Tuesday, 30 December 2014

the little black dress ♥

I don't think you can go wrong with a little black dress, if I had to have one piece of clothing in my wardrobe it would definitely be this dress. I was lucky enough to have the lovely team at Eles Clothing send me this beautiful outfit* - it is classic, smart and can be dressed up with some nice heels. I love the detailing of this dress, it has a slight twist in the middle so it is perfect for giving the illusion of a slimmer waist - perfect after all of the Christmas food this month! I have paired quite a few gold jewellery pieces with this dress to add a bit more glamour to it, I think this dress would be ideal for any upcoming work parties or a dinner date with the girls. You could also add tights and heels for an everyday work outfit! For my make-up I have paired a classic red lipstick to add a dash of colour and I wanted to keep my hair quite simply. Overall,  the styling options are endless with a dress like this because this look is timeless. What outfit do you always reach for when you have an event or date? You can order this dress here (Note - this dress is from a wholesale website, they provide outfits to stores) 

Sunday, 28 December 2014

the downward spiral ♥

I'm doing a slightly different blog post today - yes, I still love my beauty and fashion but when this amazing Christmas gift arrived I had to put a review together! With all the Christmas food I've had over the past few days, I am way overdue for a healthy detox - that's where the Nutribullet steps in. I have honestly been wanting a Nutribullet for over a year now, so I was thrilled when my mum and dad bought me one for Christmas! :) So let's start with the basics - what exactly is a Nutribullet? You can read the full FAQ section on the US website here but it basically allows you to have fruit and vegetables in liquid form, you can put whatever fruit or vegetables into the cup (making sure you remove any apple cores or banana skin etc.) and then you simply add water (or juice) and it makes a healthy drink. You know exactly what goes into your drink and it allows you to have all the goodness that vegetables and fruit provide without any added sugars or preservatives that most smoothies/juices have in supermarkets. It is fresh, healthy and is perfect if you want to lose weight and have more energy! 

I'm currently using the Nutribullet as a way to detox and get rid of my Christmas binge - I have already noticed my energy levels improving and I am starting to feel less bloated. Of course the Nutribullet will only work if you maintain a healthy balanced diet and exercise but it really does allow fast and easy access to vegetables and fruit! I am already addicted to using this machine, it is easy to wash up and it literally involves preparing your ingredients, adding them to the cup and adding water then placing it on the top of the Nutribullet then twisting. There are a lot of recipes available online, you can see one I made today. I cannot recommend the Nutribullet enough, it is super easy to use and clean, I will keep you all posted on the other recipes I use, have you got a Nutribullet or blender? What top tips do you have? You can order the Nutribullet here or visit John Lewis, Currys or Selfridges - happy shopping! 10/10 

Monday, 22 December 2014

let her go today ♥

I don't know about you but I am obsessed with skin care products that feel silky smooth - you can see how beneficial it is for your skin! I have been using the new Advanced Skin Refinisher by Artistry Intensive Skincare*, although the name is a mouthful this product is heaven in a bottle. The best way I can describe the Refinisher is a skin pick me up, as we all know your skin can go through a lot with pollution, ageing and stress so I think this product will really make a difference. Straight away after using this product, your skin feels matte and smooth - the Java Tea extract in the formula controls the oil that your skin produces, so if you have oily skin like me, this product is for you! Overall, I cannot fault the Refinisher at all, the packaging is beautiful and the difference I have noticed in my skin is incredible. Yes, it is slightly on the pricey side for £53.35 but for skin care, I think it is worth the investment. No matter what age you are, it is so important to look after your skin because as we get older it definitely reflects over time! You can find out more about the Artistry range here - have you tried any products from the Artistry Intensive Skincare range? 

