Thursday, 28 November 2013

the last day ♥

Okay so I've been meaning to put this post up for ages, but I haven't had the time to take photos of the bag and actual rollers! So tah dah, lets all take a moment to realise how humorous I look in rollers, oh dear! I have heard such amazing things about Sleep In Rollers - they are pretty much everywhere. Celebrities love them, bloggers love them and journalists love them. So what are they? For those who don't know exactly what Sleep In Rollers are, they are Velcro foam rollers that are designed to create curls or volume for your hair - the best part is, you can actually sleep with them in. You can buy yours here, I bought the original sized rollers just because my hair is fairly long. I do want to say that you benefit more from using rollers if you have short layers to play around with, it helps create extra texture and dimension. I am so happy with these rollers, I used quite a few hair pins though to secure them, you can use a hair net for extra security when you sleep but I didn't need to.
They are quite comfy to sleep in, but I find it super easy to get to sleep anyway. I washed my hair and put a Revlon Professional conditioner spray in and then put the rollers in by sectioning my hair.  I used about 13, 14 rollers for my hair. You get 20 rollers in a bag so there is more than enough. Once your hair is wet, brush with a comb and start separating medium sized chunks. As you can see, I wasn't too neat with my rollers, I didn't want the curls to be too perfect. I love the after look, the volume is incredible! I took that photo right after taking out the rollers, I didn't even use hairspray! When I went to work, it lasted pretty much all day, the curls dropped out slightly but the volume was there. I can't believe how easy it was using the Sleep In Rollers! Have you used these rollers before? What tricks do you have to do a quick hairstyle when you have work in the morning? I'm definitely giving the rollers 10/10 - they are probably the best hair product I have used all year! Have a lovely afternoon girls, let me know if you have used them before!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

the last dance ♥

As I said in my elf post, I wanted to talk about the new brushes I had recently seen on ebay. You can tell straight away that they are inspired by the Real Technique brushes - the brush style, shape and even colour. Don't get me wrong, I am in love with the Real Technique brushes that I have, it's just they are slightly on the pricey side and the brushes from ebay are only £12.99 (plus posting and packaging). When they arrived, they didn't say the name and purpose of each brush so I'm pretty much saying what I would use them for. These brushes can be used for blusher, bronzer, powder, foundation, concealer and even highlighter - I did buy these brushes purely because I need a different brush for powder and my bronzer.
My sister prefers using one brush for everything but I definitely need to have certain brushes for my products! The feel of the brushes are incredibly light and feathery, they are not as thick as the Real Technique brushes so you do need to blend and use the brushes a bit longer than the Real Technique ones. I really love these brushes, I think they are perfect if you don't want to spend a fortune and they definitely get the job done. Let me know if you have found any Real Technique dupes out there! I give them 7/10 Have a lovely afternoon girls ♥ 

Monday, 25 November 2013

know thy enemy ♥

Okay so I'm trying to keep my make-up buys very trend based, and obviously with the winter here and Christmas round the corner, I'm thinking dark purples, cherry red, glittery eye shadows. But no..I found myself in Pound land (again) and saw these L'Oreal Color Riche shades hanging from the shelf. I'm really particular with my nails at the moment, I am currently wearing a matte black from OPI but I do still want to show you what amazing things you can find in Pound land. £1 for a L'Oreal nail polish is amazing - I absolutely love these shades. They are fun, peppy and incredibly fresh. It slightly makes me miss the summer time! The pink shade (210 Shocking Pink) is definitely a Barbie colour and the red (401 Rouge Pin Up) is a very cheery red colour, it's incredibly bright without bordering into the pink territory. What do you think? I will be doing another post on what I find in Pound Land so keep your eyes peeled ;)

