Thursday, 31 December 2015

ari - the ariana grande perfume ♥

It is no secret that I am obsessed with Ariana Grande, so when she launched her debut fragrance Ari in September, I was instantly curious. I didn't really know what to expect for the bottle design but when I popped into Boots in September I was really impressed with the overall concept of the perfume. If you follow my Instagram, I took a few photos of the giant Ariana Grande cardboard cut out - Ariana posing with giant Dalmatians was definitely a plus in my books! For the bottle design, I was lucky enough to get the special edition and regular bottle design for Christmas. For the 100ml special edition bottle, you can spray the perfume by pressing the giant fluffy pom pom, very 1920's! For the original 50ml design, the fluffy pom pom is slightly smaller but this design sprays like a regular perfume.

The top notes include pear, grapefruit and raspberry and for the middle notes, you can smell lily, rose and vanilla orchid - overall an incredibly fruity and sweet scent, perfect for everyday wear. I absolutely love the design of this perfume, I am not usually a pink fan but the bottles look gorgeous on my dressing table. I am really impressed with how long lasting this scent stays on my clothes, even though this is a perfume version. Although I am not crazy for the Ari perfume name, I think this perfume captures the Ariana pop princess essence perfectly. What do you think of this perfume, did you get any celebrity fragrances for Christmas? You can find the perfume here 10/10 ♥

Saturday, 26 December 2015

louis vuitton - the josephine wallet ♥

My boyfriend has spoilt me rotten this Christmas, I have been obsessed with Louis Vuitton for a while now, so I was shocked when I opened this present! The Josephine wallet has a gorgeous sleek design and there are a few different interior colours that you can pick from, including fuchsia, mimosa, rose nacre and chilli red. I personally prefer the fuchsia shade even though it appears more red! This wallet includes four different credit card slots and a removable pocket that you can keep coins in. I cannot express how much I love this wallet, I am saving up for the matching bag for when I travel to New York next year. I love that my initials have been added inside of the wallet case as well, you can pick what colour you prefer for the print letter design too. The design is easy to use and very lightweight, it fits everything in perfectly and securely. What are your thoughts on the Josephine wallet? I hope you are all having a lovely Christmas, I will be reviewing my new Ariana Grande perfume tomorrow! ♥

Monday, 7 December 2015

this week's instagram ♥

For today's post, I thought I would do something slightly different than a product review, I have been slightly struggling to manage the blog front as well as finally working as a beauty journalist and having a social life. This year has gone by so quickly and so much has happened, I still need to do a separate post, now that I have my dream job as the News and Features writer for Scratch magazine! But for now, I just wanted to tell you what I've been up to and the things I'm loving and sharing through my Instagram. This December, I have managed to go to Winter Wonderland and I feel like this is the first time I've gone out with winter make-up. I usually change my beauty routine as soon as it gets colder and this month is no exception. 

My hands are getting incredibly dry so I am using the Margaret Dabb's cuticle oil, I recently had my nails done at my local nail salon too, they used a gorgeous nude, pink shade from OPI called Bubble Bath. For celebrity scents, I am obsessed with the new Ariana Grande perfume and this Cheryl gift set (pictured above) is definitely on the wish list! I have finally booked New York and I am super excited, we go next April. For the rest of this month, I am wrapping up the next issue of Scratch and getting ready for Christmas! Let me know what shops I should visit in NYC! Have a lovely week girls, you can follow my Instagram here. ♥

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

selena gomez - ama's make-up look ♥

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I have always been obsessed with Selena Gomez, especially her 2014 performance at last year's American Music Awards, she had subtle, bubble pink make-up and a beautiful pink dress. For this year's awards, she has opted for a more daring and vampy approach. Her make-up is not over the top,  now I am a firm lover of nude shades and smokey eyeshadows but I am in love with Selena's subtle red eyeshadow. For me, this is a perfect, festive Christmas look, it is simple to recreate and it will compliment a variety of skin tones. It was quite tricky trying to find a similar red eyeshadow but this Charlotte Tilbury Luxury palette is ideal, I have never tried the palette before but I have read such amazing reviews. One thing I noticed about Selena's make-up, she is not heavily contoured and the blusher used is incredibly subtle. A matte powder would be perfect for creating this look, it will also secure the foundation in this weather! What do you think of Selena's look, would you wear this for the winter period? ♥ 

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

christmas wish list part 1 ♥

This is just a small wish list I've put together, I feel like I've spotted so many nice things in shops at the moment! When it comes to Christmas, I usually want my classic favourites, I never get tired of Alien by Thierry Mugler, that has been my favourite perfume for years but I prefer the parfum version because the scent is stronger. I am loving snake print at the moment, I have been looking for a pair of boots but the heel styles that I have looked at haven't been that great but this pair from Schutz looks perfect! I will actually be going to New York in February so I'm hopefully going to buy a Louis Vuitton bag out there but I have also become obsessed with the Stella McCartney bags, I recently saw a black leather bag which was £850 - slightly on the pricey side but it is still beautifully made. What is on your Christmas list this year? Is there anything in particular that you always have on your Christmas list? 

