Monday, 31 March 2014

from fear to eternity ♥

Besides from false lashes, nude lipsticks are a little obsession of mine. It can be quite hard to find a nude lipstick that doesn't wash me out though so I prefer nudes that have a warmer tone to them. Today I am going to review these 4 lovely lipsticks. Out of all the nude lipsticks I have (and I have got quite a few), these are my favourite. So lets get started!

1. Bobbi Brown: Rich Lip Color SPF 12 in Uber Beige 32 – This lipstick is currently what I’m keeping in my make-up bag, after taking it back from my sister last week who tried to steal it, I have been wearing it as my everyday lipstick. It has a lovely creamy base but it isn't too creamy, I’m not a big fan of lipsticks that are too moisturising so this style of lipstick is perfect for me. It can last for around 4 hours and it doesn't have a distinct smell to it. I think this really is a lovely lipstick that you should all have in your make-up bag! The only down side is the price, for around £18 it is slightly on the pricey side. 8.5/10

2. Yves Saint Laurent: Rouge Pur Couture 45 – Because of how beautiful this packaging is, I am trying to focus purely on the lipstick quality. Hands down YSL wins every time for how they design their cosmetics but focusing purely on this shade, I definitely recommend this as a warm spring colour. This has a more frosty pink tone to it compared to the other lipsticks but it still manages to lighten your natural lip pigmentation. This lipstick is not as moisturising as Bobbi Brown or Bourjois but it does have more intense colour to it. It is shimmery based so it does create a pretty, girly look. This is the only shimmery lipstick I like, I’m usually a matte girl but YSL has converted me! 9/10

3. Bourjois: Rouge Edition lipstick* 02 Beige Trench - Early last year I reviewed this beautiful lipstick, you can find my full review here. The reason why I still love this lipstick? The pigmentation is incredible. You don't need to apply concealer over your lipsticks to increase the colour of it, and it lasts for a good few hours. This colour doesn't wash me out and the warm beige tone really does help complete a summer bronzed look. All hail Bourjois for the Rouge range! 10/10

4. L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Collection* Cheryl's Nude Barely Greige - It is no secret how obsessed I am with Cheryl's make-up bag. This lipstick was also reviewed last year, L'Oreal have really nailed the lipstick packaging on the head, I love the signature on the front of the lipstick and I love the fact the L'Oreal have a nude lip range that can be worn by any skin tone. This is my second favourite lipstick after Bourjois, the colour is gorgeous and it really goes well with my own skin tone. It is a great price for only £8.19 and it goes to show you don't need to spend fortunes on a lipstick to achieve a look! I still need to try the other shades from this range, Eva Longoria's shade Barely Golden looks amazing. 9.5/10

Monday, 24 March 2014

the witch is back ♥

It doesn't matter what time of the year it is, I will always love brown nail polishes, whether they are nude or dark, I can't get enough of them! I wanted to do today's post on my favourite brown shades. As you can see, they are all very similar but some last longer than others! I have tried to include brands that range from £1 to £12 max. Let's start with my favourite! You'll be surprised that the George Nail Polish is one of my favourites and it only cost me £1.75. As soon as I saw this shade I had to buy it. After I did two coats, it lasted almost a week without chipping so I'm really impressed! I think the shade is gorgeous and I am so happy with the price, the shade is called 67 Werewolf. My next favourite shade is the Revlon nail varnish, this is incredibly dark and it almost looks black when you apply it to your nails but it does have a hint of brown colour to it. The shade is called 903 Hot for Chocolate.This particular polish is only £1.95 and you can buy it here on Amazon.. Although we are moving into warmer weather, I still think we need dark shades like this one. It did not last as long as the George nail varnish but it still looked amazing on my nails.

I bought the Seventeen nail varnish around Christmas time and I think this shade is perfect for spring, it's very light but still creates a nude coverage. The shade is called Twilight Teaser - it actually looks lighter in the bottle than when you actually apply it to your nails. The final nail polish I reviewed was the Nails inc shade Jermyn Street, I am no stranger to Nails inc products, I think their shades really cover every nail craving you have! This particular shade has lasted me for quite a while and it still hasn't gone blotchy, so I'm really impressed. I think I got this free with an issue of Glamour magazine. So there we have it, my favourite brown nail varnish shades, what do you think? What is your favourite shade? Is there a particular nude shade that you can't live without? Have a lovely afternoon girls, thank you for all your comments! 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

original sin ♥

Without a doubt, Olay is one of the most influential skin brands in the world. I use it, my mother uses it and her mother used it, it has been around for over 60 years so you can trust that they completely understand skin care. I was lucky enough to be sent the new Olay Anti-Wrinkle 2 in 1 Primer* to try out. The primer is called firm & lift and it focuses on hydration. Just from the name of the product you can see it has many uses! So what exactly does the new Olay Primer do? Well, for starters it provides incredible moisture for your skin cells, and with the weather slowly getting warmer, your skin is more likely to become dry. But you can also use this as a primer before you apply apply concealer and foundation though because it creates an amazing base. I used to use a clear primer but I love the multipurpose properties that this Olay primer has. Now, as I am getting older, I am starting to realise how beneficial it is to prepare your skin. When I say prepare, I am thinking of sun protection and anti-ageing creams. 

