Monday, 19 January 2015

new york, new york ♥

My latest obsession has been collecting perfumes, I am a sucker for pretty bottles but this Marks and Spencer's Autograph fragrance just happens to smell amazing as well. I know it is pretty bad that I am attracted to perfume bottles first, but I just love seeing them on my dressing table! This is one of the most recent perfumes I have bought, the brand is Autograph and the scent is called New York. It smells absolutely mouthwatering, I already know that this will be my signature scent for a long time. The notes include bergamot (a type of orange), gardenia (a flower) and apricot. The base notes include sandalwood and vanilla. You can buy the 100ml bottle here for only £18.00 - which as we all know, is amazing value for a 100ml perfume. Have you tried any Autograph fragrances before? This is my first one, but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for more! 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

perfectly sun kissed ♥

I don't know about you but I'm happier with a tan, there is something really nice about having a golden glow and I prefer the safer option of faking it with a tanning mousse than a sun bed. I was so excited when the lovely Sienna X team sent me their Q10 Bronzing Mousse* and Gradual Glowing Self Tan* to try! To start with, how gorgeous is the Sienna X packaging? It looks very pretty on my dressing table right now! The first product I tried was the Q10 Bronzing Mousse - the main thing I would like to point out is I prefer tan that creates a brown bronzed look - not orange. I think a lot of tanning brands can forget this and I love developing my tan over time so it's essential for me that the shade develops in a bronze shade. Sienna X have officially nailed this concept on the head, the scent smells gorgeous, (hello cocoa butter) and the application was very easy, it was very simple to develop on my skin and blend in. I used a tanning mitt to apply the mousse - I only found out that you can actually pop your tanning mitt into a washing machine, I just used to throw them out! 

The mousse was incredibly easy to use and the shade left me bronzed and very sun kissed! I love that this tan has anti-ageing properties in the formula, talk about multi taking! The main ingredients included pomegranate, blackcurrant and vitamin E. The next product I have been using is the Gradual Glowing Self tan, I have been using this daily before I leave the house. This keeps your skin smooth and moisturised, without feeling sticky and uncomfortable - the main ingredients include aloe vera, almond oil and cocoa butter. This is actually an anti-cellulite formula, I love that they have combined this feature with tanning! Overall, I really cannot recommend Sienna X enough - they are definitely my favourite tanning brand at the moment, mainly because their products are so easy to use! If you are just starting out with tanning, you won't be disappointed with Sienna X - it is incredibly easy to blend into your skin, the smell is gorgeous and the colour makes you look like you've been on a beach all day! What is the main thing you look for in a tanning brand? You can see the full Sienna X tanning range here 10/10 

Sunday, 11 January 2015

bambi eyes ♥

I can remember watching Tanya Burr on Youtube when I was just seventeen years old, her Jayne Mansfield tutorial made me fall in love with Youtube videos and only a few years later I would be starting Fairytale Kiss! It is amazing to see how far Tanya has come, so I had to buy her lashes from her new make-up collection. The lashes I picked are called Bambi Eyes, they are very fluttery and for my eyes this type of style suits them best. I found them incredibly easy to apply and although the outer corner was slightly tricky, they stayed on all night without any trouble! The lash adhesive worked wonders, I usually have my own lash glue but I thought I would give this one a try. It dried quickly and without any clumps. I definitely recommend these lashes for a night out, they really do draw attention to your eyes but in a subtle way! I have officially added Bambi Eyes to my top 3 lashes! Have you tried any of Tanya's products yet? You can see her full range at Superdrug - happy shopping girls! 10/10 ♥

