Monday, 30 December 2013

all my children ♥

There are many high end lipsticks in this world that I think you should put on your lips before you die, Dior is definitely one of them. The Christian Dior Addict lipstick* range has been around for quite a few years now, this particular shade Wild 646 was released in the fall of 2012. I would describe this shade as a hazelnut colour, so for me personally, this makes a gorgeous everyday lipstick. First of all, the packaging is incredible - hello, when do you see lipsticks looking like this?! I think it is very unique and fresh - it looks very pretty in your make-up bag. Now, the actual texture of the lipstick is very moisturising but it still provides intense pigmentation. I really don't have bad word to say about these lipsticks - I definitely prefer the Dior Addict lipsticks compared to the YSL Rouge Volupté - although the YSL lipsticks are moisturising, the pigmentation is not as intense as the Dior range. Have you tried these lipsticks before? The Dior Addict lipsticks are slightly on the pricey side for £24 but I really recommend them. 9.5/10 ♥

Saturday, 28 December 2013

the ties that bind ♥

One of my favourite presents I got this Christmas - my all time favourite perfume...Thierry Mugler's Alien. This is the only perfume that I will forever keep buying myself. It has a lovely dark, woody scent and although some people would use this for the night, I use this 24/7! There are three main scents in Alien, including amber, wood and jasmine. It can be slightly on the pricey side (30ml is around £44) but most perfumes are becoming quite pricey lately, so I definitely think it's worth it. Alien was first released in 2005 so it has been a popular Thierry Mugler favourite for some time now. The packaging is amazing, it really does match the name of the perfume - it is a very unique theme but I think it works really well. Have you tried any Thierry Mugler perfumes before? I can't praise this perfume enough, I really recommended it. Let me know what you think of Alien! :) 10/10 I'll be featuring more Christmas presents this week, let me what your favourite Christmas presents were :) Have a lovely evening girls   

Friday, 27 December 2013

our town ♥

I would be lying if I said this year had been easy, in truth it has been quite a difficult year for me but I'm all about the positives so I thought I would share with you my highlights of 2013. Where do I start? Writing for Look magazine and reviewing bronzers, attending L'Oreal Paris events, meeting lovely journalists and PR's, spending more time with my dad, getting promoted at work, attending the Tom Ford launch at Harvey Nichols, having my first girls holiday in Marbella, working with Warehouse on their photo shoot, meeting John Frieda and Nicky Clarke, going to Winter Wonderland... I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to do all these things. I'm so excited to see what I'll be saying this time next year! I've put down my targets from last year and the new targets for this year, I think I did pretty well, ish. Hopefully I'll have them all ticked off by next year! What are your goals for next year? I am determined to go travelling, I have seen so many gorgeous photos of cities lately, so Italy is the one place I want to visit. Have you been to Italy before? Have a lovely evening girls, I'm back to party food and James Franco movies ;) ♥

2013 New Year Resolutions:
♥ To start going Yoga classes
♥ To get a flat stomach and feel happy wearing fun and daring outfits again!
Start my driving lessons
Start saving money for a rainy day
To work with more magazines and beauty/fashion companies
♥ Reach 2,000 followers on Fairytale Kiss
Learn to be more balanced
♥ Make my own healthy pack lunches for work
Worry about what makes me happy and not anyone else
To trust my instincts more

2014 New Year Resolutions:
♥ Pass my theory
♥ Pass my driving test
♥ Save for a car
♥ Learn Italian
♥ Go back to be a size 8/10 again
♥ Go to Italy
♥ Go up to London every 2 weeks for drinks
♥ Make healthy meals for work
♥ Wake up at 7 and walk to work
♥ Go to yoga classes
♥ Go swimming classes
♥ Reach 2,000 followers on Fairytale Kiss

Thursday, 19 December 2013

the new deal ♥

I am a huge lover of red lips, I think it adds instant glamour whether you have a date, meal or night out with the girls. I have yet to find a lip gloss that actually has the same amount of pigmentation as a red lipstick though – especially one with a bright, rose tone. Earlier this month I attended the QVC SS14 event and I saw the new Spring collection for the Doll10 Luxe Lip Gloss* – I have been very fond of this brand for a while now, but I have yet to try their lip glosses. The colours are gorgeous but from past experience, sometimes the colours look great until you actually use them. As you can see from the swatch, it really is a lovely bright shade – it can be slightly sticky on your lips so I wouldn’t recommend this for subtle lip tint girls.

