! Yes, I am a sucker for sparkly nails - this is the perfect polish for jazzing up your nail polish. I can be so dull when it comes to nail polishes so applying a few coats of this nail varnish will really mix things up - I loved how quickly it dried and it looks pretty with every nail colour! Have you tried any strengthener products or sparkly nail polishes? You can find the Eye Candy* polish here 

Monday, 23 March 2015

suddenly everything has changed ♥

I think I need to add another obsession to my list - celebrity fragrances. I have spoken a lot about perfumes over the past few months, I am really turning into a fragrance hoarder! I have been using the Christina Aguilera Unforgettable perfume* for the past few weeks and wow, I am really impressed! I have always been team Britney when it comes to celebrity fragrances but Christina has really brought a lot to the table. Lets start with my thoughts on the bottle, classic with a twist of lace, the 30ml size is perfect for your handbag and I really love black perfume bottles - they go so well with my room! ;) What I love about Christina's perfume range is that the look is constant - especially the lace and bottle shape. For the actual perfume, the notes include pomegranate, plum, jasmine tonka beans and Turkish rose. A varied combination of scents, the overall smell is very sweet and I would recommend this as an evening perfume. Have you tried any of Christina's perfumes before? I would love to see whether you noticed the pomegranate scent! You can buy Unforgettable from The Fragrance Shop for only £19.50. Let me know what you think of Christina's range! Have a lovely evening girls 9/10 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

i shall believe ♥

It is safe to say I can't live without liner on my lids, it is crazy how much eye liner can define your eyes and really complete your look. I'll be honest, I struggled with getting my liquid liner in a straight line when I first started using it when I was younger, but I slowly drifted away from liquid products and I found that felt tip liners were much easier to use! The way I see it, make-up shouldn't be hard or tricky - we should all feel confident with trying different looks and I think the perfect liner to help you get started is the Bourjois Mega Liner*. Whether you are a pro or a newbie at eyeliner, this pen will be your new best friend. It is easy to hold and grip, plus it allows you to build up the thickness with easy control. I think that this style of applicator really makes a difference. It is still just as intense as using a liquid liner but it is just easier to manage plus the formula lasts for 24 hours. I was really impressed with the pigmentation of the liner and how quickly it dries. The angled tip of the brush means you can create the infamous cat eye look or keep it subtle and just close to the lash line. Overall, this Bourjois baby definitely needs to be in your make-up bag! What is your favourite way of using liner, do you struggle with liquid liner like me? You can find the Bourjois Mega Liner here. Have a lovely week girls! 

Sunday, 15 March 2015

hanging by a moment ♥

I think for some of us, we are either using a nude, matte lipstick or we go for the total opposite and reach for a dark, plum shade. I am obsessed with nude and purples so when I spotted the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in shade 005 Parisian Passion, I had to grab it. The packaging is very slick and this makes the applicator easier to hold, I thought the wand applicator was quite different and it managed to hold a lot of product on without wasting it. I find that some lip glosses can get quite messy but the design of this wand manages to keep the product from leaking everywhere. The colour is perfect and glossy, if you want to try a darker shade for the first time then a lip gloss like this is ideal - you can build up the intensity and really control how the shade looks on your lips. I honestly can't recommend this shade enough, I have not put it down! 

I am curious to try the other shades in the range too - have you tried any of them? Now, when I bought the Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain there was an offer on at Superdrug for buy one get one half price, so I reached for the Revlon Photo Ready 3D Volume mascara. I am a big fan of bristle brushes because I feel like they catch all of my lashes - even the short ones. So this wand really blew me away, the design is very clever and it really looks dramatic and intense. I think this adds more length than volume which is perfect for me, but if you need more thickness, just apply a few extra coats. I'm really impressed with the brush design and it leaves your lashes with no clumps whatsoever. Have you tried of these products before? Let me know what you think of the Revlon mascaras! 10/10 

