Thursday, 24 April 2014

ms. hellfire ♥

I have a very big obsession with bronzers, it took me a while to learn how to avoid the oompa loompa look but when I finally learnt how to use them, it really made a big difference! I personally prefer having a nice glow over my foundation and powder, I can be quite particular with my face make-up so I wanted to go over the two bronzers I use for day use and for the evening. I have only recently started to like bronzers with shimmer, this Beauty UK bronzer is part of the Baked range and the shade is no 4. Goddess. I really love this shade, I know shimmery bronzer is a marmite topic but this really does look beautiful on your skin. Not only does it work as a body and face bronzer, but it also highlights the skin too. It is incredibly pigmented so you don't need to use a large amount, I can totally see how this bronzer might be confusing, it looks like a highlighter, it's incredibly shimmery but you are supposed to put it on your face?! The way I recommend using this bronzer is for a night out, it is lovely and sparkly and definitely suits a big night out or event.

I would apply this to your chest, forehead and cheekbones to create a gorgeous, sun kissed bronzed effect. If you feel slightly intimated by the amount of shimmer, I would definitely practice before hand. It really is not as scary as it seems and you will love how gorgeous the shade looks on your skin! It is only £3.99 and you can buy it from Superdrug here 8.5/10 My next bronzer is the bronzer I use every day, the MAC bronzer in Refined Golden. MAC really are the Queens of bronzers, the packaging is sophisticated and classy and the texture of their bronzers are always high quality. I use this pretty much all the time and what I love about this MAC bronzer is you really do have control of how it looks on your skin. It is incredibly soft and smooth and you do need to apply a few times to get the desired tone you want. This bronzer is definitely a good way to avoid looking like a wotsit because you can really control where you want the bronzer and how dark you want it. Although it is slightly on the pricey side for £20,  you can buy it online here 9/10  

Monday, 21 April 2014

they're everywhere ♥

I have been meaning to do this post for a while now, I use these products pretty much every day and I always carry them around with me so it makes sense to do a "what's in my bag" post. Minus the usual keys, phone, make-up bag, I wanted to talk about the essential products that you might need. For example, I can go into work and by 5.30 I will be going out for unexpected work drinks, so these little gems are the perfect way to transform your look from day to night. They are all quite small and they fit perfectly in your bag, that's what I love about them!

Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears - I have purchased this perfume again and again purely because I think it's a lovely scent and the bottle is the perfect size. It has a lovely fruity, floral scent to it which makes it perfect for drinks after work, I usually wear Alien by Thierry Mugler if I'm on a night out. It's not my favourite Britney perfume, (I prefer Circus) but I think the size is perfect for my bag and I'm not worried about using it everyday.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter 50ml – This product is my ultimate must have, I cannot leave the house without it, if I have my legs on show, they need to be moisturised and smooth. It's only 50ml so it does last quite a while. I know some people aren’t too keen on scented moisturisers but I love the smell of cocoa butter! You can find this size usually in the travel section in Boots or Superdrug.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain – As I said in last weeks post, this has recently made its way back into my life, it really does complete a look especially when the sun is shining! The pigmentation is incredible and it definitely transforms my regular work make-up to evening. Slightly on the pricey side, I am on the hunt for a similar shade that doesn't cost over £19! Feel free to post any suggestions ;)

Model’s Own nail polish in Coral Reef* - It is no secret that I am awful at painting my nails, so I’ve been trying to practice and this shade is the one colour that looks really nice on my nails because of how well the colour dries! This is a really pretty, summery shade and it’s nice to add some colour to your outfits. It has impressive staying power and I think this will look great when I finally get a tan this year!

Balance Me Face Radiance Face Oil – Although my skin is slightly oily, I use this before I go to bed to really keep my skin in good condition. For some reason, my forehead is getting quite dry and although I use a primer before I apply my foundation, I find that using the Balance Me Face Oil really helps control my skin. I love the size of this bottle and not only do I use the oil for my face, but I also add a drop to my legs for extra shine! This is the sample size I received from the Glamour magazine Latest In Beauty box.

Phil Smith Super Straight Hair Serum - It can be really hard to find a hair serum that suits your hair type, I have used hundreds of different brands over the years and this Phil Smith serum is the only one I have really stuck with. My hair can't handle a lot of product but it still needs a fair amount to actually make a difference on my hair! I only use a small amount of the serum and it really does keep my hair smooth and soft. I can use this a lot throughout the day and it doesn't make my hair greasy. 

