Friday, 26 July 2013

the turning point ♥

My new bourjois blushers • Lashes from ebay for £2! • Using the L'Oreal Paris Brow pencils • Me and Amy at the weekend • The little brother playing crazy golf! • Donnie Brasco DVD - I have boy film taste... • OPI nail polishes from Pound land! • L'Oreal Paris brow pencils! • Watching Charmed ;) • A gorgeous seafood platter • Cheryl pet <3 • My little pose.. • My teapot drink! • My new beauty cupboard • New lash brand - Lash Boutique!
This is a super quick post today just to show you what I've been up to, as you can see it involves a giant fish platter and false lashes - a very good combo ;) This week I've felt like Jade the Bargain Slayer, (hehe) I found four OPI nail polishes for £1 each (the review will be up this weekend) and Boots had a deal for the Bourjois blushers for 3 for 2. I really don't think you can get any better offers than that! Have you found any online offers recently? I'd love to share some links ;) Have a lovely afternoon girls, I have a lot of reviews to organise tonight! ♥

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

history repeating ♥

Batiste XXL Plumping Powder* - £2.99
There is one thing I am terrible at doing, although it sounds like a simple task I have never been able to master the art of back combing my hair. I always manage to create volume in different areas and it all just ends up looking like an uneven birds nest... So when this Batiste XXL Plumping Powder* arrived, I was very curious to see if it would actually give me volume! I'll be honest, I was very sceptical at first, it doesn't make sense that a powder would be able to create volume in hair, it's only powder! But after applying the powder this morning I was pleasantly surprised - I separated my hair into sections and lightly sprinkled the powder at the tips of the roots. I waited a few seconds to let the powder sink in and I rubbed it all in and then smoothed my hair down. The results? It honestly looks like I've spent a good 20 minutes neatly back-combing my hair! It's super quick and easy to use and best of all it actually lasts! I really, really can't praise this product enough - I definitely take back being sceptical about this bad boy. I'm keeping this is in my handbag and I'll be leaving my back-combing comb at home! The powder sticks to the roots and creates instant volume! Have you tried this powder before? What are you back-combing tricks? 10/10

Friday, 19 July 2013

162 candles ♥

L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Brow Artist* (Apologies for the trout pout..)
Good afternoon girls, besides from fanning myself with a handmade paper fan, I have been very brow obsessed this week. I saw a feature in Glamour magazine last month about how brows are making a very big comeback this year, yes we've all been amazed by Cara Delevingne's (her name really reminds of Cruella De Vil by the way..) but I think there hasn't been enough focus on the little details of eyebrows. Yes, we all know how to get bigger brows but I don't think there has been much on defining them - until now. The fabulous L'Oreal Paris have released the Super Liner Brow Artist - available in 3 shades, made for blondes, brunettes and dark brunettes. You can now actually create beautiful brows with an intense and sharp definition, the have added a unique feature to the end of the brow pencil, a wax pencil! 

This bad boy is what really adds the icing to the cake, and best of all you don't have to be a world famous make-up artist to use it! Once you have filled in your brows, simply use the wax pencil underneath your brows to really neaten it up! I think these pencils really are fabulous, I've always had to struggle with my brows because they are naturally uneven, but I find that I have more control of them when I use these pencil. I've used the brunette shade in this picture, sorry the lighting isn't amazing, I haven't had time to take many selfies using these yet! :) In that picture I've used the brunette shade. Have you tried the pencils before? Have a lovely afternoon girls 

Thursday, 18 July 2013

haunted ♥

Sure Maximum Protection - £5.30*    Impulse -£1.99
With this weather driving us all crazy, ( crazy anyway) I need to keep feeling fresh and cool as much as possible, I cannot leave my house without deodorant and body spray. But the only downside to this plan is, it can really weigh your bag down and now I've started being healthy girl again (joy..) I've started walking to work. The last thing I need is carrying a giant suitcase on my shoulder in this heat, so deodorants and body sprays should come in nice medium sizes. I've never really been a fan of really, really small products..I find they run out too quickly! So you can imagine the grin on my face when this Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant* in Everyday Fresh popped through my letter box, let's begin to go through the check list...medium size, that's not heavy? Check. Smells fresh and clean? Check. Fun applicator that keeps me amused? Double check. It really is as simple as that, this deodorant is perfect for when you're on the go and unlike my last deodorant, Sure won't leave any white marks ;). 

I really love the scent, I'm not really a big fan of sweet smelling deodorants, so I just want a smell that is very light and fresh smelling. It is 2x stronger than other antiperspirants so with this weather it really is a must have! 9/10 My next new love is Impulse's True Love body spray - now, I usually pop a perfume in my bag when I'm on my way to work but I find that I'm using them too quickly :( So I want something cheery and cheap that keeps me smelling lovely and fresh! In comes Impulse True Love, I bought this last week in Boots for only a £1 (on offer) and it has neatly been placed in my handbag since. For a £1 you really can't go wrong here, it's certainly not hurting my bank and best of all, I've been using it on nights out when I want to feel fresh again! It was a nightmare last week when we went to our local bar, it was far too hot and sticky so Impulse to the rescue! 8/10 What do you think of my Impulse and Sure combo - do you always carry sprays in your bag too? Let me know how your keeping cool in this weather! Have a lovely afternoon girls 

Friday, 12 July 2013

lost girls ♥

Macadamia Range*
Now, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the the Macadamia collection - beware, there really are a lot of products here! ;) I haven't done a hair review in a while so I'm really lucky to review the whole range! What stands out for the whole range is the design of the products, the packaging is gorgeous and I would definitely put these all on my dressing table. What do you think of the packaging? Here are my brief thoughts on the products, let me know what your favourite one is! I think I've covered all the hair products, minus the flat irons ;) What do you think of this range? I finally understand the hype about the Macadamia oil! 