It has been said that to really benefit from anti-wrinkle creams, you need to start using them from the age of 18. Now, I used to avoid buying products with anti-ageing ingredients in them purely because I had the mindset of "I am young anyway". But why not? It does not hurt to be extra caring about your skin and if you really want to see results, the earlier you act to prevent skin damage and wrinkles, the better! Olay are the masters of anti-ageing products and the fact they have included this in this new Primer is even better. I love the texture of this primer because it is not runny and it feels incredibly smooth on my skin. I really recommend this if you are just starting to use anti-wrinkle products and you want to use it for more than one thing. A make-up primer and an anti-ageing cream really is a match made in heaven! 10/10 ♥

Friday, 21 March 2014

i've got you under my skin ♥

It's about time I posted this review! I have had this mascara on my blog list for a few weeks now, so sorry for the delay. This was included in the Latest In Beauty box, you can read my review on the whole box here. First off, I really love the concept and image of this mascara, Miss Manga is such a cute name for a mascara! We all know I have trouble with mascara's purely because my lashes are so short, but Miss Manga has yet to disappoint me. The key theme of this mascara is to create volume, so naturally the brush has to be able to reach all of your lashes. The front bristles of this brush are perfect for catching the tiny lashes and the actual formula of the mascara is lovely and thick but this still doesn't create clumps. I think this mascara is perfect for day to day wear and the brush really does create length and a nice "flutter" effect. I really don't think you will be disappointed with this brush! You can buy it here for only £8.99. Have you tried this mascara before? Let me know what you think! The next L'Oreal product on my hit list are the brand new Extraordinaire by Colour Riche 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

she's come undone ♥

This is just a short and sweet post about these two pretty necklaces that I picked up from Primark recently, I have completely forgotten the price of them but I think they were less than £9 each. I am a very big fan of necklaces because I think they really change an outfit, I decided to go for these necklaces purely because they are both very different. The tribal looking necklace is ideal for creating a more edgy feel to your look but the pink one is great for adding pretty and girly glamour. I absolutely love these necklaces and I can't believe how cheap they were! The chains of the necklaces are quite sturdy so they will last quite a while. Have you seen these necklaces in Primark before? Let me know if you have any necklaces at the moment that you can't stop wearing! I will be doing a longer post which includes a full look at my jewellery, you'll be able to see my full obsession with necklaces! 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

pictures of you ♥

The past few weeks I have been really into shampoos – whether they are for volume or shine, I’m really obsessed with them at the moment! I never used to be that interested in shampoos but I found that after investing in some good brands, you can really notice a difference in your hair! Around January time, Boots were selling this Christmas gift set from Mark Hill. The set includes a Shine Enhancing shampoo, Highlight Reflecting conditioner, Anti-Humidity shine spray and hairspray. The entire set is designed for brunette hair, it helps add shine and richness without actually colouring it. Now although this is a limited edition gift set which I got in the sale for £5, I still wanted to talk about the Mark Hill take on brunette hair care. I think these products are amazing, they smell gorgeous and they do add a lovely shine to your hair. 

I thought the formula of the shampoo was quite thin and runny but it actually lathered up really well and smelt incredible. The conditioner was lovely and thick so I managed to spread an even amount in my hair. My hair can be incredibly dry so conditioner is always a must have for me. Because these lovely products are travel sized, they are incredibly easy to pop in your bag. I am really impressed with the hairspray, although it is a smaller can size, it really does the job. For the shine spray, I think these work better in a bigger size, purely because I have quite long hair. I love that this adds a finishing touch once you are finished with styling. Overall, I am so impressed with the Mark Hill gift set and although this isn't available you can buy an oil version here 9.5/10 Have you tried this set before? Let me know your favourite brunette kit! ♥ 

Friday, 14 March 2014

because the night ♥

For some reason, the thought of skin care makes me go "ehh". I'll be totally honest - it doesn't excite me. YSL lipsticks and Max Factor blushers excite me…the thought of having to exfoliate really doesn't. I know not everything can be sexy in the beauty industry, but I have learnt the hard way how important it is to keep your skin clean and fresh. The main reason why my skin isn't at its best? Make-up. I am terrible at taking my make-up off, I have got better recently but it really does make a difference if you take the time to remove it before you go to bed. Just think about the foundation going into your pores while you are asleep for hours! So, we understand the fact that I hate skin products, but the Garnier range is one of the few skin care ranges that make me enjoy covering my face. The Garnier Fresh Essentials range is perfect if you want quick results without having to spend a fortune.