Saturday, 6 December 2014

winter wonderland ♥

Happy December everyone! I will be honest and admit that I am a total Christmas Scrooge but, I do love reading blog posts on Christmas gift guides! I will be doing two separate posts about this, one will be purely on stocking fillers and this post will be my wish list for Christmas this year! I have been looking for a really nice bag, I bought a bag from Aldo a few weeks ago and the straps have already started to tear - I'm not a happy bunny...so I am now on the look out for a plain, black tote bag. Make-up wise, I am really loving gold, shimmery eyeshadows at the moment. I just think it adds to the Christmas season and the Bobbi Brown palette looks amazing! I also featured the Real Technique brushes - for £20 this set incredible, Superdrug have done very well with this offer! I have also been lusting after a nude pair of sandal shoes, I saw these Dolce and Gabbana heeled sandals and fell in love! What is on your Christmas wish list this year? Do you prefer your presents being beauty based or clothes? Have a lovely weekend girls! :)  

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

happy nude year ♥

It is always a high point when your favourite lip range has a new shade added to its collection - yes, Bourjois have a new member for the Rouge Edition Velvet family. Happy Nude Year* is a beautiful, nude lipstick that can be your best friend for everyday wear. It has an slight pink tone which makes the overall appearance warmer, meaning that your skin won't looked washed out. I know people can be quite cautious when they hear the word "nude lipstick" but because this particular nude shade has a warmer base, it really does suit everyone. As I've said in previous posts, the Rouge Edition lipsticks have an amazing formula and the staying power is incredible. I really can't recommend this shade enough, in case you found the other shades too daring, Happy Nude Year is the perfect medium - it adds a beautiful pop of colour without being too overbearing. Superdrug are currently offering 3 for 2 in store or online for Bourjois products, and the good part is, you will also receive their famous 1 Seconde Nail Polish for free! Not too shabby when Christmas is around the corner ;) What is your favourite shade from the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet range? 10/10

Monday, 1 December 2014

sheer fantasy ♥

With Christmas parties slowly approaching, now is the perfect time to find sparkly party make-up! For me, I think parties in the winter are all about the shimmer and glitter - the Sheer Fantasy collection by Bio Sculpture is pretty much a party in a bottle. This collection will have you covered for all your nail needs, they really are such gorgeous shades! The shades include 189 Wish Upon a Star, 192 Dreams are Forever, 193 Truth of a Fairytale and the two shades I have featured in today's post - 190 Free Imagination and 191 Treasure Chest*. My first thoughts about these shades were how quickly they dried - I was really impressed with the pigmentation of Free Imagination and Treasure Chest, and best of all I only did three coats! What party shades have you been eyeing up recently? Let me know what you think of Bio Sculpture nail polishes - you can read my other review of another set of Bio Sculpture shades here. To see where you can purchase Bio Sculpture nail polishes, you can visit their website 10/10 


Sunday, 30 November 2014

let there be light ♥

With all the Black Friday madness that happened this week, I was actually surprised to find something I wanted. I'm not sure whether this offer is part of Black Friday, but Superdrug are currently offering 1/2 price off selected fragrances. I was lucky enough to grab Rihanna's Nude 100ml perfume for only £20, there were only a few left on the counter and it was pretty hectic in the store! I have heard so many people complain about celebrity fragrances when it occurred to me how many I actually own myself! I really am a sucker from celebrity perfumes, currently on my dressing table are fragrances by Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Britney Spears and now Rihanna. Although my signature perfume is Alien by Thierry Mugler, I do love celebrity perfumes! Now for Rihanna's Nude, the overall look of the perfume and packaging is very pretty. Rihanna looks gorgeous on the packaging and although the perfume bottle is slightly bulky looking, I really like the theme of Rihanna's coloured perfume bottles, which in the past have ranged from red to black. 

Launched in 2013, Nude has strong notes of Orange Blossom, Jasmine and the base notes include Sandalwood and Vanilla Orchid. Overall it has a very fruity scent which isn't too overpowering. I'm not usually a fan of orange scented perfumes but I was really surprised how much I loved this perfume! For £20 you really can't go wrong - the one thing about celebrity perfumes that I don't agree with is how overpriced they can be. I don't seem too eager to spend a lot of money on them, now for designer brands like Chanel or Dior, yes but for a celebrity brands I'm not too sure. The 100ml Nude fragrance is originally sold for around £37 in stores, so £20 is amazing! I sprayed Nude about two hours ago and I can still really smell it, I'm really surprised how long lasting this perfume is. I really recommend Nude for an everyday perfume, especially with Christmas just around the corner! What scents are you loving at the moment? Are you a fan of celebrity fragrances? 9/10 