Monday, 9 November 2015

very and cosmopolitan video shoot ♥

So a few months ago, I had a video and photo shoot for Very and Cosmopolitan magazine, I had to pick my favourite clothes from Very and then style them for a certain occasion, for my outfit I was meeting the girls for cocktails. I absolutely loved the outfits I picked, the white dress, snake print heels and black lace up top were from River Island but you can see my full outfit picks here. It was such a lovely day and I was in love with how my hair and make-up was styled. What are your top picks from Very this season, are you loving the 70's trend too? 

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

aromaworks - nourish day cream ♥

Over the past few years, I have learnt how important skin care is, especially when it comes to wearing face make-up. I've always seen skin as a canvas and if you keep your skin fresh and moisturised, your make-up will look flawless. I've started skipping face make-up during the day to let my skin breathe, so the AromaWorks Day Cream* has been my new best friend. I have been using the cream for a few weeks now and my first thoughts were definitely good ones. I love how classy the packaging looks. Sleek and simple, it looks lovely on my dressing table! The main ingredients in the day cream include chamomile, kakadu and lavender and even though there are a few scents involved, I don't find the smell overpowering. So, what exactly does the AromaWorks Nourish day cream do? Well it claims to stimulate collagen production and helps create a bright, youthful complexion. The formula of the cream is absolutely gorgeous, it glides on effortlessly and really blends well into the skin and best of all, it is suitable for all different skin types. Overall, I am most impressed with how silky and fresh my skin feels after using the cream, it doesn't irritate my skin and best of all, I feel more comfortable without my face make-up! Have you tried any of the AromaWorks range, you can see the full range of products here. 10/10    

Sunday, 13 September 2015

kardashian beauty - kim's face palette ♥

It is no secret that I am obsessed with the Kardashian's, whether you have been reading my blog for a while or if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, I pretty much love their fashion and make-up looks. I have been meaning to put this review together for a while, the Kardashian Beauty Face Palette in Kim's Kardazzle, is officially my new favourite thing. This compact contains 8 eyeshadows and two blushers and a cheek highlighter. The packaging is pretty and easy to open, I'm really impressed with the mirror size actually, I find that most compact mirrors can be slightly small, but this is the perfect size. The overall colour tone for this compact has a warm, brown look but with shimmery gold and copper tones.

These shades will be ideal for the autumn weather and I'm really surprised how pigmented the formula of the shadows are. The glittery shades were easier to work with and I found that the matte shades needed a bit more work to really show on the lid, but overall, I think this palette is perfect. There are quite a few of these compacts released from Khloe, Kourtney and Kim so you definitely get a colour range to suit every occasion - what do yo think of Kim's face palette? You can find the Kardashian Beauty range at Feel Unique and Look Fantastic - it is slightly tricky finding these palettes but Amazon have a big collection online! 10/10 

Friday, 11 September 2015

original source - shower gels ♥

I have become obsessed with coconut scents at the moment, I know we are slowly stepping into the cold weather but I still love summery, wash products - in particular, shower gels! Original Source are a bathroom must have in my house and I recently tried the Coconut and Shea Butter and Lavender and Tea Tree. The shower gels are currently on offer in Boots for £1 each, which I’m very pleased with. What I love about Original Source is that the range is endless, it has countless combinations - so you can definitely find a scent that appeals to you. As well as smelling great, I found that the product lathers up really well and I have even been using it as bubble bath! I am going to hunt for more Autumn scents this weekend, I am slowly accepting the fact that summer is gone. Have you tried these shower gels before? I would love to see what Autumn shades you have found! 8/10 

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

lipstick focus - red lips ♥

Kendall Jenner has made me obsessed with red lips - after seeing her on the red carpet recently with a very glamorous pout, I have been looking for a red lipstick that makes me look Hollywood worthy! I have been rummaging through my draws and I found these lipsticks, the most recent purchase was the Lush lipstick in Desire - I wanted to make sure that the lipsticks had a cooler undertone to them, to really suit my skin tone. As you can see from the swatches, they are all very similar when it comes to colour but the textures are all very different. 