Sunday, 8 March 2015

crash course in polite conversations ♥

Considering how oily my skin can be, you would think I would have always used a face primer - well, I only discovered how beneficial face primers were last year. Primer's create the perfect base for your foundation and they really make your foundation look even and flawless. Now, when I heard that a few make-up artists have been using a male grooming product as a make-up primer, I was really curious to try it out for myself! The Rehab London Back to Matte Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel* has been used by make-up artists as a foundation primer to get flawless looking skin, pretty cool right? I love hearing professional tips and tricks to improve my own make-up skills and I would never think of using a male grooming range! The packaging is slick and classic - the size is also perfect to fit in your make-up bag, it is 35ml. Before you ask, it doesn't have a strong scent to it so you don't have to worry about smelling like a boy when you use it ;)

What I really love about this product is that the entire range is natural and it contains botanical ingredients, the texture of the gel was non sticky and when I applied it to my face, straight away it made my skin look smooth and even. There were no shiny or dry areas on my skin and this really helped when I applied my foundation afterwards. I personally think that primers like the Smashbox Photo Finish or the MAC Prep + Prime Skin Base Visage are incredibly pricey so for £9.95 from Boots you really can't go wrong with Rehab London! I really think this Mattifying Gel is worth investing in and the natural ingredients mean it is perfect if you suffer from sensitive skin. I am so impressed with the quality of this primer and I can't believe this is from a men's grooming range! Let me know if you have any unusual beauty secrets, have a lovely evening girls 10/10 

Thursday, 5 March 2015

with arms outstretched ♥

I've been meaning to put together this post for a while now, I have pretty much nailed my Sunday routine which includes a selection of goodies that I call my "relaxation kit" - after I've prepared everything for Monday morning and my room is organised, I reach for my make-up remover and facial wipes and take off all my make-up. I'll be honest - I used to be awful with taking my make-up off but now I can't imagine leaving it on! It is so important to let your skin breathe and I love using the Garnier Fresh Essentials Refreshing Toner to go that extra step of cleaning my pores. I did a review on the full range last year here and I have been hooked on this range ever since, it is great value and the packaging is so cute! I think Garnier have actually discontinued that particular toner but you can find their other option here. After I use the Garnier toner I put on a face mask, I usually use a heated pack but to save money lately I've been using this little life saver from Boots - the Boots Essentials Cucumber 3 Minute Clay Mask is great value for money, I actually got this on offer, it was three items from the Boots skin care range for only £3! 

I love the whole concept behind face masks, just leaving a product on while you can still run around the house or simply flicking through a magazine - I usually leave this on during a film then remove it before I go to bed. I love the smell of cucumber because it just feels really fresh! If you use face masks as much as me then this is perfect! It leaves my skin feeling healthy and smooth. While I have my face mask on I will usually write my blog post schedule for the week, my to do list which either involves what I need to buy for the week or if I need to return any clothes, pop to the bank etc. After this, I pop on a Disney DVD, light a few candles (Ikea candles is perfect for this) and I usually reach for a easy to use nail polish. When I say easy to use, I mean a nail polish that dries quickly when I am wrapped in my duvet. The Bourjois 1 Seconde Nail Polish range are ideal - I am loving this glittery colour at the moment, I've got light, nude pink nails but I like adding a few coats of Glitterizer* to jazz it up a bit! So there we have it, the ways I relax on a Sunday night. What are your essential relaxation tools? Have a lovely evening girls 

Monday, 2 March 2015

the search for something more ♥

Blending eye shadows can be quite tedious, especially when you are using dark shades - it took me a while to really get the hang of blending different colours. I wish I would have discovered the Bourjois Color Edition 24 Hour Eye Shadow* when I was younger! The hassle of blending and piling on the colour would have disappeared because the Bourjois range have pretty much mastered the eye shadow concept. To start with, the pigmentation of the Colour Edition 24 Hour range is intense but it allows you to really build up the colour, without fallout or without having to reapply an hour later. I was so impressed how long these eye shadows lasted and how easy it was! The lighter shade 07 Flocon D'or makes a beautiful base colour and a brow highlight - I have also been using this on top of my blusher to create a shimmery, champagne colour on my cheeks. They change from a cream texture to a powder - minus the fallout and minus the hassle. 