Monday, 24 November 2014

christmas through your eyes ♥

I will openly admit that I hate the cold - but the idea of being wrapped up in my duvet, surrounded by Christmas candles and food is pretty dreamy. Just don't expect me to move for a few hours... I think we can all agree that Christmas isn't Christmas without scented candles and there is something very cosy and comforting about them so when the amazing Yankee Candle's contacted me to review their Petal Bowl and Christmas tea light collection*, I jumped at the chance. Everyone that knows me will tell you how obsessed I am with Yankee Candle's - the packaging looks beautiful on any dressing tabale and the quality is far better than the majority of candles that I have used before. They capture all the elements of winter nights and the cute and dinky Petal Bowl looks so pretty on my dressing table! I was really surprised how long the Tart Wax Melts lasted, I have used three so far. I cannot recommend this set enough, especially with Christmas almost at our door. This makes the perfect Christmas gift for anyone, especially for candle addicts. What Yankee Candle favourites do you have, I would love to hear them! 10/10 

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

fade into you ♥

Due to awful weather, I am bedroom bound for today's outfit post. Apologies for my delay in posting about this gorgeous Snake Print Split Back Drop Hem top* - the past few weeks have been pretty manic! Now, I've seen a few of these tops floating around - I have been usually wearing it with plain black jeans but Ferne from TOWIE actually wore this style top with khaki trousers so I thought I would give it a try! I really love how simple and stylish this combo is. Celeb Look is my new love interest - they have such amazing clothes without the hefty price tag - I saw this top in a boutique down my road for triple the price! You can buy this snake print top for only £11.99 (Not including postage). I wore this to work and paired it with a pair of nice black boots - casual but still trendy! What goodies have you found on Celeb Look? I hope you have a lovely evening girls - let me know what you think of the new snake print trend and how you would wear this top! 

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

winter wonderland ♥

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited by the lovely Bourjois team, to attend their new winter collection preview and to see the new GHD Curve range! To say I was excited was an overstatement - Bourjois always have the most beautiful displays which makes my camera and instagram very happy ;) As I made my way to St. Martins Lane Hotel, I was not quite sure what to expect, but as soon as I walked in, I was not disappointed. Bourjois have perfected the winter spirit down to a T, their collection is glitzy but still very wearable. The quad eye-shadow palettes really caught my eye - the unique glittery shade in the middle really added glamour without being too over the top. I was lucky enough to have their Bourjois make-up artist apply a soft, dark smokey eye on me and I was really pleased with it.

The shades blended really well and the shimmery shade was also used as a highlighter on my cheekbones. I also had my hair curled with the GHD Classic Curler - how long have we been waiting for GHD curlers?! I am so excited to do a full review of these bad boys, they honestly kept my hair full of volume and bounce for hours and you could definitely notice the difference between my usual curlers! Keep your eyes peeled for my full review of the Bourjois collection and the GHD Curve collection, they will definitely be on your christmas list this year! Have a lovely evening girls!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

ordinary witches ♥

I have been meaning to put together an October favourites post for a few weeks now but I really wanted to focus on the two products I have not stopped using! The Bio Sculpture Gel nail polishes* are my new winter must haves - I cannot get enough of these babies. I am so impressed with their pigmentation and how fast they dry on your nails. I can put my hands up and admit that I am awful at painting my nails - I can't keep still enough to let them dry properly so the Bio Sculpture polishes are definitely perfect for me. The two colours that I have been using are the shades 180 Heart & Soul (the coral shade) and 182 Pursuit of Beauty (the deep blue).  To find your nearest salon distributor of Bio Sculpture nail polishes, you can check here. What nail shades are you loving at the moment? 10/10 