Garnier Fresh Essentials - Refreshing Cleansing Lotion: Designed for normal to combination skin, this grape scented cleanser is perfect for removing make-up - even mascara. I found this incredibly easy to use and with the amount of mascara I pile on, it certainly gets the job done! I don't own many grape scented products but I thought this smelt lovely without being overpowering. It's definitely converted me from using face wipes, it really gets the job done and I love how cute the bottle is! 9/10

Garnier Soft Essentials - Comforting Cream Wash: My favourite product out of the four, this cream is ideal for keeping your skin strong and smooth. After removing all of your make-up and dirt, applying this to wet skin will really help your skin feel soft! This is specifically for dry skin and has a lovely smell of floral scents, I'm quite glad it doesn't have a strong smell of roses, (I hate rose!). This is best used when your skin is wet because it creates a light foam that gently massages the skin, you only need a few pumps too. 8.5/10

Garnier Fresh Essentials - Refreshing Scrub: Out of all of the skin products, this one really shows fast results. I can always feel a difference in my skin after using this. It contains small micro particles to help remove trapped dirt. If you have trouble removing your make-up like me, this will get into your pores and remove any of the build-up. Although removing your make-up before it gets to this stage is a wise idea. This scrub is gentle enough that you can use this everyday, the general rule is you should use a face scrub three to four times a week because it can damage your skin cells if you over do it. This scrub is gentle enough for every day use. 10/10

Garnier Fresh Essentials - Refreshing Toner: This particular toner really does battle the issue of oil. I have very oily skin so naturally, toners are a big deal in my face routine. Use a cotton pad and simply wipe over your skin, focusing on your T zone area. I would not advice using this as a make-up remover, I think this suits removing dirt and dead skin cells rather than foundation. Absolutely love this toner, it smells great and helps control my shine! 9/10 

You can find the full Garnier skin range here at Boots

Saturday, 8 March 2014

a mother's day gift guide with fragrance direct ♥

I don't know about you, but I am obsessed with perfumes. For me, they complete my look - just before I step out the house I love to spray my favourite perfume. So when the lovely Fiona from Fragrance Direct sent me this beautiful box from Calvin Klein to review, I was really excited. I love Calvin Klein products and I am a big fan of the CK In2u perfume. This gift set comes with the 50ml eau de toilette fragrance called Down Town* and a 100ml body lotion. With mother's day slowly creeping up, I think this would make the perfect gift, the perfume itself has notes of Italian cedrat, green pear and gardenia petals. When you first smell the scent, it has a very woody feel to it and as it settles you can smell a light floral scent. I think this fragrance is absolutely gorgeous and it is perfect for everyday wear, it isn't over powering and it is perfect for spring time! I love when gift sets include body lotions too, sometimes they have shower gels, but personally, I much prefer to use the body lotions. Fragrance Direct are currently doing an offer for only £22.95 so you save over £23.00! You can purchase the Calvin Klein Down Town gift set here. Have you tried any of the Calvin Klein perfumes before? Let me know what you are planning for your mother's day gifts! Have a lovely afternoon girls 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

stand by me ♥

At the end of February, I was lucky enough to be invited to Lauren Goodger's launch of the Darker than Dark Glam tan. The event was held at Dirty Martini in Central London and I had the chance to meet a range of bloggers and the lovely Lauren’s Way team. I’ve always been a fan of Lauren’s style and seeing her in person she looked perfectly put together from top to bottom! She was absolutely lovely and it was really great seeing how passionate she was about the new launch. We were lucky enough to be given the tanning range to try and I have to say, I am really impressed. I was getting ready for a friend’s house party at the weekend so I thought I would see how the tan worked! I first used the Body Polish - this cleans your skin of any rough patches and old tan. It keeps your skin smooth and helps clear any dead skin cells. The reason why the Body Polish is important is because it creates a perfect base before you apply the actual tan. The next step is to use the Tan Enhancing Moisturiser - I usually use baby oil before I tan but it doesn't let the tan dry properly, so this moisturiser is perfect because it dries quickly but also keeps your skin silly and smooth.

Now when I applied the Darker than Dark tan I was first surprised that the tan was a spray, I have used spray tan bottles before but not like this. You spray onto a tanning mitt instead of using it as an overall spray bottle. Once you have used this on the mitt, you apply on your skin in circular motions. I have used a variety of different tans, including gel, mousse and lotion but I have never used a tan where you spray directly on the tanning mitt. It really made a difference because the mitt absorbed the tan so it went on really smooth. I had so many compliments about my tan that night, it definitely made a difference! I can’t praise this tan enough, my sister has even been hovering around my room trying to steal it. Have you tried any of the Lauren’s Way tanning range? You can order your Darker than Dark Glam tan here. I will be taking before and after photos for this post this weekend so you can see the really difference! Have a lovely afternoon girls, I’m giving this product 10/10
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