Tuesday, 20 May 2014

chick flick ♥

I've been meaning to do this post for a while now, although the weather is slightly hit and miss this month, I am all ready for summer shades! You will usually find me with nude or black nails, I never usually wear girly shades, so I thought I would mix it up a little bit! To me, these shades really are Barbie personified! I don't think you could get anymore Legally Blonde, Elle Woods would be proud! The first shade is from Maybelline and it is called Fuchsia Fun 222. Out of the three, this is my second favourite shade. The colour is incredibly pigmented and it applies very well. The only thing I noticed is that the nail polish does not last that long! It dries incredibly fast though, so it’s perfect because I always smudge my nails! I have used it for over two weeks now and it is almost empty...maybe I have just been a bit excessive with the bottle.

Woops! You can find this shade here on offer for £1.99 7.5/10 The next shade is by L'Oreal Paris, this is definitely one of my favourite shades from this collection - the shade is called Shocking Pink 210. I always love L’Oreal bottles, I think they look very pretty and dainty. The staying power of this polish is exceptional, this will definitely look great with a tan, you can buy it for £4.99 here  9.5/10 The final shade is from Asda, from the George range. It is the cheapest out of the three but the colour pigmentation is incredible, it does not last as well as the L’Oreal Paris Shocking Pink shade, but it is still a really lovely nail polish, especially for £1.75. This particular shade is called Lavender Fantasy and is part of the Quick Dry nail range. Compared to the Maybelline polish, it did not dry as quickly but it is still a lovely shade! 7/10



  1. Gorgeous colours, I love pinks and purples on the nails xx


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