Thursday, 12 September 2013

founder's day ♥

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It really feels like Autumn this week, I am freezing - I even brought out tights. I never wear tights.. Although I do love the summer, I am quite excited for the cold weather to really set in. Hot chocolates and fluffy slippers is always a plus ;) I've put together a short and sweet post today about my winter essentials, I will be buying this Topshop hat! I think burgundy is going to make a huge comeback for this season, I will be running to get my nails done tonight and this colour is top of my list! For some reason, I always see Autumn fashion a mixture between grunge and the 1920's, so very razzle dazzle. For some annoying reason, I forgot to add the correct link for those boots, I believe they are from Topshop. What do you think of my Autumn picks? I had to include the new fragrance Killer Queen from Katy Perry. She is on fire at the moment! What do you love most about Autumn/Winter time? 


  1. I was a little gutted when it suddenly got cold, but I think I'm over it now, and looking forward to stocking up on winter essentials!

    I agree that burgundy is going to make a big comeback, and I couldn't be happier, it's my favourite autumn shaade.

  2. Me to! The first sign of cold weather and I'm ill!

    Arr same, its such a lovely 90's shade ;) xx

  3. That zara necklace is fab xxxxx

    1. I know! I love, love Zara jewellery! :D xx

  4. Great pics! Great choices for autumn

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