To start with, Smooch* has been around for a good few years now and I have always been a fan of their blushers, when I tried the lipsticks I was really surprised at how glossy the formula was. The shade I have used is called Crimson Fire (the first swatch from the left). It glides on really easy and it keeps your lips moisturised for hours. It's the cheapest of the bunch and definitely the easiest to apply, lip liner would be a great tool though for making sure this particular lipstick doesn't run over your lips. You can find their products on Amazon while they redo their website! 8/10 

For the Lush lipstick, this is my joint favourite out of the four. The texture is slightly drying so I recommend using a clear moisturising balm before to make sure your lips are fresh and clean. I think the colour is perfect, it really does look lovely on cooler skin tones and I love how vibrant the shade is. I actually bought this lipstick in the Oxford Street store, they have a huge selection in there so I definitely recommend you check it out. 10/10

Runway Red is a big favourite from the MAC lipstick collections, you can see why, the colour is gorgeous and it provides subtle moisture without being too overpowering. The colour of the lipstick looks quite dark brown but once you apply it, it looks very similar to the other shades. You can't go wrong with a MAC lipstick - especially Runway Red 9/10

Finally, for the final lipstick I was lucky enough to try the Absolute New York lipstick in Burgundy* this is my joint favourite. The packaging is sleek and simple which makes the application super easy to use. The colour is very pigmented and I think it really matches Kendall's lips. I really can't fault this lipstick, it is ideal for transforming your look from day to night! 10/10 

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

very on trend campaign ♥

Hi girls, I hope you are all having a lovely week - minus this awful weather. I am super excited for today's post, I recently collaborated with Cosmopolitan and Very for their Very On Trend campaign. I went down to a studio in central London and was included in their Very on Trend video, it was lovely to see the gorgeous Cassie Powney, the Beauty Editor of Cosmopolitan, Wendy Rigg and Amber Ashcroft from Reveal. I had to find an outfit from Very that would be perfect for a first date, I picked the black and white skater dress because it is super easy to wear and I actually included the Cheryl Eylure 114 lashes as my make-up must have! I am so excited to be part of this campaign and I'm really proud of the final video. You can see the products featured in this video here 

Monday, 17 August 2015

khase cosmetics - purple lips ♥

I don't care whether it is summer or winter, purple beauty products always look amazing - particularly lipsticks and lip glosses. I was super excited to try these products from Khase Cosmetics. If you aren't aware of Khase Cosmetics, this brand has a range that includes lipsticks, lip glosses and eye shadows. They are a professional brand without the heft price tag involved. The packaging is perfect, simple and classy - it does exactly what it says on the tin, high pigmentation and a lovely finish. I was really surprised how bright and bold the shades were and how wearable they adapted to my lips, as you can see from the swatches, the colour is incredible. I know one of the problems lip glosses can face is the texture and I am proud to report that this has a sticky free formula and does not lay on your lips like glue. 

I have been pairing these lip goodies together as well as separately while keeping my eye make-up quite neutral. I know some people might be slightly hesitant with bold shades but it really does adapt to your skin tone without looking too intense. I definitely recommend these shades purely for the price and amazing quality. I find it hard to spend £30 on a lipstick so £12.99 is spot on for me. Have you tried any of the Khase products before? You can find the full range here, the lipstick I tried is called Lace and the lip gloss is Haute. Have a lovely evening girls, I would love to hear your tips for wearing colourful lipsticks! 9/10 

Sunday, 9 August 2015

veet easy wax kit ♥

I am a huge summer lover - cocktails, light evenings, dresses and tans pretty much mean summer to me. When it comes to having a summer tan I love keeping my body hair free, whether this is for my underarms, legs or bikini area - I love not having to worry about stubble! I find razors never keep my legs smooth enough and the hair grows back quite quickly so I was intrigued to try a new waxing method from Veet. Experts in facial hair removal, depilatory creams, permanent hair removal and general waxing, Veet are well known for keeping hair at bay. I was really excited to try the new Veet Easy Wax Kit* to see whether this would help with my razor situation. 

So what exactly is the Veet Easy Wax Electrical Roll-On Kit? Well, it's a heated wax system that you can use at home, by yourself and has a wax formula made from pine tree and shea butter. The kit includes a self heating device, a 50ml roll-on wax refill, 12 non-woven strips, 4 Veet Perfect Finish wipes and a electrical cable. Besides from the lovely packaging, what I loved straight away when I opened this kit was the easy instruction guide - for me, waxing has always sounded too technical compared to my razor but I couldn't have been more wrong! 

