Thursday, 26 September 2013

the return ♥

I'm not feeling too great at the moment, I've been living off Lemsips for the past few days. Let's hope they start working soon... I've been a little bit all over the place lately, last week it was officially 4 years since I started university, I made me think of how quickly things are moving! This year has been a mixture of ups and downs and I've been involved in amazing opportunities, this month I attended Olympia Beauty, the Tom Ford Autumn collection preview and the Scratch awards. Olympia Beauty was amazing, it had a range of different beauty and health brands exhibiting at the show so you really got to see every type of beauty product you could think of! I couldn't help but take photos of the OPI stand! I will be doing a separate post this week on the Tom Ford collection, the lovely make-up artists showed me the whole range so I'm really excited to show you the photos! I had to include the picture of my lobster date...the Burger and Lobster bar in Soho is to die for - definitely one of my favourite places to eat at the moment! ♥


  1. Lemsips, I can tell you how tired I am of those at the moment! Ahaaa, that lipstick is beautiful! I'd love to see the tom ford collection and i would also love if you could check out my blog?

    1. I know..lemsips are so painful! hahaa. I'll be doing a full feature on the lipstick asap, the shade is called test! :) I love your blog layout, I'll follow you! :D xx

  2. Aw, feel better! And the OPI stand is just gorgeous!

  3. I haven't looked at your blog (or any other for that matter!) in such a long time and I've forgotten how much I love it! Lovely posts here, and you look especially gorgeous in the photo above in the yellow dress, so pretty! Can't wait to see your future posts xxxx


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