Tuesday, 17 February 2015

are you true? ♥

So last weekend I went and stayed at my best friend's house in Maidstone - we took a road trip to Chatham to see Fifty Shades of Grey (it was awful - I have no words) and then we headed into town for a little shopping trip. Being a few weeks left before pay day, I didn't want to go crazy in the shops but I thought I would show you the few bits I picked up. The first shop I went into was Dorothy Perkins. These maroon boots really caught my eye, they are super comfy and the heel jazzes up my jeans and leggings. I got them in a size 5 and they fit perfectly, they were £39 which isn't too bad. I can't seem to find them online but there are a few pairs floating around on eBay. I also popped into Claire's Accessories and went lash crazy with the Katy Perry Prism false lashes in Roar and the Cheryl Eylure First Date lashes.  I think the Katy Perry lashes are a tad bold for me but I will cut the edges slightly to make them less fluttery. 

I personally have to wear more natural lashes because my eyes look swamped if the lash style is too heavy. We then stopped off in Asda where I picked up this heated Sauna Masque by Montagne Jeunesse - I have used this brand since I was 13 or 14 years old, I love how warm it feels on your skin and for £1 it is definitely worth treating yourself. We finally popped into Ikea and I bought another notebook that I don't need, I fell in love with this little book which only cost me £2. Finally, my favourite thing that I bought has to be the snake print clutch bag, I am obsessed with snake print at the moment. It was in the sale for £4 in Select Fashion - I can't seem to find it online but definitely pop in their store to see if you have any luck! There we have it, my little shopping haul! What would you buy from this little bundle? Have a lovely evening girls and let me know whether you agree with my Fifty Shades opinion..


  1. Claire's sells eyelashes? Going to have to make a pit stop there now…


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