Thursday, 16 October 2014

once in a blue moon ♥

When it comes to lips, I don't think lipsticks are very practical - just one sip from your glass of wine and you have to reapply your lip gloss all over again. With the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks* you really see a vast improvement - not just in staying power but also in intense colour. I have been obsessed with these lipsticks since I first used them, they give incredible pigmentation and the matte and creamy finish allows it to last for quite a while without having to constantly reapply. There are eight shades available and the three shades that I have reviewed are called: 08 Grand Cru, 07 Nude-ist and 03 Hot Pepper.

Now although it has a light weight texture, it still provides intense colour without drying out your lips. I really am impressed with the formula of the lipsticks because I think it appeals to the everyday girl - we see hundreds of adverts that show a model wearing perfect lipstick but in reality, the make-up artist has probably used countless products to create  a look that won't last ten minutes. I really love that you can get a long lasting finish with the Bourjois lipsticks without having to constantly reapply throughout the day! I cannot recommend this range enough -  you can buy these shades here. Have you tried the Rouge Edition lipsticks before? Let me know what your favourite shade is! 10/10 


  1. These shades are amazing! I love how bold the pigmentation is as well.

    1. They really are amazing shades - so bold! :) x

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  3. I love nude-ist!

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