Sunday, 11 January 2015

bambi eyes ♥

I can remember watching Tanya Burr on Youtube when I was just seventeen years old, her Jayne Mansfield tutorial made me fall in love with Youtube videos and only a few years later I would be starting Fairytale Kiss! It is amazing to see how far Tanya has come, so I had to buy her lashes from her new make-up collection. The lashes I picked are called Bambi Eyes, they are very fluttery and for my eyes this type of style suits them best. I found them incredibly easy to apply and although the outer corner was slightly tricky, they stayed on all night without any trouble! The lash adhesive worked wonders, I usually have my own lash glue but I thought I would give this one a try. It dried quickly and without any clumps. I definitely recommend these lashes for a night out, they really do draw attention to your eyes but in a subtle way! I have officially added Bambi Eyes to my top 3 lashes! Have you tried any of Tanya's products yet? You can see her full range at Superdrug - happy shopping girls! 10/10 ♥


  1. Tanya is really great I do prefer Zoe but I like Tanya and Gabby too. I want to try some of her lip gloss. xox

  2. Really nice and chic lashes! Good choice! =)


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