Friday, 19 July 2013

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L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Brow Artist* (Apologies for the trout pout..)
Good afternoon girls, besides from fanning myself with a handmade paper fan, I have been very brow obsessed this week. I saw a feature in Glamour magazine last month about how brows are making a very big comeback this year, yes we've all been amazed by Cara Delevingne's (her name really reminds of Cruella De Vil by the way..) but I think there hasn't been enough focus on the little details of eyebrows. Yes, we all know how to get bigger brows but I don't think there has been much on defining them - until now. The fabulous L'Oreal Paris have released the Super Liner Brow Artist - available in 3 shades, made for blondes, brunettes and dark brunettes. You can now actually create beautiful brows with an intense and sharp definition, the have added a unique feature to the end of the brow pencil, a wax pencil! 

This bad boy is what really adds the icing to the cake, and best of all you don't have to be a world famous make-up artist to use it! Once you have filled in your brows, simply use the wax pencil underneath your brows to really neaten it up! I think these pencils really are fabulous, I've always had to struggle with my brows because they are naturally uneven, but I find that I have more control of them when I use these pencil. I've used the brunette shade in this picture, sorry the lighting isn't amazing, I haven't had time to take many selfies using these yet! :) In that picture I've used the brunette shade. Have you tried the pencils before? Have a lovely afternoon girls 


  1. Your eyebrows look great in this picture!

  2. Arr thank you! :) They are such great pencils!

  3. I love the L'Oreal super liner. Never thought to use it in my brows though :) good idea!
    Daniella x

    1. Arr it's great isn't it! I love the wax at the end of it! xx

  4. You are really pretty, darling! :)


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