Thursday, 26 June 2014

charmed and dangerous ♥

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Yes, I have finally put together my yearly summer post - sadly I am not holiday bound this year but that won't stop me putting together my ideal holiday bag! When I went to Marbella last year, I may have slightly over packed, but I would rather be prepared that unprepared! The first thing I would pack would definitely be a nice hat, my oily skin and hot weather is not the best combination so a hat to pop over my face when I'm getting my tan on is always a good idea! I would also include sun cream and bronzing oil, I usually tan quite well in the sun but that doesn't mean I still don't need protection. I usually get acrylic nails when I go abroad, but last year I actually brought along my own L'Oreal nail polish into the salon for them to use. I love bright oranges and pinks - anything that goes well with a sun tan, Bourjois are perfect for this! Sunglasses are of course on the hit list, I have yet to find a pair that are similar to the pair that Kourtney Kardashian wore last year, they were gorgeous cat eye style sunglasses and they looked amazing on her.

Next is the bikini's - they are definitely my favourite part of holiday shopping - I buy too many that I only wear once but they always looks amazing! Product wise, I need a life time supply of powder, my skin is a nightmare in hot weather, it gets very oily so I need to touch up my face quite a bit. I usually swap my foundation for a dark tinted moisturiser, it definitely feels lighter on my skin. I would also bring my beloved Naked 3 dupe - this really can create a range of different looks all packed into one product! Bourjois are really bringing gorgeous bright summer shades this season so I definitely recommended you check them out - how cute is the Bourjois nail polish?! What are your beach bag must haves? Are you going anywhere nice this year? 


  1. I love all the bright clothing :) I love holiday shopping too!! I've only just come back from a holiday and go again in July so will be needing a few more things :) xx

  2. There's so many amazing bits here. I love that towel but I couldn't justify spending £45 on a towel! Crazy!


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