If you are a hardcore make-up lover, who doesn’t mind slight stickiness, then I definitely recommend this as the only red lip gloss. I am so happy that I have found this, the shade is gorgeous and it looks incredibly chic. It’s definitely a change to try a red gloss, I am usually a simple lipstick girl so it’s nice to try something new! The gloss lasts a good few hours without having to reapply so it's perfect if you are having a night out with the girls this weekend! What do you think of the Doll10 Forbidden lip gloss – have you tried any of their lip glosses before? I also have a nude pink shade which I will be reviewing this week, they are very different shades. Let me know what your favourite red lip glosses are, I am dying to try the Rimmel Apocalips reds! Have a lovely afternoon girls 9/10 

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

ordinary people ♥

I have finally got around to my Christmas wish list, I am cutting it slightly late but I find it so hard to find something I like! Yes, of course there are the usual suspects – a Prada bag, a Michael Kors watch…but realistically putting together a Christmas list can be slightly hard for me. I am in desperate need of a nice bag, I love the Zara office bag, which really reminds me of the infamous Prada one. River Island and Zara are my usual pit stops for bag hunting, I am a huge lover of big bags! Next on my list is Alien by Thierry Mugler – this is my favourite perfume of all time. I have yet to find a perfume that I like better than Alien, it smells amazing! I recently tried the Jimmy Choo perfume which is coming up as my close second favourite. For my DVDs, Sopranos, Mulan and Alice in Wonderland are on my hit list (a very strange combo I know…).

I’m also adding the Yankee Candle to my list, I have recently started an unhealthy addiction with candles, I am obsessed with writing, lighting candles and having the iPod on. For clothes, I usually tend to buy them myself because I’m usually so picky. But Zara is my number one spot this year, the lingerie lace dress is gorgeous, I have seen so many people buy this! I think every girl needs a pretty, little black dress in her wardrobe. The one thing I have been looking for since the summer time is a white leather jacket, I am obsessed with leather but unfortunately I can never find a white leather jacket! The ones I tend to find usually are too cream based. And of course I am going to add the Naked palette to my wish list, I think every beauty blogger is in love with this! What is on your Christmas list for this year? Have a lovely Christmas girls, I hope you all get Prada bags ;)

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

ghost world ♥

A few weeks ago I featured the fabulous Max Factor Crème Puff pressed powder - if you haven't read my review then you won't know how much of an impact it has made to my skin routine. I find it so hard to find a powder that can keep my make-up in place and to control my shine, but since I've been using the Crème Puff, my skin has really changed. The previous powder I was using, the Rimmel Match Perfection powder, did nothing for my skin type so I am so happy that Max Factor is around ;) I really recommend trying it, especially if you have trouble with oily skin like me. So I just wanted to say a  big Happy Birthday to the Max Factor Crème Puff! 60 years later, this powder is still an essential for every girls make-up bag. I just wanted to share with you a new video from Max Factor, just explaining the history of the powder. (I do not own the video - it all belongs to Max Factor). Enjoy! ♥

the reckoning ♥

Earlier this month, I was invited to the new QVC event for their SS14 launches – I was surrounded by countless different brands, including Nails Inc, Laura Geller and Elemis. It’s a lovely change to see new season spring shades instead of the usual Christmas berry tones. Nails Inc are one of my favourite nail brands, their nude shades have always been a favourite and I am always buying 1,000 copies of Glamour magazine whenever they are there! George Street* (RRP £11) is one of the new Nails Inc shades that will be released soon. It is a gorgeous nude pink - my first thoughts were how perfect this would be for a French manicure! This is such a lovely pastel shade, I love how it is slightly in the grey colour tone area, a greyish pink.

Also, I am not usually a baby pink fan so this pink shade is lovely for non-pink fans. With all Nails Inc shades, it applies perfectly and evenly. I’m really excited to see the other spring shades next year! I usually prefer matte shades, so although this pink shade has a gloss finish to it, it really does look even and smooth. Other new shades are much more bolder, which include fuchsia pinks and orange tones. It's making me excited for the spring time already! Do you usually follow nails trends, or do you wear bright shades in the winter time like me? Have you got any Spring, pink shades that you always use? I’m giving this nail shade 10/10 – such a pretty colour! I♥     

Friday, 13 December 2013

disturbing behaviour ♥

What can I say about Vanessa Hudgens? As well as being an amazing actress (minus her performance in Beastly - not too impressed, sorry Vanessa!), she is also one of my favourite make-up inspirations, she has slightly darker features than mine, but I absolutely love her choice of berry lip colours and full brows. She always looks incredibly polished and I think she has nailed this seasons berry lips down to a T. I just wanted to put together my version of what Vanessa used for the amfAR event. I'm also really impressed with her hair, it's incredibly glossy and sleek but she lets the focus stay on her make-up. Let's get started - I will be doing a separate review for this product, but I am obsessed with the Spackle Supercharged fortified Under make-up primer by Laura Geller. I generally moisturise before I apply my foundation but I've now started moisturising then using this primer. It really makes a dramatic difference to how your skin looks and actually feels. Foundation and concealer sits really well compared to when I don't use anything to prep my skin.

