Tuesday, 27 August 2013

blood brothers ♥

It's my new thing to be "spontaneous" - so while I was in my pj's watching Arrested Development I decided to dye my hair a reddish colour. Mahogany 550 to be exact ;) I didn't want anything too drastic because I wasn't too sure whether I could actually pull this look off! I only left on the hair colour for 15 minutes, simply because I didn't want it too drastic...this still counts as being spontaneous! I knew I wanted to find a colour from the L'Oreal range, I've used the L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss before with the more chocolate based shades to keep my brunette hair more fresh! The application is super easy to apply, simply keep your hair damp and towel dry, then apply to the roots, and the rest of your hair. I do recommend focusing on the underneath of your hair, it would look slightly strange if you have a pony tail with half brunette and half mahogany... What do you think of this shade? I'll be doing full photos this week, I need to readjust my make-up slightly - this shade can make your skin tone look slightly paler so I'm blusher and bronzer bound ;) I am so happy with this colour, let me know if you've used this shade before!   


  1. I think the colour looks really nice. I've dyed my hair so many times and different shades i'm not too sure I've used this one or not haha x

  2. Arr thank you! :) It's a very popular shade, Cheryl cole has used it ;) Whats your favourite L'Oreal dye? xx

  3. The color looks really nice on your hair. Can't wait to see a full picture

    1. Arr thanks, I will be posting it this week :) xx

  4. The colour looks really nice! x http://emilyallcott.blogspot.co.uk/

  5. your hair looks beautiful !

  6. Love this shade on you Jade x


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