The Veet guide was incredibly easy to understand and its made me regret not waxing earlier. Using the kit was super easy, all you need to do is insert the wax roll-on into the device, plug in and leave for 20-30 minutes, roll on the wax onto your legs, bikini area or underarms, apply a strip then voila - silky and smooth! You can then use the wipes to get rid of any left over wax and you are good to go. I was so shocked how smooth my legs were, I applied the kit a week ago and they are still smooth and stubble free! There was hardly any pain and there wax no mess to clean up afterwards. I cannot recommend this kit enough, super and quick to use - what more could you want?! Have you tried any of Veet's hair removal products before? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks for waxing! 10/10 ♥

Monday, 13 July 2015

rimmel kate moss lipsticks - nude collection ♥

We all know how obsessed I am with nude lipsticks, so you can imagine how fast I ran to the Rimmel section at Boots last week to see the new Kate Moss Nude Collection. The range includes lipsticks and nail polishes and wow, the packaging for the lipsticks really caught my eye. Boots are currently doing a buy one, get one half price offer so I picked up shade 43 and 45, there are 5 different shades available. My initial thoughts after swatching the lipsticks was really different to what I expected, when I hear the word nude, I automatically think of a light tone, similar to foundation - on my skin tone, 43 and 45 are more warm, browny nude shades. I have seen other reviews on the lipsticks and on fairer skin tones they look very nude - I'm quite tanned at the moment so the lipsticks look much warmer on my skin. They have really adapted to my lips and blended really well with my natural lip colour. I think it's important to understand that lipsticks can look slightly different depending on your colouring, but I am really loving the lipsticks and I am so impressed how long they last! I really can't fault these shades, 43 and 45 remind me of the 90's so I am very happy with this - have you tried these shades before? You can see the full range at Boots here for only £5.49. What do you think of warmer nude lipsticks? 10/10  

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

product essentials - big eyes ♥

I am not a morning person, I struggle with getting up early so this means I am more of a night owl which normally leaves my eyes looking really tired and worn out. I wanted today's post to be about my three essential products that make my eyes appear bigger and more awake. Of course concealer is a massive help with covering dark circles, but I personally don't think it helps your eyes stand out. My first go to product is from Illamasqua - their Vernau eyeshadow is perfect for adding a warm finish to your lids and it really helps create a nice base. I then reach for eyelash curlers - Eyeko are my favourite brand, this set is super easy to use and it was included in last years Latest in Beauty box. Finally I reach for mascara, I am loving Benefits "they're real" wand, this is just a small size but I love that it doesn't take up much room in my make-up bag. These are pretty much the only products I use when it comes to making my eyes appear bigger, really simple and straight forward. What are your top tips for helping your eyes after a late night? ♥ 

Thursday, 2 July 2015

get the look - lucy mecklenburgh dark lips ♥

As you all know, I am obsessed with Lucy Mecklenburgh, even when she was in TOWIE. Her tanned skin and stylist outfits have always appealed to me and this recent look is no exception. I don't usually wear red lips as much as I would like, which is shame because they really create instant glamour and can take your day make-up to an evening look. When I put this look together, I wanted to keep the majority of the products high street based, yes we all love YSL but using every designer brand can be very pricey. For her lips, at first glance I thought she was wearing a simple red lip but after looking at a few photos, Lucy's lipstick definitely has a brown tone to it. This Bourjois Rouge edition lipstick in Pretty Prune is such a perfect match. 

I have swatched this shade before and it really looks identical to the colour that Lucy is wearing in these photos, this is definitely the hero product for this look. I'm actually quite surprised that Lucy has skipped bronzer, she does not look as tanned as usual but it really suits her! I think she has slightly contoured with a dark, matte powder - the Sleek Kit I've included above will be perfect. For her eyes, she has used a simple, grey eyeshadow - the Bourjois Colour Band will be able to help create this, it is easy to blend and is great to use if you are in a rush. Don't forget to add some lashes! Overall, this look is super easy look to create and I love that Lucy has stepped away from her usual bronzed, nude lip look! What do you think of the coppery twist on Lucy's red lips? ♥ 

Sunday, 21 June 2015

kurt geiger - snake print ♥

I am obsessed with snake print and with Kurt Geiger - so combining the two is always a good idea. I have been wanting a Kurt Geiger clutch bag forever and my amazing, beautiful best friend bought me this Bailey Snake Clutch bag for my birthday! I am in love with the design and the size is perfect for fitting your essentials in - so your phone, powder, money, keys and a lipstick. Although I'm used to giant clutch bags, this really is the perfect size and it adds instant glamour to any outfit, Have you found any new snake print bags? You can see the full range of Kurt Geiger bags here. I am looking for a giant handbag - let me know if you see any nice ones ;) Have a lovely evening girls! ♥ 