Monday, 27 October 2014

charmed noir ♥

I think we can all agree that primping and preening ourselves can get slightly tedious - don't get me wrong, I love how nice my skin looks after I exfoliate or how tidy my brows are once I tweeze and shape them. But it would be nice to use just one product that works fast and easy. With winter here my lips are prone to becoming dry and chapped - even though I live in lip gloss, my lips do not get on well with the cold. To keep my lips soft and smooth, I have been using the adorable Jelly Belly lip balms* in flavours coconut and tutti-fruitti. These lip balms have not left my side - they keep my lips moisturised and healthy without a sticky, uncomfortable feeling. As soon as I started using them my lips instantly felt softer. They smell gorgeous without being overpowering or sickly and best of all, they come in countless different flavours. I cannot recommend them enough for giving your lips some TLC! You can buy them for usually £2.50 each from Primark, Sainsbury's or you can buy a pack of 8 from Truffle Shuffle. You can also buy Jelly Belly candles or larger lip balms on the official Jelly Belly website here - what tips do you have for looking after your lips in the winter weather? 

Thursday, 16 October 2014

once in a blue moon ♥

When it comes to lips, I don't think lipsticks are very practical - just one sip from your glass of wine and you have to reapply your lip gloss all over again. With the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks* you really see a vast improvement - not just in staying power but also in intense colour. I have been obsessed with these lipsticks since I first used them, they give incredible pigmentation and the matte and creamy finish allows it to last for quite a while without having to constantly reapply. There are eight shades available and the three shades that I have reviewed are called: 08 Grand Cru, 07 Nude-ist and 03 Hot Pepper.

Now although it has a light weight texture, it still provides intense colour without drying out your lips. I really am impressed with the formula of the lipsticks because I think it appeals to the everyday girl - we see hundreds of adverts that show a model wearing perfect lipstick but in reality, the make-up artist has probably used countless products to create  a look that won't last ten minutes. I really love that you can get a long lasting finish with the Bourjois lipsticks without having to constantly reapply throughout the day! I cannot recommend this range enough -  you can buy these shades here. Have you tried the Rouge Edition lipsticks before? Let me know what your favourite shade is! 10/10 

Monday, 13 October 2014

love in paris ♥

When the lovely Hayley sent me the new NYX Love in Paris Eyeshadow palette* to try, I was excited to say the least. I have been a fan of NYX products for as long as I can remember so it's lovely seeing how big their range has grown over the years! The palette I have been using for the past few weeks is called Love in Paris 01 A La Mode. This little kit is everything you need for creating a range of different smokey eye looks. Whether you prefer warm brown shadows, soft greys or intense black smokey eyes, this palette lets you create all three! I tend to stick with brown tones when it comes to my eyeshadow, but I really like how versatile this palette is. The size of the NYX palette is ideal for fitting in your make-up bag and it's even better that you can take it with you for a night out. 

Focusing on the pigmentation, I have to say I was really impressed. The shades blended really well and there was hardly any fall out when I used the darker colours. As you can see from my swatches, the shades are really easy to build up. There are a few shimmery tones which I think goes really well for the winter time! Out of all the shades, I was really impressed with how strong and pigmented the white powder is - it's perfect for highlighting your brow bone and even highlighting your cupids bow and centre of your nose. I can't rave enough about this palette - it is definitely replacing my Naked 3 dupe that I've been using recently! What NYX products are you using at the moment? You can see the full Love in Paris range here 9/10 


Thursday, 9 October 2014

oh my goddess ♥

It's currently raining outside my window right now, I know it's only the second month in autumn but I am already missing summer! I know for the autumn and winter time it's about embracing pale skin but I still feel like reaching for my bronzer. The two bronzers I am obsessed with at the moment are the Bourjois Gold Bronzing Powder* and the Bronzing Powder and Highlighter* - my first impression of the bronzers is how sleek and simple the packaging is. With how clumsy I can be, I quite like that it isn't made from plastic so it won't smash as easily as my past bronzers and powders have! I instantly recognise that it is made by Bourjois and I think it's really important to keep products true to the brand look. What I love about these bronzers is that they are also great for contouring - especially if you are just starting to do this in your make up routine.