Sunday, 24 November 2013

the house guest ♥

So it's pretty hard not to hear about elf products, I have seen amazing reviews about this brand so I thought I would treat myself and buy a few things ;) If you follow me on Twitter, you'll know I have been moaning about not finding a high street Christmassy lipstick, I want a lovely rich purple/cherry tone to wear with smokey eyes. When I went onto elf online, I saw Essentials Lipstick in Gypsy and was really impressed! The best part is, it was only £1.50 - not bad right?! I also saw the shade Charming, I can't seem to buy lipsticks without finding a brown, beige as well. They are incredibly pigmented and they have a lovely creamy finish to them - I think they are even more creamy than the Rimmel moisture renew range. I also saw the Rich Red Matte Lip Color pencil - the shade looks lovely and I think I only have 2 or 3 red lip products in my room! (Shock face). I think this is really good for exact definition, it can be quite tricky using bold lipsticks so I really recommend this if you have trouble putting intense lip shades on! 
My favourite product has to be the Studio Complete Cover Concealer - how amazing do these shades look? I picked medium for my skin tone and I really am impressed by the packaging and actual feel of the concealers, they are really lightweight to use and a very good match for my skin. The All Over Cover Stick was only £1.50 and I've seen quite a few Kim Kardashian contouring videos using products like this, I think as an overall cover stick, it will be really good as a highlighter. For the Studio Blusher, I usually wear bronze tones, but the shade I picked, Blushing Rose, has a hint of cherry in it. It blends in really well (I'll be putting together my new brush range this week) so I really feel like my Winter/Christmas make-up is coming together nicely ;)  Have you tried elf products before? They are really well priced and the pigmentation on the lipsticks are amazing, I wish they had a few more nude shades though! Let me know what Christmas make-up you are buying for this year! Have a lovely afternoon girls ♥

Saturday, 23 November 2013

the dinner party ♥

I always find that my skin is a sensitive subject for me, no matter how hard I have tried in the past, my skin still becomes incredibly oily. It really isn’t a pretty sight, so you can imagine that I always have to rush off to the bathroom to top up my powder. It’s strange but I have found that quite a few Rimmel powders actually make my skin even more oily! When Max Factor sent me their iconic Creme Puff* powder to try, I was really excited to see if it could control my skin. Created in 1953, the Max Factor Creme Puff has been a make-up artist favourite for 60 years. Their view on powders is that they should create a warm, creamy finish and not chalky. The packaging is slightly different because they are celebrating 60 years of the Creme Puff. It smells gorgeous and the feel of the powder is incredibly silky.
It has a lovely lightweight feel to it, which is a change from my usual powders! I applied the powder at 2 o’clock this afternoon and it is now 7 o’clock, my skin is oil free and has a lovely matte finish on it. I’m really surprised that I haven’t had to reapply it at all! I am so pleased with this powder, it is incredibly natural on the skin but still controls shine and uneven redness. I really recommend this powder for anyone who suffers from oily skin like me, you can find the Creme Puff powder in Boots or Superdrug from only £5.99. I give this product 11/10 – it really is an amazing product! Have you tried the Creme Puff powder before? Let me know if you have any top products that help prevent your skin from getting oily, have a lovely evening girls! ♥

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

the crying wolf ♥

I have said it many times, I am awful when it comes to skin care. I prefer products that are easy to use and you can see the results fairly quickly. When the Olay Beauty Fluid* (£4.99) arrived, I was incredibly excited - and that was just looking at the lovely packaging! I have a lot to say about this product, so I'll start with how it looks, the limited edition packaging makes this a perfect Christmas gift! I love the pretty design of the bottle. As a moisturiser, they can be quite awkward sizes, but the Beauty Fluid (200ml) is perfect for keeping in your bag. I think this is the ideal stocking filler for Christmas, I know it is quite far ahead, but it drives me crazy when I'm clueless with what to buy! Now, although this is primarly a face and neck moisturiser  (or a nourishing day fluid as it says on the bottle) I have been using this for my hands, cuticles, make-up and legs. What I love most about the Olay Beauty Fluid is the fact that the product is sensitive enough to use on all different parts of your body, including your face. You would be surprised how some moisturisers can be harsh on your own face!
My skin can be quite sensitive and moisturisers seem to make my skin even more oily, but I have really seen a difference with my skin! It's incredibly silky and soft and my foundation sits so much better, and my face make up really looks really smooth. This Beauty Fluid  really does make a good primer! You can buy this for £4.99 at Boots. What do you think? I really recomended this for a main moisturiser, the packaging is lovely, the product is perfect for senstive skin and it doesn't cost a £10,000. What more could you ask for? I will be putting together more Christmas gift ideas, so I'm starting today with this one! ;) I give this moisturiser 10/10 - I am so happy with it and I have fallen in love with the packaging! Have a lovely afternoon girls, let me know what Olay products you are wanting for Christmas ;) ♥

