Wednesday, 28 May 2014

power outage ♥

It is no secret that I have an obsession with leather jackets, the countless hours I spent watching Buffy Summer's wardrobe growing up has definitely made a lasting impression on me. Leather jackets look effortless and add a roughness that can really transform your outfit. If I had to pick one piece of clothing to wear everyday, it would have to be my leather jacket. So when I was kindly asked to pick a piece from the Warehouse range, I jumped at the chance! This leather jacket from Warehouse* is my new baby, I have fallen in love and even when the sun is beaming and everyone is walking around in denim shorts and flip flops this summer, I will still refuse to take this jacket off! I know the colour seems daring, but Warehouse have really nailed the shade and style so it will suit anyone and it definitely looks great with black. I have been wearing this with casual black leggings and a plain strap top paired with my converse or new Clark shoes. How would you wear this jacket? You can find it on the Warehouse website here, they really do have an amazing range of jackets - let me know how you would style this bad boy, are you obsessed with leather jackets like me? What Warehouse jackets are on your wish list? I'm on the hunt to find a baby blue leather jacket so let me know if you find any on the high street! 


  1. Love the leather jacket! I need to one thats not black and loving this colour! xx

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