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

that old black magic ♥

I really do appreciate sunshine, this week has had me reaching for my Ray Bans and embracing the warm weather. Yes, I’m a typical Brit – as soon as there is a ray of sun, my sunglasses come out and so do my summer lip colours. When the weather is colder, so is my make-up bag…well the colour tones anyway so it’s nice to bring out the bright pink lip shades for a change! Out of all the lip colours I have, the Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain will forever be one of my favourites. Like certain perfumes, my lip products also remind me of old memories – this particular shade 10 was worn pretty much all of last year. I can be quite dull when it comes to my lip colours, I love sticking to one nude shade and playing it safe, but I cannot help but love this shade!

The texture of the lip stain is creamy and moisturising but it still has incredible pigmentation. The packaging itself is beautiful, I cannot fault YSL in that aspect whatsoever, the only point I would make is that I wish the texture of the lip stain was slightly thicker. Although the concept of this YSL lip product is supposed to be a lip stain and not a gloss, I do prefer a thicker formula regardless. The staying power is incredible, it lasted for over four hours and it did not leave my lips dry. Overall, I give this lip stain 9.5/10 You can buy your own YSL glossy stain here – Debenhams are actually doing 33% off! Have you tried this shade before? What is your summer product?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

the devils music ♥

I've finally organised my instagram and I have created an account purely for Fairytale Kiss! On my personal account I post too many pictures of food (woops) and not enough of beauty products, the name of the new account to follow is fairytalekiss_ so I'll make sure to keep you updated with events, products and new posts. I haven't done a My Week In Photos post for a while now so just to give you an update, I had my uni reunion in Southampton almost a month ago, I attended the Lauren's Way tanning launch, I have been testing out all the new launches from QVC and I had a Brazilian keratin treatment on my hair and I have been trying to eat healthy! At the weekend I went to Jak's on Kings Road for my friend’s birthday, it was amazing there - I really recommend it! I always went to a gorgeous spa in London called the Bannatyne Spa. I will be going at the start in a few weeks for a massage this time ;) Feel free to leave your instagram names in the comments below :) Have a lovely afternoon girls! ♥

Thursday, 10 April 2014

the painted world ♥

Everyone is talking about Tarte at the moment, in particular - the Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara*. I have seen really nice reviews on this bad boy so I thought I would give it a try! This is available to buy for an introductory price for £17.76 on QVC. Now, the first thing that catches your eye is the actual packaging. It is very unique and very fancy! The benefits of this mascara claim to add length, volume and the ability to curl your lashes. When I first opened the mascara I thought there was a bit too much product on the actual brush but after applying it, it applied evenly on my lashes. I can honestly say this is my favourite mascara at the moment, with the Max Factor Excess Volume mascara coming in a close second. After wearing the Tarte mascara for a few weeks, I have had more than four people ask me whether I was wearing false lashes. They were shocked when I said it was the Tarte mascara! The mascara wand actually looks quite plain, the bristles do not have a complex design but they are incredibly effective. They manage to catch all of your lashes and create amazing length - the one thing I lack! I cannot recommend this mascara enough and I don't think you will be disappointed! 10/10 ♥

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

morality bites ♥

For some reason, now that I am starting to eat healthy my skin is having manic breakouts. It is driving me insane! Luckily, I had these skin products from QVC to help me out. Elemis and Gatineau are renowned for their skin care ranges so I was really excited to try these two particular products. Not only is my skin suffering from a few spots, but in general it just looks very pale and dull. The Elemis Pro-Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm* has now become my new best friend, although it is anti-ageing, the balm has really improved the overall appearance of my skin. I use this every night and every morning to really keep my skin in good condition. The balm has a lovely floral scent to it and although some people aren't too keen with having scented skin products, I can't get enough of it! The actual texture of the balm is very thick but it feels lovely when you apply it to your skin. I really recommend this as a skin pick me up! 9.5/10  

The next product is really, really exciting - the Gatineau Melatogenine Futur Plus Anti-Wrinkle Radiance mask* is quite a mouthful to pronounce but this is such an amazing product. I have yet to find a face mask product that doesn't get used up in 5 minutes. Think of this face mask as the ultimate TLC for your skin, you can leave it on for 10-15 minutes and let the ingredients smooth and soften your skin cells. Now, like I mentioned in last weeks post, I have only started to appreciate and understand the importance of anti-ageing products. Yes I am only 22, but prevention is key! I love that this face mask comes in a tube so you don't need to get messy with any packets! 10/10 Have you tried these products before? I really recommend them for your skin care routine, especially the Gatineau radiance mask! Have a lovely afternoon girls, let me know your skin savers! 
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