Friday, 21 March 2014

i've got you under my skin ♥

It's about time I posted this review! I have had this mascara on my blog list for a few weeks now, so sorry for the delay. This was included in the Latest In Beauty box, you can read my review on the whole box here. First off, I really love the concept and image of this mascara, Miss Manga is such a cute name for a mascara! We all know I have trouble with mascara's purely because my lashes are so short, but Miss Manga has yet to disappoint me. The key theme of this mascara is to create volume, so naturally the brush has to be able to reach all of your lashes. The front bristles of this brush are perfect for catching the tiny lashes and the actual formula of the mascara is lovely and thick but this still doesn't create clumps. I think this mascara is perfect for day to day wear and the brush really does create length and a nice "flutter" effect. I really don't think you will be disappointed with this brush! You can buy it here for only £8.99. Have you tried this mascara before? Let me know what you think! The next L'Oreal product on my hit list are the brand new Extraordinaire by Colour Riche 


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