Monday, 5 January 2015

stay out of the woods tonight ♥

I can’t express how much I love my Disney Bambi make-up bag – for £4 from Primark, it is definitely a really good bargain. You do find some hidden gems in that place! I also found a Little Mermaid case in there for £4 which I am now using for my make-up brushes. I have been meaning to do this post for a while now so I’m really happy I took the photos this week. It is a known fact that I love giant make-up bags, I wish I could cope with a small bag but I carry around so many products, it’s easier to have a large make-up bag. For my everyday make-up, I try and keep my products as oily skin friendly as possible. The Bourjois Happy Light foundation* in Beige Dore is perfect for keeping my skin matte throughout the day, I don’t really have time to touch up my make-up so this baby is ideal. I recently did a blog post about the Bourjois Smoky Stories palette* – the Good Nude palette is now forever by my side! I use the glittery shade for the evening, but for the daytime, the matte brown shades work great. My products are pretty nude based, the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in 213 Luna adds a pop of colour to my make-up routine but other than that, I love keeping things simple. What are your make-up bag must haves? 

Sunday, 4 January 2015

all that glitters ♥

I can officially thank Bourjois for turning me into a sparkly eyeshadow lover - if you have been reading my blog over the years then you will know how simple I am with my eyeshadows - plain, matte brown to be specific. So when the lovely Bourjois team sent me the Smoky Stories Quad Eyeshadow Palette's* to try, I was really excited and curious to see how the glittery shades would look. There are eight different palette shades in the range, each palette contains three matte shades (with a slight pearl appearance) and a shimmery square in the middle. You could apply this to the inner corner of your eye or for a more dramatic appearance all over your eyelid. I've actually been dusting this on my cheekbones for a highlighter effect! As you can see from the photos, the three shades I have tried are 02 Over Rose (the pink shade), 05 Good Nude (the brown shade) and Rock this Khaki (the green shade). The pigmentation is incredible, I find the eyeshadows really easy to blend into the eye socket and the fall out is very little considering what glitter eyeshadows are usually like. My favourite has to be 05 Good Nude, purely because I am a fan of wearing brown shades everyday. I definitely recommend these palette's - especially using the glittery shade if you have any parties around the corner or if you fancy a new highlighter! What is your favourite shade? You can see the full range at Boots here. Let me know if you have tried the Smoky Stories range! 10/10 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

out with the old, in with the new ♥

Sorry this post is a few days late, my new laptop is a nightmare putting together fiddly photo posts together like this one. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Years, I wanted to have a look at some of the outfit posts I have posted on my instagram over the past few months and to share with you my New Year resolutions. My highlights of 2014 have got to be being chosen by Bourjois to go backstage for Graduate Fashion Week, attending their summer and winter collection launches and also seeing the new GHD curve launch. This year saw me having my first Wagamama's, make a full recovery from heart surgery, redecorate my room which I am over the moon about, attend Professional Beauty, dip dye my hair (I never touch my hair so this is a totally huge deal..), watching Beauty and the Beast and Goodfella's on the big screen and seeing Kobi turn 1! Although my heart surgery took up a big part of 2014, I finally feel back to my normal self and I can't wait to get started with the new year. The majority of my outfits this year have been from Missguided, Primark, h&m and Zara! Let me know if you would like any details from the outfits above, you can see more outfit posts like this on my instagram: Fairytalekiss_ 

2014 New Year Resolutions:
Pass my theory
♥ Pass my driving test
Save for a car
Go back to be a size 8/10 again
♥ Go to Italy
Go up to London every 2 weeks for drinks
Wake up at 7 and walk to work
♥ Go to yoga classes
♥ Go swimming classes
♥ Reach 2,000 followers on Fairytale Kiss

2015 New Year Resolutions:
♥ Pass my driving test
♥ Be happy
♥ Spend more time reading
♥ Starting making Youtube videos
♥ Buy a car
♥ Take more risks and step out of my comfort zone
♥ Have a toned stomach ready for summer!
♥ Go to Italy
♥ Save £200 a month for a rainy day
♥ Make healthy meals for work
♥ Cut down on eating at restaurants 
♥ Go to yoga classes
♥ Go swimming classes
♥ Reach 2,500 followers on Fairytale Kiss
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