Sunday, 7 June 2015

brand spotlight - gemondo ♥

So a few months ago I did a post about the jewellery brand Gemondo, they have a range of different collections that suit everyone's taste and they have released a few more pieces that I had to do a post about. They have added a few more extra pieces to their pearl collection and I don't know about you, but I think pearl jewellery is perfect for summer! It is subtle, but adds instant glamour without being too over the top. I've also included some bold, gem rings and bracelets - I am really loving colourful bits of jewellery at the moment, especially because I've been wearing pretty plain outfits this summer.  Have you seen the Gemondo range before? What are your top pieces from their site? You can see the full collection here 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

mcm comic con ♥

In late May, I was lucky enough to attend the MCM Comic Con event at London Excel, I am a huge, huge sci-fi/batman lover so I was pretty much in heaven! Over 122,000 people attended and most of them were dressed up as different comic book characters - my favourites were definitely the Joker, Batman and Vampire Willow ;) The exhibition featured everything to comic books, anime, film, posters, clothes and games - Felicia Day (who appeared on Buffy and has a massive Youtube following) also attended and was interviewed. I picked up a few goodies from the stands that I will be posting about in a separate post, for this post I wanted to show you my favourite stands! The next show will be on October 23-25th so definitely get your tickets booked. Have you been to MCM before? I would love to see what events you have been to recently!  

Friday, 22 May 2015

brand spotlight - shu uemura ♥

When I attended the Seven Dial event in London earlier this month, I had a very big snoop around the stores in Covent Garden - including the Shu Uemura store. With 20% off in store, there was a lot to choose from, including their Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte Lipstick in shade 930 - this was incredible and really suited my skin tone. The formula is very creamy but it still provided intense colour, I definitely prefer the Shu Uemura lipsticks to MAC, they just work better with my lips. The other products that caught my eye were the blushers, they literally have every shade you could think of and they were incredibly easy to blend into your skin. What are your favourite Shu Uemura products? Have you found any new products that you are loving at the moment? ♥

Sunday, 17 May 2015

mua birthday palette ♥

I have been pretty boring with my eye shadow palettes recently, I have just been using the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay and although I am obsessed with those shades, I've been feeling the need to mix things up. So to celebrate MUA's 5th birthday, Superdrug will give you MUA's Birthday eyeshadow palette for free if you spend over £8 on their products. Pretty cool deal right? I bought the Shimmer Stick, Velvet lip gloss and lip liner so I was able to get the Birthday Palette - I would usually prefer warmer shades like the Heaven and Earth palette but the Birthday Palette is perfect for a night out and there are a few shades in the palette that you can tone down for everyday wear. 

The pigmentation is incredible, I'm really surprised how intense the colours look and how easy they are to blend. The glittery shades are slightly harder to work with but I found wetting my eye shadow brush helps control the eye shadow more. I wouldn't usually wear the pink, violet shades but because I want to experiment with my shades a bit more this will definitely get me inspired. Overall, this is a really great deal and you can also buy other great products from the range, I'm really impressed with this MUA offer! Have you seen this MUA offer in Superdrug? Let me know what you think of the Birthday Palette! 10/10 ♥

Friday, 15 May 2015

get the look - cheryl ♥

The beautiful Cheryl Fernandez-Versini attended the Cannes Film Festival this evening wearing a gorgeous Ralph & Ross gown, didn't she look amazing? I have been obsessed with Cheryl since her Girls Aloud days and her style has just become iconic over the years - tonight is no exception. The lovely L'Oreal team have sent a Get the Look style guide for Cheryl so I wanted to put together my tips and advice for how to create it! As I've said before, make-up artists always keep in mind that hundreds of photographers will be flashing their cameras so prepping the skin is essential with red carpet looks. The L'Oreal Paris Magic Lumi Magique Primer is ideal because the soft texture absorbs quickly and smoothly into your skin. 

I would say the main focus for Cheryl's look is her lips, they are very 90's and the shade looks perfect on her - I found this L'Oreal lip liner in shade Toffee to Be, this will create a perfect base and add extra definition. The first lipstick is Colour Riche Lipstick in 630 Beige A Nu, I am in love with this shade - I have also included a darker shade called 703 Oud Obsession, this is just a suggestion if you are bored with nude lipsticks, this would still go really well with this look and it would create an edgier feel to it. What do you think of this look? What is your favourite Canne make-up look so far? You can find all of these beautiful L'Oreal products here

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

mua summer essentials ♥

I have been officially converted to a shimmer lover - for years I have loved matte eye shadows, matte powders, matte blushers.  Products with no traces of shimmer or gloss but voila, here I am, currently wearing the latest glossy and shimmery launches from MUA. The new Bronzed Shimmer stick is a pretty genius idea, it allows you to blend the formula into your cheekbones to create that "sun kissed beach look". So, what is it like? Well I found that it was very easy to blend and the pigmentation was very intense so I didn't need to use much. I did think that the amount of bronzer would run out quickly but I was definitely wrong. You only need to work in a small amount into your cheekbones, then using a clean foundation or blusher brush, gently blend into your skin moving upwards towards your temple. I am loving this product, it is so cheap for just £4 and it really reminds me of the Victoria's Secret look. It isn't too glittery though which is what I love, I don't feel like Tinkerbell and I can adapt this stick with my usual contouring routine. 

