Friday, 31 January 2014

after school special ♥

It wasn't until my late teens that I fully understood the benefits of using lip liners. My earliest memory of my grandmother was watching her use a red lip liner before applying her lipstick. I never understood what it actually did and why it was so important. Well, many of my friends usually skip lip liners and just go straight for the lipsticks, so I thought it would be nice to explain why lip liners benefit your make-up bag. Firstly, lipsticks bleed - particularly red shades. They have a nasty habit of smudging over your lip line and becoming messy. Using a lip liner won't completely keep your lipstick kiss proof but it will create a more defined lip shade, therefore making your lips look more defined and  distinctive. They really shape your lips and create a good base for your lipstick. If you wish your lips were a tiny bit bigger, using a lip liner is the perfect tool for you. When you use the liner, slowly draw outside of your lips, you can gently create a fuller lip line.
I spotted this Rimmel Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in Pound Land - the shade is called 045 Epic. I would say it is quite a warm earthy tone. Pretty much perfect if you use brown lipsticks like I do. I didn't get off to a great start with this lip liner, as I gently went to take a swatch is crumbled slightly so I had to twist it down to make it a smaller tip. After I did this, it worked perfect. It created a smooth, even line and it really looked well underneath my Illamasqua lipstick. The pigmentation of this lip liner is quite impressive, it isn't too creamy like some lip liners can be, but it still creates a matte finish. I definitely think that everyone needs this particular shade in their make-up bag, it will match a good range of lip shades and it creates a lovely base. I'm pretty lucky that I found this in Pound land, if you can't find it in your local shop you can buy it online on Amazon. Have you tried this lip liner before? What goodies have you found in Pound land lately? 8.5/10 ♥

Thursday, 30 January 2014

we'll always have bourbon street ♥

I popped into Primark last night and I couldn't help but notice this Marilyn Monroe t-shirt. I am a very big Marilyn fan, I have watched pretty much every Marilyn make-up tutorial there is (Lisa Eldridge is my favourite). Now for £6 I think this t-shirt is really good! I'm wearing it today with a black skirt and ballet pumps, it's something really casual and relaxing! I would also wear this with jeans or my leather trousers. I love that it has all of the photos of Marilyn throughout her films and photo shoots during her career. I did also see a Wonder Woman top in there and also My Little Pony pyjama bottoms! For Christmas I got the Batman pyjama set, it was pretty hard not to see them over Twitter and on every fashion blog! :) I will probably pop into Primark again tonight - the My Little Pony pyjama set has my name on it! I think for £6, this Marilyn top is definitely worth it :) Have you found any Primark bargains lately? ♥

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

we all go a little mad sometimes ♥

I am a big lover of bronzers, they really do make a difference. Whether you use them for contouring or an overall bronzer, the difference is very noticeable. I really am a big bronzer lover, I personally prefer matte bronzers to shimmery ones but when I first tried the MAC Bronzer compact in Refined Gold*, it was hard not to love it. I'm quite impressed I haven't cracked it yet actually. I often find myself dropping my make-up 24/7... Although this bronzer is shimmery, it does not provoke my oily skin. I know people can be quite conscious of using shimmery products that don't have a matte finish, but MAC has managed to create a generous amount of shimmer and highlight without making skin appear oily and cakey. I absolutely love the packaging of this bronzer, it's chic and sophisticated and very handy with the mirror inside. I don't think  MAC can do any wrong in my eyes, although I do think it is slightly on the pricey side for £20 - I would suggest a Rimmel bronzer if you are on a budget but still want quality. You can buy the MAC bronzer here or in Debenhams. I am giving this 7/10 purely because I think it is a bit too pricey! But other than that, it really is a lovely bronzer. 

Friday, 24 January 2014

the five ♥

I am slightly annoyed because I did schedule this post this week, but I accidentally deleted it. So to get straight to the point without my usual rambling, I wanted to talk about the bag I am using at the moment. I have often said in the past that I really struggle with finding a bag that I can use everyday. I have such odd taste when it comes to clothing and accessories, so I don't always go for simple and classic looks. But for Christmas my sister bought me this gorgeous h&m bag - it is very similar to the Zara office bag but it is a fraction of the price. For only £35.99, it really is a great bag to have. It goes will all of my outfits and I love how sleek and sophisticated the design is. It fits in a lot of my things, including my giant make-up bag. The measurements for the bag are 31x38.5cm - a perfect size in my opinion. Have you found any cute bags lately? You can buy yours here. ♥