The powder allows you to control how intense or natural you want your contouring to look and it really does blend very easily into the skin. The lighter gold shade in the Bronzing Powder and Highlighter pack is the perfect tool for creating defined features and it saves you having to spend more money on just a highlighter. I'm not a big fan of carrying around lots of products in my bag so I love that you have a bronzer/contour and highlighter all in one! I cannot recomend these bronzers enough, whether you want to create an overall tanned look with the Bourjois Gold Bronzing Powder or if you also want to highlight, they are definitely the best option. Have you used Bourjois bronzers before? What is your top tip for using bronzers? 10/10 *Due to being hospital bound - my sister will be replying to any comments and helping out over the next few weeks! ♥

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

centennial charmed ♥

Just as I was about to order a natural MAC lipstick, this Illamasqua beauty arrived at my door. I ordered the Glamour Beauty Edit from Latest In Beauty a few weeks before and luckily the new Glamore Lipstick was included. I'll be honest, beauty boxes usually contain two to three things that will directly suit my skin tone and complexion so I was pleasantly surprised with the Glamour Beauty Edit box. You can imagine how pleased I was when I tried this Starkers shade from Illamasqua. I have quite tanned skin so really light shaded lipsticks can make me appear quite washed out but this shade has a very nice richness to the formula, I could imagine Victoria Beckham pairing this with a dark lip liner in her Spice Girls day! 

I have always raved about the lipstick formula for Illamasqua, although some people find it quite dry, I personally prefer a matte texture that will hide my natural lip pigmentation. Starkers is definitely a perfect everyday lipstick, it really compliments my Bourjois bronzer that I'm using at the moment as well. I really recommend this lipstick for everyday use, you can buy it here. Yes it is slightly on the pricey side for £18.95 but I think the quality and pigmentation really goes that extra mile. What do you think of the Illamasqua Glamore range? 9/10 *Due to being hospital bound this is a scheduled post - my sister will be replying to any comments and helping out over the next few weeks! ♥

Monday, 29 September 2014

the eyes have it ♥

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I think I need to accept that summer has left us, I need to hide my sandals and buy a nice pair of winter boots. I have to admit, the cold does not make me happy but after seeing the new collections arriving in the fashion and beauty world, I am pleasantly surprised. I love that khaki colours will be playing a big part in our autumn wardrobes this year! I've put together a wish list for all the new clothes I've spotted, I've also mixed in new jewellery and make-up that is winter friendly. I've pretty much put together my autumn/winter essentials - including this gorgeous candle from Neal & Wolf and my Joker mug for quality hot chocolate time ;) I will be putting together a post purely focusing on autumn make-up but for today I wanted an overall look at my autumn favourites which are pretty much Max Factor and Bourjois! Deep plum lip shades are always a popular shade for autumn so I can't wait to see what new ranges will be released this year! What is your favourite item on here? Is there anything you have put on your wish list recently? Due to being hospital bound, my sister will be helping out with blog posts ♥

Monday, 14 July 2014

the bourjois summer party ♥

So a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the Bourjois Summer Party - I have been a fan of Bourjois since I was 14 years old when I first tried their mascara's, (I think I tried the clubbing mascara first?) anyway, I popped up to Leicester Square, where the event was held on the roof top at Global Radio. It was an incredible view and I still can't get over how gorgeous the make-up displays looked. This was honestly a beautiful event, the fact that the lovely Bourjois team and make-up artisits were there meant I could really learn how the summer range can update my current make-up routine. I personally love the idea of summer make-up - bronzed skin, shimmery lips and bright coral shades. It just screams summer and definitely suits my dark eyes, dark hair and olive skin tone. I will be putting together reviews on the summer shades over the next few days but I just wanted to show you how beautiful the new Bourjois event was! You can find the whole Bourjois range on their website here. What is your favourite Bourjois product? ♥

Friday, 11 July 2014

siren's song ♥

Sorry I have been slightly absent from the blogging word this week, I have been incredibly tied down with sorting out my new room and being out and about attending some lovely events. I will be putting together some posts together about the Bourjois Summer party event that I attended last week. The new summer shades are incredible! I've been pretty instagram friendly since I created my new blog instragram - you can find me at fairytalekiss_ and it will be purely based on my blog and less about family and friends. I recently went to Byron by Convent Garden - they really do have amazing burgers! I am always wanting to find burger bars so if you have any recommendations ;) I have been using the Glamour magazine Latest In Beauty box this week, I have to say I am really impressed with the products included in this months box, the Illamasqua lipstick is definitely a perfect nude for my skin tone and hair. 