For the lips, the Luxe Whipped Velvet gloss in 349 is perfect for my skin tone, I have been putting a thin layer of foundation onto my lips to really let the MUA gloss pop - it is such a beautiful shade and it is very pigmented for just £3. These two products have not left my side, I cannot recommend them enough - especially with summer right around the corner! There are five different shades in this range, perfect for every occasion! As a brand, I don't think Make-Up Academy gets enough praise, the products are so affordable and they really let you experiment with different looks without having to spend a fortune. Perfect for you girls that are in secondary school right now! Have you tried either of these products yet? I'd love to know what you think of them! 10/10 ♥

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

TFS discovery club - the classic collection ♥

I don't know about you but I can be very narrow minded when it comes to my perfumes, I have been stuck with my Alien perfume for years so I love that The Fragrance Shop have invented the Discovery Club*. For only £5 a quarter you can receive a subscription from TFS which is purely based on fragrances. They send you sample sizes from a range of different brands and you get the chance to find yourself a new fragrance! This box is the "Classic Collection" - it contains Givenchy Very Irresistible, Alien by Thierry Mugler, Lady Million by Paco Rabanne, Nina by Nina Ricci, Jimmy Choo Original, Touch of Pink by Lacoste, Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier, Boss by Hugo Boss, Invictus by Paco Rabanne and L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme by Issey Miyake. So quite a few! Whether you are a fan of floral or woody scents, you will definitely find  a fragrance you love by doing the Discovery Club subscription. 

I have been keeping these samples in my bags so it saves me having a carry around my larger perfumes - I'm always paranoid the large bottles will end up smashed somehow... Another benefit for the Discovery Club includes a book of vouchers being included in the box, you can get £5 to £10 off the fragrances! Pretty neat huh? This box is perfect for me because it has finally got me to branch away from my usual scents, my favourite has to be the Jimmy Choo Original fragrance, it has notes of orchid, toffee and patchouli. Have you tried the Discovery Club before? What fragrances are you loving at the moment? 10/10 ♥

Sunday, 10 May 2015

get the look - lucy mecklenburgh ♥

Okay so the BAFTA's are currently in full swing at the moment and as soon as I saw the photos of Lucy Meck I had to put together a quick get the look! She looks incredible and her make-up is so on trend right now and also so easy to create. I've picked some products that are mainly from the high street (the Terry lip liner is the only exception), so lets get started! The key focus for this look include dewy, bronzed skin, statement brows and glossy lips with a lot of lip liner. For foundation, you want something with maximum coverage, Lucy lets her skin do the talking for this look - I am loving the Bourjois 1,2,3 Perfect Foundation, this provides coverage for redness and dark circles which is pretty handy when Lucy is getting photographed on the red carpet. Before you apply foundation to your primed skin, mix a dab of the Bourjois Bronzing Cream 8-In-1 and mix together - this will create a freshly tanned look, without needing a beach! From looking at photos I can see that her cheeks and forehead have been highlighted so don't be afraid to add a dab of the bronzing cream to these areas. For the eyes, apply a matte, brown eyeshadow and line them with liquid liner - this is a pretty basic eye make-up look so it is perfect for everyday wear too! 

I am useless at using liquid liner but I think the Revlon Color Stay Liquid Liner is super easy to manage. Next, the brows - an angled brush is essential for creating Lucy's brows, they are perfectly shaped and very straight, Superdrug have a new brush range called L.A.B.2 that are super affordable and have easy grip - their angled brush is perfect for this look. I've picked the Rimmel Brow This Way kit because it does exactly what it says on the tin and you could even use the shades as eye shadow. Finally for the lips, draw you lips with a warm, matte, beige shade, this needs to be slightly darker than you lipstick. Now, I will be reviewing this lip gloss later in the week but the MUA Whipped Velvet in Spry 349 fits very well for Lucy's look. The formula provides great coverage like a lipstick but it also creates a subtle gloss finish, this shade is a few shades lighter than the Terry lip liner so we have a winner! And there we have it - a quick and easy evening look which is perfect for the warmer weather. What are your favourite looks from the BAFTAs? Would you like me to create any other looks? Have a lovely evening girls! ♥