The shades were easy to use and I think these particular shades should be in every make-up bag, whether you want a neutral eye look or an intense smokey eye, you can quickly put this look together. I only used a small amount of the darker brown shade, 08 Marron Givre and you can see from my swatches how intense the colour is. I'm getting quite bored of powder eyeshadows at the moment because I don't think they last very long, especially if you have an eyeshadow palette. I really recommend this range, I can't seem to find any flaws with it! I need to check out what other shades they have available but for me personally, I only ever use brown tones and white for a highlighter. Have you tried the Bourjois Color Edition 24 hour Eye Shadows yet?10/10 Are you getting bored of using powder eye shadows like me? Have a lovely week girls! 

the search for something more ♥

I have been meaning to review this gorgeous perfume for over a month now, I actually bought this perfume for my mums birthday at the end of January and I've had it stashed in my bedroom waiting to photograph it - woops! She was quite relieved when I finally gave it back to her ;) The Roberto Cavalli Nero Assoluto Ea De Parfum is 30ml and I bought this in Superdrug for £35.00. I tested quite a few perfumes but I thought this scent was perfect for evening wear and it was less fruity and more suitable for my mum. She prefers more woody notes for her perfumes without any sickly, sweet tones. I really recommend this perfume, especially with mother's day around the corner - the bottle is gorgeous and will look lovely on any dressing table and the scent is really long lasting. I was surprised how little I needed to spray, the key notes include: Orchid, vanilla, ebony and a slightly touch of citrus. Overall, I think this perfume is a great present for mother's day and the scent is not too overpowering and if your mum is like me and prefers less fruity perfumes, this is perfect. 9/10 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

life in a glass house ♥

Before I start with this review I just wanted to do a small disclaimer to say that this is my own personal opinion and my own experience with using Bio Oil and the Superdrug Vitamin E Body Butter - like any product, (especially skin care products), they can react differently for the individual creating varied results. I wanted to discuss my own personal experience with these two products and how they reacted with my scar, I recommend you talk to your local GP about products you want to use and whether you are ready to start applying creams, lotions or oils on your scar. Now, this is a slightly personal blog post today because I haven't really mentioned that I had heart surgery last July, after fully recovering I was left with a fairly noticeable scar down the middle of my chest. I was told by the doctors to avoid applying any products to the fresh wound because this would irritate it, I made sure my scar was fully healed before I started my product research. Obviously I know my scar won't disappear and look like my skin before my operation, but I like knowing that I can keep it soft, clean and less noticeable by using certain products. Let's start with Bio Oil - available from Boots for £14.99, this oil is designed to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, ageing skin, uneven skin tones and overall dehydrated skin. Bio Oil claims to help maintain the elasticity of the scar tissue on joints (so any scars on your knees or elbows) and they suggest applying Bio Oil twice a day for a minimum of 3 months.

I started using Bio Oil in September and I also bought the Superdrug Vitamin E Body Butter (for £1.99), it feels lovely using Bio Oil on your skin and I love using the oil after I have had a shower, it is really good to gently rub the oil in because it contains Vitamin E and Vitamin A. I'm really impressed how this improved the softness of my scar and I know not everyone likes an oil but I think it really penetrates into the skin cells and leaves your skin looking healthy. I definitely recommended this oil for your daily skin care routine. 10/10. The Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Care range has a variety of products that range from creams, lotions and body butters  - I wanted a body butter so I could really work the product into my scar and because it is quite thick, it would really sink into my pores. It smells gorgeous and is really easy to apply, now I heard that Vitamin E products really improve the appearance and help encourage the collagen development for scar tissue but I really didn't see a difference when using the product. Yes, it is great for circulation and keeping my skin moisturised, but for the actual quality and redness of my scar, I personally found that Bio Oil was more beneficial. The oil created a soothing barrier for my scar and I am still using it today. I recommend the Superdrug Body Butter as a body butter on its own, but for scar? I would stick to Bio Oil to help improve circulation and to help keep your scar soft and in good condition. What products do you recommend for improving the appearance of scars? ♥
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