Vanessa hasn't been overly contoured so I would stick to a matte bronzer, I've been using Rimmel's Natural bronzer for years now! A few weeks ago I received my Latest in Beauty box and included was the HD Brow kit, this kit really does make a dramatic difference to your brows. They look well defined and perfectly arched. Looking at Vanessa's brows, you can see that highlighter has been subtly placed on the brow bone. This really does make a dramatic difference to your brows! Personally, I think Vanessa has used eyelash extensions - the lash length is not too over the top but they do look lovely and thick! I think the Super Full 080 by Eylure will do the trick ;) For the lips, I think the Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquers are amazing, the shade Aurora seems to match Vanessa's lips pretty closely. She's not wearing a vivid red, more of a faded cherry, pink shade. 

I also wanted to do a quick review on Adriana's make-up. I saw this picture earlier on in the week and instantly fell in love with this look! Adriana is my all time girl crush, she really is out of this world. Adriana's look is slightly similar to Vanessa's (especially the hair!) but I think Adriana's is slightly more suited for fairer skin tones. I was rummaging through my draws and I found my Maybelline Superstay 10hr Stain Gloss in Endless Ruby. I think this red is a pretty close red to Adriana's!  For her eyes, you can see that she has a applied a white eyeshadow in her inner corner, I am loving Max Factor's Precision eyeshadow! Finally, for the hair - think shine and smoothness. Hair serum and shine spray are a must! Adrianna's skin is also very flawless and I recently found a powder that helps my skin stay incredibly smooth and even - the Max Factor Creme Puff. I really recommend it if you have oily skin! What do you think of these looks? Do you prefer Vanessa’s perfectly groomed brows and rich lips or Adriana's light and festive red tinted lips? Have a lovely afternoon girls

Sunday, 8 December 2013

the end of the affair ♥

Okay so I took a few photos earlier, but for some reason they came out horrible... I picked a few Christmas shades that I'm loving at the moment but I found this Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Perle in #114* in my draw. I reviewed this last year but I wanted to include it as my "favourite day lipstick" - I don't think I feature enough of my all time favourite products, so I wanted to start with the lipsticks. I'll be doing the xmas shades later on in the week. Now, if you haven't treated yourself to a YSL lipstick before, (I say treat because for me, £24.50 is slightly on the pricey side) I really think they are worth it. Lets start with the packaging, I can honestly say I have not seen a lipstick that looks as nice as YSL. They have perfected their packaging down to a T. The actual formula of the lipstick is quite unique, I tried this shade on my sister (she is pretty much a lipstick virgin) and she noticed the difference in texture straight away, compared to the regular Rimmel or MAC lipsticks she wears.
It is incredibly lightweight on your lips and it almost feels like a gloss! Besides from the lightweight texture, the pigmentation is amazing. From the swatches above, I literally did one coat! Because of the formula of this lipstick it is perfect if you're rushing out the house, it is quick and easy to apply and for a natural look, you can gently dab a small amount onto your lips as a tint. I personally prefer matte finish lipsticks that feel quite thick on my lips so I wasn't too impressed about the formula of the Rouge Volupte range, but it has slowly grown on me. I wear this pretty much as a day lipstick, it is cute, pretty and very girl next door. I really recomedn this if you want a everyday lipstick and something very natural. What are your favourite day lipsticks? Have you tried any of the YSL Rouge Volupte Pearl lipsticks? 8.5/10 ♥

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

as i lay dying ♥

I haven't done a "My week in photos" for a while so I thought it would be a nice change :) I've been super busy lately, I have caught up with old uni friends and eaten fortune cookies, used a love tester machines (hot stuff ;)..) and I've also had giant sized cocktails. I recently attended the amazing SS14 QVC launch - the amount of new season beauty products was amazing! I will be reviewing the new products hopefully this week. I recently went to Nopi for breakfast, it was amazing - the bathroom looked like the Justin Timberlake Mirrors video! What have you been up to? Any new products you are loving at the moment? I'm currently eating sushi and flicking through the new Marie Claire, wow the Amazing Hair feature this issues is well..pretty amazing! Have a lovely afternoon girls, I will be posting more reviews this week. Also, I thought you would appreciate the Elf Yourself screen grab - not long now until Christmas! 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

the sun also rises ♥

There is one thing I think we can be slightly guilty of, we all want a pearly, Hollywood smile. Over the past few years, I have been searching for the perfect product that will make my teeth sparkle. I have tried countless teeth whitening products but I think I can sometimes forget how important our toothbrushes are! The quality of your toothbrush makes such a big difference when you brush your teeth. Remember how I said I was going to put together new posts about Christmas gift ideas? The Oral-B Limited Edition Pink PC 600* is on the top of my gift list - pretty in pink, this electric toothbrush is the ultimate toothbrush for keeping your teeth clean and sparkling. The kit comes with the electric toothbrush and a travel kit - it's perfect for keeping in your bag if you're set for travelling over the Christmas holidays :) The difference I have noticed in my teeth is unbelievable, I definitely recommend this! What are your Hollywood smile secrets? Let me know if you have tried the Oral-B PC 600 before! :) I will be putting together more Christmas gift ideas this week so keep your eyes peeled ;) You can find a range of Oral-B brushes right here! Have a lovely afternoon girls ♥   
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