brand spotlight - caudalié ♥

I have had a pretty busy weekend at the Seven Dials & St. Martins Courtyard shopping event! I was invited by the lovely Lily to talk about this annual event, a variety of shops offer you 20% off in their stores so I got the chance to get snap happy with my camera! The first shop I went into was Caudalié - you have all probably seen this brand in magazines or on Look Fantastic or Feel Unique. This particular skin brand focuses on vines and grapes and incorporates the ingredients in their skin care formula. The store was absolutely beautiful and I was in heaven getting to look at their products. Their Teint Divin Mineral Tinted Moisturiser really caught my eye, the formula was perfect and I really recommend it for oily skin like mine. Have you tried any Caudalié products before? Are there are new skin products you've been loving at the moment? I'll be post more posts about the Seven Dials event over this week so keep your eyes peeled! Have a lovely afternoon girls 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

the desperate kingdom of love ♥

I have said it before and I will still say it again - if I had to have only one beauty product on my face, it would have to be false lashes. I have always struggled with my real lashes - they are short and very hard to work with. That's why I love wearing false ones, I have finally learned how to apply them properly (it used to take me ages!) and I now know what styles suit me. I personally think I suit lighter, fluttery lashes - the heavy, thicker styles can look too harsh on my eyes but it took me a few years to figure this out! Now, I have been recently using a range called Invogue lashes* - there are quite a few different styles in their collection but my favourite has to be these three. They are perfect for creating that "lash extension" effect and it creates subtle length without being too intense. The lash styles are perfect for my eye shape and when I applied them to my eyes I found they were so easy to stick on. I usually use Eylure glue simply because I prefer white glue because it gives me an indication whether the lashes are ready to be applied, but I still found the Invogue glue really easy to use and it kept my lashes on all night. I think that lashes are getting quite pricey lately, £5 on one pair of lashes is pretty expensive if you wear false lashes every weekend, so £3.49 is pretty amazing! I really recommend trying these lashes if you have just started using them or if you wear lashes non stop like me. Have you used Invogue lashes before? 10/10 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

the games that play us ♥

At the end of March, I was lucky enough to attend the Bourjois launch of their new Spring collection. From lip glosses to brow pencils - the new Bourjois range has it covered. As I arrived at The Edition Hotel, I was taken to the penthouse suite (one of the nicest hotels I have ever stepped into!) and I was introduced to the new Aqua Laque range, which includes 8 new shades which are designed to give you glossy lips without feeling too heavy. I was also show their brow, foundation, mascara and nail collections. I recently did a review on the La Laque nail collection in my previous post, but I will also be going through the other products over the next few days. It is hard to pick a favourite product from this collection - I can't wait to show you the results and swatches from the products! What is your must have Bourjois product? 

Thursday, 9 April 2015

to wish impossible things ♥

Today it officially feels like spring, I am loving the sunshine and I am now reaching for some new spring shades! Bourjois will be launching a new range called La Laque*, Which means they give your nails shine, colour and durability. We all know my pet hate is doing my nails, I am simply awful but I love using Bourjois shades, there is something so easy and simple about their formula. You don't need to be a trained nail tech to use their shades - they really do what they say on the tin. The four shades I have been trying out over the past few weeks are called 1. White Spirit 3. Orange Outrant 5. Are You Reddy? and 12. Ni Vernis Bleu. The La Laque range pretty much covers all your spring needs this season - whether you love coral peach shades or deep turquoise - you will find a shade from Bourjois. I found that the application was really easy and it dried really quickly even if I applied it slightly thick. My favourite shade has to be White Spirit - for me, spring is all about fresh colours and you can't get any fresher than a crisp white! There will be 12 different shades coming out in May so keep your eyes peeled in Boots and Superdrug ;) What is your favourite shade for spring? 

Friday, 3 April 2015

ambre solaire ♥

Okay, so I am officially excited that Michelle Keegan is a brand ambassador for Garnier - Michelle is definitely one of my top beauty crushes so I love that she can now give more interviews about her routine and give me some summer inspiration! I have always been a huge fan of Garnier tan, I went to a launch with the lovely James Harknett a few years ago so I was able to see why Garnier tan is perfect for clumsy tanners like myself! It has a lovely formula and is super easy to apply. When asked about why Michelle wanted to be a Garnier spokesmodel, she replied "Garnier Ambre Solaire has been my favourite go to self-tanner for years, as it takes care of my skin while providing a natural looking tan with a healthy glow. It’s easy to use and is available in a range of shades and formats, there really is something for anyone who is after a sun-kissed streak free tan. To become a spokesmodel for Garnier Ambre Solaire is an honour. Garnier is a brand that I’ve grown up with and I’ve always admired the Garnier tag line of ‘Take Care’. It’s in line with my own values of taking care of myself with a healthy lifestyle inside and out with innovative skincare products". I wanted to do this post just because it will be Garnier's 80 year anniversary soon so I can't wait to see what new products they have in store! What do you think of Michelle being the new ambassador for Garnier? You can see their full tanning range here 

