Thursday, 29 May 2014

magic hour ♥

I reviewed the Nude Eclipse shade from the Rimmel Apocalips collection last year and it’s safe to say that I still think this is my favourite range of lip lacquers. I wish they had a few shades that were more coffee coloured though, (we all know how 90's make-up obsessed I am), but regardless of that, I really think their colour range covers your every beauty need. Now, we all know that every girl should have at least one red lip product in her make-up bag and if you don’t then the Rimmel Apocalips Big Bang* shade is definitely a great way to start. What do I love most about this shade? The pigmentation for one, it is incredible and it’s definitely more intense compared to the red lipsticks I have in my make-up drawers. I think the actual brush makes this lacquer ideal if you aren't too confident with applying bold lip colours. The brush keeps your application tidy and precise which can be a problem with lipsticks. I cannot praise this shade enough, have you tried any of the Rimmel Apocalips range before? Let me know what your ideal red shade is! 10/10 You can buy this shade from the online website, Look Fantastic for only £5.99 - let me know what other goodies you find! 


  1. I like the Apocalips range but I find them to be super messy. They get everywhere, in my hair, on my teeth...on my chin!
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    1. Oh really? I've had pretty good luck when I've used them, my mission is to get the whole range in my make-up bag! ;) xx

  2. That is such a beautiful shade, didn't realise it was so pigmented! I have to try one now

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