Thursday, 18 July 2013

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Sure Maximum Protection - £5.30*    Impulse -£1.99
With this weather driving us all crazy, ( crazy anyway) I need to keep feeling fresh and cool as much as possible, I cannot leave my house without deodorant and body spray. But the only downside to this plan is, it can really weigh your bag down and now I've started being healthy girl again (joy..) I've started walking to work. The last thing I need is carrying a giant suitcase on my shoulder in this heat, so deodorants and body sprays should come in nice medium sizes. I've never really been a fan of really, really small products..I find they run out too quickly! So you can imagine the grin on my face when this Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant* in Everyday Fresh popped through my letter box, let's begin to go through the check list...medium size, that's not heavy? Check. Smells fresh and clean? Check. Fun applicator that keeps me amused? Double check. It really is as simple as that, this deodorant is perfect for when you're on the go and unlike my last deodorant, Sure won't leave any white marks ;). 

I really love the scent, I'm not really a big fan of sweet smelling deodorants, so I just want a smell that is very light and fresh smelling. It is 2x stronger than other antiperspirants so with this weather it really is a must have! 9/10 My next new love is Impulse's True Love body spray - now, I usually pop a perfume in my bag when I'm on my way to work but I find that I'm using them too quickly :( So I want something cheery and cheap that keeps me smelling lovely and fresh! In comes Impulse True Love, I bought this last week in Boots for only a £1 (on offer) and it has neatly been placed in my handbag since. For a £1 you really can't go wrong here, it's certainly not hurting my bank and best of all, I've been using it on nights out when I want to feel fresh again! It was a nightmare last week when we went to our local bar, it was far too hot and sticky so Impulse to the rescue! 8/10 What do you think of my Impulse and Sure combo - do you always carry sprays in your bag too? Let me know how your keeping cool in this weather! Have a lovely afternoon girls 


  1. Replies
    1. They have such great scents! :) xxx

  2. I love impulse the romantic spark is a really nice scent too, but i've used true love in the past, I use literally the same deodorant but the dove one, their soooo good! Fab post, hope you visit back :-)
    amy xx

    1. Arr they really do have a great range! Hahaa can't go wrong with dove ;) Have you tried this new Sure deodorant yet? Of course! :) xx

  3. haaha i know the feeling, my skin had been all weirdly dry (hay fever too)! thanks for sharing these products, luckily I've tried other products of this brand!

    1. Ahh i know what you mean, it's horrible! Yeah sure is amazing, so great for this crazy weather! xx

  4. never tried the prodcut before but this is a great review!
    i have just followed your blog via GFC
    follow mine if you like it <3
    style frontier

  5. I use these deodorants and they're brilliant!

  6. They really are great aren't they?! :) xx


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