all the glitters ♥

With the new Cinderella film just being launched into cinemas, it has got me thinking about sparkly, shiny things! I don't think I treat myself to enough jewellery if I'm honest, I keep things pretty plain but there is something about bold, gems that always keeps me amazed. Jewellery can completely transform an outfit and add instant glamour - whether you wear ten rings or a simple statement necklace, it really is the cherry on the top. I found the website Gemondo to be exactly the right kind of cherry for me - they have such beautiful collections and when I went through their site earlier, I had to pick out my favourite pieces! You can see the full collections here - I can't believe what an amazing range they have, even if you prefer subtle pieces of jewellery they have designs to suit everyone! What is your favourite piece from my wish list? 

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

spirit in the night ♥

After wearing acrylic nails for a good few months, I decided to give my nails a break. I was really shocked at how weak and unhealthy my nails looked after I had my acrylics removed so I have been looking for products that really focus on healing and strengthening my nails. When I was offered the chance to review the Nail HQ Strengthener*, I jumped at the chance - the formula is designed purely for improving the quality of your nails and in the long run, it will help your natural nails grow. The Strengthener contains keratin and a multi-fruit complex of lactic and glyolic acids - these are all key ingredients for healthy, happy nails! My first impression? I will be honest and say how much I neglect my nails, I pretty much slap my nail polish on without actually thinking about the prep work. My nails were incredibly weak a few weeks ago but since I have started applying the Nail HQ Strengther I have really started to notice a difference.  

I have been applying the formula to my nails (painted and also unpainted) and it quickly dries leaving a subtle barrier over your nails. I am really impressed with how quickly the formula dries and what a lovely finish it leaves - I know it is working its magic for the health side, but it looks lovely over nail polishes too! You can see the full Nail HQ range here, they are available in Tesco's, Amazon and Superdrug 10/10. Now the Eye Candy London Lights nail polish is less health based and more pretty and sparkly! Yes, I am a sucker for sparkly nails - this is the perfect polish for jazzing up your nail polish. I can be so dull when it comes to nail polishes so applying a few coats of this nail varnish will really mix things up - I loved how quickly it dried and it looks pretty with every nail colour! Have you tried any strengthener products or sparkly nail polishes? You can find the Eye Candy* polish here 

Monday, 23 March 2015

suddenly everything has changed ♥

I think I need to add another obsession to my list - celebrity fragrances. I have spoken a lot about perfumes over the past few months, I am really turning into a fragrance hoarder! I have been using the Christina Aguilera Unforgettable perfume* for the past few weeks and wow, I am really impressed! I have always been team Britney when it comes to celebrity fragrances but Christina has really brought a lot to the table. Lets start with my thoughts on the bottle, classic with a twist of lace, the 30ml size is perfect for your handbag and I really love black perfume bottles - they go so well with my room! ;) What I love about Christina's perfume range is that the look is constant - especially the lace and bottle shape. For the actual perfume, the notes include pomegranate, plum, jasmine tonka beans and Turkish rose. A varied combination of scents, the overall smell is very sweet and I would recommend this as an evening perfume. Have you tried any of Christina's perfumes before? I would love to see whether you noticed the pomegranate scent! You can buy Unforgettable from The Fragrance Shop for only £19.50. Let me know what you think of Christina's range! Have a lovely evening girls 9/10 

Sunday, 22 March 2015

i shall believe ♥

It is safe to say I can't live without liner on my lids, it is crazy how much eye liner can define your eyes and really complete your look. I'll be honest, I struggled with getting my liquid liner in a straight line when I first started using it when I was younger, but I slowly drifted away from liquid products and I found that felt tip liners were much easier to use! The way I see it, make-up shouldn't be hard or tricky - we should all feel confident with trying different looks and I think the perfect liner to help you get started is the Bourjois Mega Liner*. Whether you are a pro or a newbie at eyeliner, this pen will be your new best friend. It is easy to hold and grip, plus it allows you to build up the thickness with easy control. I think that this style of applicator really makes a difference. It is still just as intense as using a liquid liner but it is just easier to manage plus the formula lasts for 24 hours. I was really impressed with the pigmentation of the liner and how quickly it dries. The angled tip of the brush means you can create the infamous cat eye look or keep it subtle and just close to the lash line. Overall, this Bourjois baby definitely needs to be in your make-up bag! What is your favourite way of using liner, do you struggle with liquid liner like me? You can find the Bourjois Mega Liner here. Have a lovely week girls! 
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