Thursday, 23 January 2014

the rager ♥

Lately I have been talking about my favourite beauty products – the things I can’t live without. Today is going to be another one of these posts… I have been having a big spending spree lately (I’m trying to restrain myself I promise!) so it’s hard to do a wider review when I have quite a few odd beauty products floating about. The new love of my life is from a brand called Lola – I bought this lipgloss in Marks and Spencer’s around Christmas time when I was supposed to be shopping for my sister (woops!). If you follow me on Twitter, you would have probably heard me moan about not finding a Tom Ford dupe of Bruised Plum. I have been trying to find a cheaper version of this for months and when I saw this Lola shade is Purple I was so eager to try it!
I have to admit, I used to be the type of girl who never went darker than a red lipstick but when I first tried a YSL lipstick in Rouge Volupte #12 “Forbidden Burgundy” I was hooked! Although we are moving forward to Spring shades right now, I have been dying to post a review on a Tom Ford dupe! The Lola lip gloss range is glossy and not too pigmented so you can wear it during the day without looking like a vampire ;) It’s not too pricey either for £10.00 and I love how many different shades are available. What do you think of this colour – are you a fan of the purple trend. 9.5/10

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

the departed ♥

Okay, can we talk about how pretty this red shade is? I am obsessed with this Cherry Pie number (542 to be exact). I was casually looking for a nice lip shade a few weeks ago and I happened to swatch the Maybelline Superstay 24hr DualEnded Lip Color on my hand. I had to rush back home so I didn’t have a chance to buy it but the swatch stayed on my hand…forever! I had to literally scrub my hand to get the red swatch off so I knew I had to buy it. I know the point of this lipstick is to last for 24 hours and boy did it last. This lip colour basically works in two steps – the first step is applying the lip colour then waiting one to two minutes before applying a clear balm over the top. The balm seals in the colour and adds instant shine.
I know for most of us, it can be quite difficult topping up your lipstick during the day, especially at work and it can be pretty pointless when you drink tea or coffee all day or if you are on a night out. But because the balm actually seals the lip colour, it lasts even more when you drink. The main thing that I love about this product is the actual shade, it is such a pretty red and I really think it suits my skin tone, I love how deeply pigmented it is. Have you tried any of the Maybelline lip Superstay products before? The one shade I wanted to buy is called Constant Toast 136 – I haven’t been able to find it yet! Have a lovely afternoon girls, let me know what Superstay shades you have tried. 10/10

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

before sunset ♥

There is nothing better than finding a lipstick range that you completely adore - the packaging, shades, pigmentation, absolutely everything about it. I have yet to find a lipstick range that I love more than the Rimmel London Kate Moss collection. The shades are gorgeous and they really stand out - I've picked four of my favourite shades from the Kate Moss range. They are usually priced at about £5.49 (you can find these shades at Boots). I was actually lucky enough to get shade 04 in the Pound Shop! :) I really think these are such pretty colours - the pigmentation is incredible and they really complete your make-up. Whenever I am reaching for a particular lip colour, I always use these Kate Moss shades. I hope she brings out a new set this year with Rimmel! The staying power is incredible and I think every girl should have at least one shade in their make-up bag. What is your favourite - if I had to pick one, it would have to be the nude :) 10/10 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

guild hairdressing salon review ♥

It is no secret that I am obsessed with Made In Chelsea - without fail the girls look perfectly groomed and styled, especially Victoria Baker-Harber. Stepping away from the MIC dramas, I think Victoria has gorgeous hair so you can imagine how excited I was when I found out that the Guild Hairdressers in Chelsea have frequently styled her hair (and also Hugo's from Made In Chelsea). I was even more excited when I was asked to review their blow dry treatment. The salon is located on King's Road which is incredibly easy to get to from Victoria. I know the actual treatment is important, but I really think when you visit salons, you go for the overall experience and relaxation too. Salon's should take you away from your everyday routine and I think every woman deserves to feel like a Made In Chelsea star from time to time! As soon as I stepped into the salon I fell in love with the interior design and layout - it is incredibly modern and has two floors. The bottom floor is where you can get beauty treatments, including skin care, make-up and nails and the top floor is where the hair magic happens! The Guild Salon is actually inspired by chic Parisian style which really creates a luxurious atmosphere. My hair was styled by the lovely Aude, I wasn't too sure what type of blow dry I wanted but she understood the type of style that would benefit my hair. I love the idea of loose waves and body - I loved that Aude had a real look at my hair and knew exactly what my hair needed. 

