Friday, 2 August 2013

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Available on QVC and Beauty Bay
I am super excited to be sharing this review with you all today, I haven't featured a hair tutorial in a while, so there is no better time than the present! ;) Today I will be looking at the brand called EGO Professional. In particular, the EGO Boost Rollers - now, I really don't think rollers get the praise they deserve, the really are a miracle worker. The only reason why I can be a bit iffy with rollers is how a. I always burn my fingers and b. It is quite a long process putting all the rollers in the holder, waiting 15-20 minutes for them to heat up, then while you put them in your hair, some of them lose heat! But when I tried EGO Boost for the first time, I was really surprised how you actually use these rollers. First of all, I didn't burn my fingers - this is definitely a high point for me ;) You literally put one roller in the EGO Boost container and voila! 

You wait a few seconds and PING! The roller is heated up and you are good to go! The EGO Boost comes with 10 curlers where you have 3 different sizes to play around with, I generally go for the larger rollers in the middle of my hair to create volume rather than instant curls. I think they deliver gorgeous curls and I love how fresh and unique the packaging is! Rollers are my essential tool for a night out, the volume and body they give your hair really is amazing. The only downside is I wish they came with a few more rollers for my hair, but I do have a crazy lions mane so it can't be helped ;) Have you tried the EGO Boost rollers before? The are available on QVC today so make sure you give them a try ;) They are selling them for only £99! Have a lovely day girls, I give these rollers 9/10 


  1. Wow what a fab sounds product :)

  2. It really is fab! I'll be doing a full hair review tomorrow :) xx


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