Monday, 19 May 2014

give me a sign ♥

Today I wanted to look at the MAC palette called Colour Added*! As soon as I saw this palette I thought of Lady Gaga's music video Telephone, the blue and yellow shades are totally Gaga (no pun intended) so I thought it would make a really nice review. I usually stick to pretty plain and safe products so I think this MAC palette will definitely shake that up! As we all know, MAC are incredible with their pigmentation but the real question is - can you actually wear this for an every day look? It's all good and well being able to use this for a Lady Gaga fancy dress, but can brighter colours from this quad be used when you are out for a lunch date or shopping trip? The four shades include Laundry Daze (the white shade), Colour Added (bright yellow), Pre-packaged (the lighter blue, turquoise) and Self-Serve (the dark grey, blue shade). As you can see from the swatches, Self-Serve is really disappointing! 

The shade is not as intense as it looks but for an every day look this works perfectly! The three other shades are incredible though, they are incredibly pigmented and blend really well. I think overall, you can wear this for a day look, I know some people have been disappointed about the lack of pigmentation of Self-Serve but for how I would use it, I'm glad it's a subtle shade colour. I would use the yellow because it is bold enough to not wash me out, overall I think this is a lovely palette, I understand that it won't be to everyone’s liking and the price tag of MAC palettes need to worth the splurge. Have you tried Colour Added before? Do you go for safe MAC shades or do you liking daring colours? This palette is pretty hard to find but you can find similar colours on the MAC website or hunt on ebay. 7.5/10 

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