I am actually getting my hair coloured tonight at The Purple Salon in Soho - I am going for an ombre style so I'm excited to see whether I'll need to revamp my make-up look at all! I think it can be really refreshing to change your hair so we'll see what happens! I have been super busy running to Ikea and back to decorate my room,  my mum and sister have kindly painted my room and put my new shelves up so I have had the fun task of decorating it! I found this amazing skull on eBay and I think it looks lovely on my dressing table! What interior bits are you loving at the moment? Have a lovely weekend girls! ♥

Thursday, 26 June 2014

charmed and dangerous ♥

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Yes, I have finally put together my yearly summer post - sadly I am not holiday bound this year but that won't stop me putting together my ideal holiday bag! When I went to Marbella last year, I may have slightly over packed, but I would rather be prepared that unprepared! The first thing I would pack would definitely be a nice hat, my oily skin and hot weather is not the best combination so a hat to pop over my face when I'm getting my tan on is always a good idea! I would also include sun cream and bronzing oil, I usually tan quite well in the sun but that doesn't mean I still don't need protection. I usually get acrylic nails when I go abroad, but last year I actually brought along my own L'Oreal nail polish into the salon for them to use. I love bright oranges and pinks - anything that goes well with a sun tan, Bourjois are perfect for this! Sunglasses are of course on the hit list, I have yet to find a pair that are similar to the pair that Kourtney Kardashian wore last year, they were gorgeous cat eye style sunglasses and they looked amazing on her.

Next is the bikini's - they are definitely my favourite part of holiday shopping - I buy too many that I only wear once but they always looks amazing! Product wise, I need a life time supply of powder, my skin is a nightmare in hot weather, it gets very oily so I need to touch up my face quite a bit. I usually swap my foundation for a dark tinted moisturiser, it definitely feels lighter on my skin. I would also bring my beloved Naked 3 dupe - this really can create a range of different looks all packed into one product! Bourjois are really bringing gorgeous bright summer shades this season so I definitely recommended you check them out - how cute is the Bourjois nail polish?! What are your beach bag must haves? Are you going anywhere nice this year? 

Thursday, 19 June 2014

lost and bound ♥

The one thing that annoys me is wearing a lip gloss for a night out, jumping in a photo and then wondering where the lip gloss on your lips has run off to. Over the years, I have slowly lost patience with constantly reapplying lip products when I am out, so when SeneGence popped their LipSense Lip Colour* in the post for me, I was eager to see whether it could withstand a night on the town. What I find even trickier is whether a nude coloured lip product can last - I find my own natural pigmentation of my lips is quite red so it can show through quite a few nude lip glosses. The shade I have been testing is called Praline Rose. To use the Lip Sense product, you simply apply the lip gloss, wait a few seconds for it to dry and then reapply another coat if you wish.
Once your lips are dry, you apply their clear gloss which seals everything together. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised with how effective Lip Sense is, the pigmentation is incredibly strong and has lasted for hours! Even without the clear gloss, it creates a lovely shade on my lips and even while I have been eating and drinking, the product has still remained. Quick and easy to use, I definitely recommend this! It is available in a range of colours, the Blu-Red shade is on my wish list! I think what is so unique about this range is that the nude lip colour really lasts and does not fade like other long lasting nude lip products that I have used in the past. You can buy one from their website for £22.00 9/10

Monday, 16 June 2014

graduate fashion week with backstage with bourjois for graduate fashion week part one ♥

I was lucky enough to be chosen by Bourjois to attend London's Graduate Fashion Week backstage, to say I was excited was an understatement. They are one of the official sponsors for the show and provided the make-up for the models on the catwalk. It was incredible seeing the renowned make-up artist Lan Nguyen and her team apply the Bourjois products to the models. There was an incredible range of Bourjois products used on the catwalk and I had the chance to ask Lan how she created the looks. One of my favourite looks that Lan created was a strong, green smokey eye. She explained that for the upcoming winter, green shades will play a big part and the look she creates with Bourjois is very bohemian inspired. The key products used to create this look included the Efect Smoky Pencil in 73 Deep Green for the waterline and bottom lash line, the Contour Clubbing Waterproof 59 in Dynamint for under the lash line, for the eyelid, the Color Edition 24hr in Light Green was used and the Little Round Pot Cream blush in 04 was used on the lips.

