Sunday, 28 December 2014

the downward spiral ♥

I'm doing a slightly different blog post today - yes, I still love my beauty and fashion but when this amazing Christmas gift arrived I had to put a review together! With all the Christmas food I've had over the past few days, I am way overdue for a healthy detox - that's where the Nutribullet steps in. I have honestly been wanting a Nutribullet for over a year now, so I was thrilled when my mum and dad bought me one for Christmas! :) So let's start with the basics - what exactly is a Nutribullet? You can read the full FAQ section on the US website here but it basically allows you to have fruit and vegetables in liquid form, you can put whatever fruit or vegetables into the cup (making sure you remove any apple cores or banana skin etc.) and then you simply add water (or juice) and it makes a healthy drink. You know exactly what goes into your drink and it allows you to have all the goodness that vegetables and fruit provide without any added sugars or preservatives that most smoothies/juices have in supermarkets. It is fresh, healthy and is perfect if you want to lose weight and have more energy! 

I'm currently using the Nutribullet as a way to detox and get rid of my Christmas binge - I have already noticed my energy levels improving and I am starting to feel less bloated. Of course the Nutribullet will only work if you maintain a healthy balanced diet and exercise but it really does allow fast and easy access to vegetables and fruit! I am already addicted to using this machine, it is easy to wash up and it literally involves preparing your ingredients, adding them to the cup and adding water then placing it on the top of the Nutribullet then twisting. There are a lot of recipes available online, you can see one I made today. I cannot recommend the Nutribullet enough, it is super easy to use and clean, I will keep you all posted on the other recipes I use, have you got a Nutribullet or blender? What top tips do you have? You can order the Nutribullet here or visit John Lewis, Currys or Selfridges - happy shopping! 10/10 

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