Saturday, 28 February 2015

every night is another story ♥

My sister often complains that she can never find anything in Primark, besides the essential legging collection or plain t-shirt she has never mastered the Primark hunt. I on the other hand love hunting through the rails to find hidden gems. I was in Primark last week and I found these white heels, I fell in love straight away because I love plain stilettos but because they were quite bold looking, I was worried I wouldn't be able to wear them well. I tried on a size 5 and they fit perfectly, for only £10 they really did look nice - especially when I spent £65 on a nude coloured pair from Office a few months ago that look exactly the same... They are really comfy to walk in and even though they are a few inches high I've managed not to fall over! These stilettos will be perfect for the spring/summer time and in the meantime, I will be pairing these with my leather trousers and a pretty blouse. What hidden gems have you found from Primark recently? What is your favourite Primark gem? 


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