Healing Oil Treatment - Lets get started with the iconic hair oil - this bad boy is the hero product of the range, it is infamous in the hair industry and with the smell and texture of this product, I can understand why! The texture is incredibly glossy, there is no doubt that this product is suitable for thick hair, after using it once, you can already notice a different. As you all know my hair is incredibly hard to manage so a small pea size amount of this oil has left it feeling smooth and glossy! I am in love with this oil! I'm not sure whether I would recommend this on thin hair because it could become greasy, but let me know if you know what it's like on thin hair types! 9/10

Deep Repair Masque - Now, I'm not usually a fan of hair masques, purely because I'm too lazy to sit still for 10 hours while I wear one. But for a review, I always make this exception ;) Now the smell of this masque is heaven in a tub, it is very similar to the John Frieda straight hair collection. It is lovely and fresh and not overbearing. Ironically for someone who doesn't like hair masques, this is my second favourite product out of the range! This masque has left my hair incredibly smooth and it smells incredible, I didn't realise what a difference a good hair conditioner can make! I definitely recommend this if you hair is slightly damaged from heat tools! 8.5/10

Fast-Drying Working Spray - Okay so it took me a while to figure out this means hairspray, yes...I need to read the directions more... The smell of the hairspray is slightly strong but the results are incredible! I placed my hair in a pony tail this morning and used this to hold my random sections in my place (my hair is in need of a trim!) and it really did hold them securely without making my hair look greasy! 7/10

Rejuvenating Shampoo - I never used to think shampoos had that much impact on hair, obviously I know it cleans it but there are so many different elements that a shampoo can do! Shine, body, texture and protection are the key elements that shampoo's can bring and I really think this rejuvenating shampoo ticks the right boxes! My hair is incredible fragile from all the products I use on it, so it was lovely to use this shampoo! I love the smell and it really does cleanse your hair! It is sulphate free though so it really does clean your hair thoroughly 8/10

Reviving Curl Cream - When I'm not kissing my GHD's I do like to let my natural hair come out to play, but only when I've given it the right products! I was very sceptical about this curl cream - I think it's a tough challenge to really tame naturally wavy or curly hair but this cream really has changed my opinion on curl products! The smell of the cream and oils from Macadamia smell like heaven, so that's always a plus in my book. I though this cream really helped shape my curls from turning into frizz balls, I will be doing a post on just this product in the next few weeks simply because I love the natural surfer look! 9/10

No Tangle - This puppy is my joint first favourite product with the oil, for someone who has to annoyingly blow dry their hair before they go to bed after the wash it, it's a miracle that there are sprays that can tame crazy hair! Although my hair was not dead straight, it was incredibly smooth and even in the morning so it was easier to run my GHD's through it. It's definitely replacing my normal tangle spray! 9.5/10    

Nourishing Leave-In Cream - Mm I'll be honest with this, I'm not too sure the difference between this and the masque, yes it's nice that you don't have to wash this out but I don't think you get the same results as the masque. It smells lovely though so I'll give it points for effort on that! 6/10

Healing Oil Spray - Now this spray is definitely more suited for finer hair, it sprays an even amount that leaves your hair feeling smooth and fresh without it being too heavy. I personally need a stronger formula of serum because my hair is a crazy wild child, but this is perfect for fine hair! 7/10

Flawless - Now, I was really confused with this product but it actually works as a "in-between washes" shampoo, it isn't as harsh as a shampoo so you can use it every other day! I really think this product will be really big in the future, I haven't heard of a product like this before! It's more effective that a simple dry shampoo so I can't wait to see what you guys think of it! It basically works as a shampoo and conditioner combined into one! 8/10

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

marbella - aloha gardens ♥

Okay so I may be a few weeks behind with my holiday post but I've been incredibly swamped with work, catching up with friends and finally redoing my room! Don't get me wrong, a holiday is like heaven but coming back and having to deal with everything else is definitely the downside part... So as you all know, I went to Marbella a few weeks ago and I stayed at the incredible Aloha Gardens - no, before you ask, it wasn't an actual garden with tents in it...Aloha Gardens was incredible, it really was a beautiful resort so I definitely recommend you visit there! It was really secure and not noisy, I really thought I wouldn't get a decent night sleeps but it was so relaxing!
There were 3 giant pools in the hotel, so we basically sunbathed during the day, went and had dinner around 8 and got ready for a night out! We were only 15 minutes away from the main strip and the clubs were incredible, it was incredibly glamourous. Ocean Club was definitely one of my highlights, it was perfection - the music, food and general atmosphere was like heaven. Although 7 euros for a bottle of sprite wasn't very appealing... Have you visited Marbella before? Let me know if you have any questions about it! :) Have a lovely afternoon girls, I will be scheduling some posts tonight - I also ventured to London Dungeons on the weekend ;) ♥

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

you're undead to me ♥

L'Oreal Mascara Gift Pack - £16 (Duty free)
Now I may have featured this L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess mascara before, but like I have said two or three times, I am addicted to this mascara range! I have always had such short eyelashes, so it really is refreshing to be using a mascara everyday that still makes my lashes pop! On the way back from Marbella, Easy Jet offered two L'Oreal mascaras and their eye liner pencil for just £16. Now when you work it out, £5.33 for each of these goodies really is amazing value. God bless duty free! For the eye liner, I've usually never strayed away from my Barry M eye liner, but it was a nice treat to try the L'Oreal Color Riche Le Kohl. I really can't fault this offer, even the box packaging is cute. What goodies have you found at the airport? I will be putting up my pictures from holiday this week, I got very snap happy with the resort I stayed at! 
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