This look was incredibly easy to create and the Bourjois range gave incredible pigmentation without having to constantly reapply to the face. It was brilliant to see the make-up artists creating these simplistic but striking looks, I learnt so much from watching backstage and seeing the models actually wear the looks on the runway was incredible. I will be doing a part 2 of this blog post to go into more details about the Bourjois products, in the meantime I would like to say a big thank you to the lovely Bourjois team for inviting me to the show and to see how Bourjois is used on the runway!  And I also want to say how lovely it was meeting the gorgeous Em from My Pale Skin and Lorna from Studs and Dreams. A big thank you to Em for letting me use some of her photos - my camera died at the worst possible time! You can learn more about Graduate Fashion Week here and you can shop for Bourjois goodie here! 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

trial by magic ♥

When it comes to dresses, we all need at least one classic white dress - yes, a little black dress is also a great wardrobe staple but I think a simple white dress is perfect for any occasion. I was lucky enough to choose a dress from French Connection a few weeks ago and I decided on the beautiful Viven Panelled Jersey Dress* in Winter White. As you can see, the length of this dress makes it perfect for pretty much any event, I honestly don't have enough dresses like this in my wardrobe and I don't know why! The style of this dress is beautiful and the material feels so smooth, I love the panel detailing on the shoulders and mid section - it adds a nice twist to the fabric! I've paired this dress with a pair of nude heels from Office and my Massimo Dutti watch, I didn't really want to wear a chunky necklace or a bold lip colour with this dress, purely because I want the focus on the dress. I really recommend this dress as a must have for your wardrobe! I'm so pleased with how it fits and the length is really flattering - have you found anything on French Connection recently? Let me know how you would wear this dress! 

Friday, 30 May 2014

muse to my ears ♥

I will put my hands up and admit I am so lazy when it comes to removing nail polish, even though I am a self-confessed beauty addict, I hate doing my nails – yes, I like how pretty they look after but the whole, removing nail varnish routine is very tedious for me… Luckily, there has been a new craze in nail varnish removal, an actual fun way that keeps me entertained and actually excited to take my nail varnish off. Yes, the new Leighton Denny Remove & Go Polish Remover* keeps me easily pleased. You simply place your finger in the sponge hole and twist to the side, the sponge contains nail polish remover that quickly and efficiently removes any unwanted nail polish on your nail.

It really is as simple as that – you don’t need to hunt around your bedroom for cotton pads, you simply use the sponge inside the container and the job is done. The added benefits of this particular nail polish remover is that it is acetone free so it is less harmful for your nails and it is also suitable for all nail types, I know some people have really sensitive nails so this really is a great product for not irritating your skin or nail cuticles. Keeping my nails in good condition is no longer a chore, it’s quick and easy! You can find this little gem at Look Fantastic for only £5.50 – have you tried the Leighton Denny Remove & Go Polish Remover before? Let me know what you think! 10/10 

Thursday, 29 May 2014

magic hour ♥

I reviewed the Nude Eclipse shade from the Rimmel Apocalips collection last year and it’s safe to say that I still think this is my favourite range of lip lacquers. I wish they had a few shades that were more coffee coloured though, (we all know how 90's make-up obsessed I am), but regardless of that, I really think their colour range covers your every beauty need. Now, we all know that every girl should have at least one red lip product in her make-up bag and if you don’t then the Rimmel Apocalips Big Bang* shade is definitely a great way to start. What do I love most about this shade? The pigmentation for one, it is incredible and it’s definitely more intense compared to the red lipsticks I have in my make-up drawers. I think the actual brush makes this lacquer ideal if you aren't too confident with applying bold lip colours. The brush keeps your application tidy and precise which can be a problem with lipsticks. I cannot praise this shade enough, have you tried any of the Rimmel Apocalips range before? Let me know what your ideal red shade is! 10/10 You can buy this shade from the online website, Look Fantastic for only £5.99 - let me know what other goodies you find! 
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