Sunday, 18 January 2015

perfectly sun kissed ♥

I don't know about you but I'm happier with a tan, there is something really nice about having a golden glow and I prefer the safer option of faking it with a tanning mousse than a sun bed. I was so excited when the lovely Sienna X team sent me their Q10 Bronzing Mousse* and Gradual Glowing Self Tan* to try! To start with, how gorgeous is the Sienna X packaging? It looks very pretty on my dressing table right now! The first product I tried was the Q10 Bronzing Mousse - the main thing I would like to point out is I prefer tan that creates a brown bronzed look - not orange. I think a lot of tanning brands can forget this and I love developing my tan over time so it's essential for me that the shade develops in a bronze shade. Sienna X have officially nailed this concept on the head, the scent smells gorgeous, (hello cocoa butter) and the application was very easy, it was very simple to develop on my skin and blend in. I used a tanning mitt to apply the mousse - I only found out that you can actually pop your tanning mitt into a washing machine, I just used to throw them out! 

The mousse was incredibly easy to use and the shade left me bronzed and very sun kissed! I love that this tan has anti-ageing properties in the formula, talk about multi taking! The main ingredients included pomegranate, blackcurrant and vitamin E. The next product I have been using is the Gradual Glowing Self tan, I have been using this daily before I leave the house. This keeps your skin smooth and moisturised, without feeling sticky and uncomfortable - the main ingredients include aloe vera, almond oil and cocoa butter. This is actually an anti-cellulite formula, I love that they have combined this feature with tanning! Overall, I really cannot recommend Sienna X enough - they are definitely my favourite tanning brand at the moment, mainly because their products are so easy to use! If you are just starting out with tanning, you won't be disappointed with Sienna X - it is incredibly easy to blend into your skin, the smell is gorgeous and the colour makes you look like you've been on a beach all day! What is the main thing you look for in a tanning brand? You can see the full Sienna X tanning range here 10/10 


  1. Never use these types of products I just don't suit them but they really do sound great. xox

    1. They really are gorgeous tanning products! :) xx

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