Using heated styling tools over the years has made my hair quite thin so Aude explained what products she would use to help my hairs condition. The next part was my favourite bit - as I sat down to get my hair washed, I had the most relaxing chair massage! I can't explain how relaxed I was with Aude massaging and washing my hair while sitting on this chair. I have never experienced a salon where the chairs massage you! Because my hair is incredibly fine, Aude used the Shu Uemura - Art of Hair Muroto Volume Pure Lightness Shampoo and conditioner. Instead of using mousse on my hair (which can be quite harsh on fine hair), Aude used Redken's Aerate All Over Bodifying Cream-Mousse. Although it was a cream, it helped create texture and thickness before she started to blow dry. Once my hair was blow dried and taken out of the pins, Aude carefully sprayed my hair with Davines Medium Hairspray. I was so happy seeing the finished result of my hair - it felt so different, smooth, thick and healthy (for once!). I cannot recommend this salon enough, as soon as I left the salon I had someone ask me how I did my hair which is always a plus. It was such a lovely experience and I think my hair is in shook mode - it has never looked this nice before! Have you been to the Guild salon before? I cannot fault the experience at all, I would like Aude to do my hair every morning now ;) 10/10 

Saturday, 11 January 2014

do not go gentle ♥

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It's been a while since I put together a wish list and when I started working full time in the beauty industry almost 16 months ago I have become really lucky to treat myself on payday. It's safe to say I don't miss living like a student anymore! I have spotted so many pretty things lately, it's hard to put it all onto one wish list! I've previously said how addicted I'm becoming with candles - I have seen quite a few Yankee reviews and I'm now obsessed with them! The Naked palette is definitely on my hit list, I love the packaging and the shades seem very natural. I have been quite obsessed with bags recently and the YSL Small Cabas Y Brushed leather bag looks gorgeous -slightly on the pricey side but this is the point of a wish list ;) Beauty wise, I have heard non stop praise about Charlotte Tilbury, the renowned make-up artist has been everywhere and has all the top celebs queuing up to get their make-up done. This K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Bitch Perfect looks incredible and as we all know I love anything with gold packaging. What's on your wish list this month? I have featured the usual suspects here - Zara, ASOS, River Island.. What shops are popping into at the moment? ♥

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

heart of darkness ♥

Okay, so it was my sister's birthday on Sunday and her lovely friends bought her this Michael Kors clutch bag! I stole it to photograph at the first chance I got - I can't get over how gorgeous this bag is! The green is absoletely perfect, I am going to struggle giving this back to her. This is a Saffiano Green Zip Top Clutch bag and you can buy yours here from House of Fraser. I have found the measurements here: 6 1/2" H x 8.5" W. I usually have problems with clutch bags because I often find that they can never fit any of my things in (I carry around a lot of make-up...cough.) but I found this bag was the perfect size to carry all the essentials in, such as my phone, keys, mascara, lip gloss, powder, money etc. I am still amazed at how gorgeous the colour of this bag is - it is such a vivid green and it would add an instant pop to any outfit. The wrist strap makes me feel slightly more relieved knowing that my sister won't lose it straight away..sigh. This is by far, the prettiest clutch bag I have ever seen! Have you seen any lovely clutch bags lately? 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

break on through ♥

When the lovely Natalie sent me the new Max Factor Excess Volume Mascara Extreme Impact to review, I was really excited to see the new #selfeye trend popping on my Twitter news feed. I am so fussy with my mascaras, not by choice - my lashes choose to be short and stumpy so I usually find it hard to find a mascara that really gives them definition. Max Factors Excess Volume Extreme Impact mascara has two ends - step one and step two. The first brush is very thick but covered in tiny bristles - this gives your lashes definition by catching even your tiniest of lashes. The Step 2 brush adds volume - the large brush is incredible at adding thickness and body. The main worry I had before using the mascara was would I get the dreaded "spider lashes" look? 

The 2 step mascaras that I have used in the past have usually left my lashes looking very cakey and flakey. Luckily, the Step one brush smooths out the lash hair and creates an even base before you use step 2. This equals non clumpy and even. My only issue is the length of the mascara wands are quite short so it does take some fiddling to get used to it, I am incredibly clumsy with mascaras but I did get used to the shorter wand length in the end. I think this is a lovely little mascara, the packaging is super cute and it's quite refreshing to see two different mascara wands work together to create length. Have you tried the new Max Factor Excess Voulme mascara before? Let me know what you think girls!  You can buy the mascara at Boots here 9.5/10    
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