Monday, 18 November 2013

the descent ♥

I'll put my hands up and admit that I have never tried any of the beauty boxes that are out there. I've always been slightly sceptical about what you get in them but when I was casually reading this months Glamour magazine, I saw the amazing offer that they had! Latest In Beauty are giving you the chance to buy the Glamour edition of their box. For £14.99 (not including P+P), you can buy a variety of hand picked products from the Glamour beauty team. I will individually review these products but I just wanted to show you how amazing this box is! First of all, I'm a huge fan of pretty boxes to keep in my room - who isn't?! This one definitely ticks the pun intended. Are you as box obsessed as I am? I really thought the tissue paper was a nice touch too. The product total is worth £65 so you really do save a lot!
The first item that caught my eye was definitely the HD Brow palette, I must admit even though I have heard nothing but HD Brow rave reviews, I have yet to try it. Inside the box includes: HD Brow kit, The Eyeko Lash Curlers, Toni & Guy Shine Spray, Maybelline Baby Lips, Phillip Kingsley Dry Shampoo, Benefit They're Real mascara (30g size) and the Balance Me Radiance Face Oil. I think this set pretty much covers everything you need when you're rushing out the door! I love that they are smaller sized products so that makes it more handbag friendly. I am loving the Phillip Kingsley dry shampoo, it's the perfect pick me up for my bad hair days. Have you tried the Latest In Beauty box yet? Let me know what your ideal beauty box would include! Have a lovely evening girls, I give this box a lovely 9/10 ♥

Thursday, 14 November 2013

by the light of the moon ♥

For some reason, I have always struggled to find outfits for going out to meals, yes this does sounds odd but I've always wanted to dress in-between casual day outfits and what I would wear for a night out. Although it is winter - (and pretty freezing in general) I really like the sandal heels paired with pencil skirts. I have been obsessed with these shoes since the 90's and I really think they add a touch of glamour to any outfit. My inspiration for these main outfits (skirt a and b) come from none other than Kim. I have said it in the past that I haven't been too keen on her outfit choices but I really like the pencil skirts that she has been wearing. Obviously Kim is wearing this outfit in warmer weather, but I would definitely tweak this outfit to wear in the UK! What do you think of the sandal heels paired with pencil skirts? I've been dying to find a pair of gold ankle cuffs to put over my heels, so please post the link below if you know anywhere that sells them :) 

I think another celeb that wears the sandal heels and pencil skirt trend very well is Lucy Meck - she is look lovely at the moment! I recently bought a few "fluffy" crop jumpers from Primark for £10 but you can also buy these from New Look, I'll have to do an outfit post so you can see them. I also wanted to mention the hair, I have recently started using the L'Oreal #TXT Volume Supersizing spray, you've probably seen the hot model on the TV, I have always said I find back combing really bad for hair, so using L'Oreals latest invention, big hair is as easy as pie. Have you tried the L'Oreal Texturing spray before? Also, the watches can be found here and the Zara clutch bags are available now.  I also featured the Urban Decay lip gloss which looks like heaven! So there we have it - this is what I will be wearing when I have a posh dinner up London, which will probably be Sushi Samba or the Mayfair Bar! Let me know how you dress for dinner dates :) Have a lovely afternoon girls! ♥

Sunday, 3 November 2013

the sacrifice ♥

 Ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with Sex and the City - what's not to love? Gorgeous outfits, a lot of cocktails and Miranda's witty sarcasm. So you can imagine how excited I was when Onecklace* contacted me, I have personally been a fan of subtle necklaces, although I do have my fair share of chunky statement ones, I picked their name necklaces. I think that a classical gold chain necklace can never go wrong so as you can imagine, I haven't stopped wearing it! The necklace is 24K Gold plated, and it is a 14 inch chain, I like my necklaces to be fairly high on my chest. What do you think, are you a Carrie necklace fan?! You can order your necklace here and there is also a 10% off code available, simply type in Gift at the checkout. You can also get this necklace is silver, and there are other gorgeous necklaces that you can choose from - this is another favourite of mine! ♥
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