Sunday, 27 October 2013

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I've been wanting to do a Kim Kardashian hair tutorial for a long, long time but I wanted to make a more natural everyday version.  I know she hasn't had her hair like this for a while but her brunette hair will be glued in my mind forever! When the Xtra's Hair Extensions* popped through my letter box I was so excited to see high quality extensions and these will be your number one tool for creating this Kim inspired look. Now I know this isn't exactly like Kim's but I've been inspired by the natural style curls and how the top part of the hair is quite straight. What I love most about these extensions is the fact they already have clips attached to them! The hair extensions I've had in the past are usually a nightmare when its come to attaching the clips. The Crazy For Hair extensions really are simple to use so for this look I wanted to show you how I personally use hair extensions.
There might be a easier way to do this but I've always curled my extensions this way...yes it involves my cupboard. I either get my sister to hold the top of the extensions or put the top section in a drawer to hold them, then I grab my large GHD's and slowly and gently I curl large sections. Use a good serum for smoothing your hair and clip in your extensions. Finally set with hair spray and voila! Kim(ish) inspired hair! I give these extensions 10/10 simply because the quality is amazing and they are super easy to use! What do you think of this natural, version of wavy hair? Let me know how you curl your extensions because I think my way is slightly odd... Have a lovely evening girls! ♥


  1. Love your hair hun, you look lovely! :D xxx

  2. Your hair looks awesome!! Great job at kim inspired hair ... I think it looks very kimesque :)

    I can't curl my hair with GHDs to save myself .. I always have to use the curling irons haha.

    Laura xx

    P.s. I am hosting a Michael Kors watch giveaway on my blog this evening. If you are feeling lucky, check it out :)

    1. Aww thank you, needs a tad more curls though hahaa.

      Ohh practice makes perfect ;) xxx

  3. Your hair looks amazing! Lately i've wanted to try extensions but i just don't know what brand to get. I heard Bombay is good but i am definitely going to check these out.
    Mia ♡ Une Jolie Vie

    1. Thank you! :) This brand is really good, especially if you are new to extensions, the clips are already sown on :) xx


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