Friday, 28 June 2013

family ties ♥

Hola senoritas! I am officially back from my girls holiday from Marbella, it was absolutely incredible so I am slightly depressed to be back in cold and drizzly London weather :( How have you all been? I hope you've got a few holidays lined up! Now my lovely mother and sister reorganised my room while I was away, so you can imagine how excited and happy I was when I saw this beauty cupboard by my bed! As you can see, I'm quite the make-up junkie, so I wanted to show you where everything has been put, my room was way overdue for a good organising. As you can see L'Oreal products are very popular in my hair and beauty regimes, which will relate to my next post ;) I don't really think this cupboard is very organised at the moment with regards to the different type of product and shade etc, but I think it looks lovely! How do you store your make-up and hair products? ♥

Thursday, 13 June 2013

friday night bites ♥

Aromatherapy Associates - Rose Hydrating Mist*
Good morning girls! How is your day going - lets ignore the weather, I've given up for hoping for sunshine! I'm diving straight into our review for today, I was lucky enough to be sent the Rose Hydrating Mist* by Aromatherapy Associates - now as you know, they are a huge brand in the beauty industry and there products are very luxurious, so I was very excited to try this mist out! As you all know, I will be going on holiday next week (eeep!) so I've been hunting around for relevant beauty products that are perfect for the beach and warm weather! This Rose Hydrating Mist is perfect for keeping you cool when you're relaxing by the pool, it smells gorgeous and it really does keep your face refreshed without being sticky or smelling too strong. It sprays out a very fine mist, so again, it releases the right amount of product. 

The bottle size is 50ml so it is more than enough to last you! Now, as you may know I've said before that I am not a huge fan of rose scents, but this product smells amazing, it has a very fresh rose scent, rather than stuffy rose perfumes that my mum wears...(sorry mother!). Have you tried any of the Aromatherapy Associate products before? I give this product 9.5/10 - I think it really is perfect for the beach so I can't wait to feel fresh while sun tanning! What do you do to keep cool by the beach? Have a lovely afternoon girls  

the night of the comet♥

Style Me Celeb - Kim Kardashian Inspired Bodycon dress
Okay, so as you all know I am obsessed with Kim Kardashian - her post pregnancy outfits were often copied by myself and this also include her hair and make-up. So when Style Me Celeb sent this beautiful  Beam Cut Out Dress in Orange* to my door, I was over the moon. The packaging of the box is really pretty, I'm a sucker for tissue paper and a pink box! Inspired by Kim herself, this dress really is the perfect evening outfit. The beautiful orange shade is perfect with a tan and what I like most about this dress is the quality of the material. Compared to my other body con dresses that I have bought in the past, the quality of this dress really does blow them away.

The material is lovely and thick so it holds all of your curves in place - now Style Me Celeb has many different celebrity inspired dresses but for a fraction of the price, celebrity styles include Victoria Beckham, Beyonce and Lucy Meck from TOWIE. I'm very celebrity based when it comes to fashion, I love having inspired outfits so I really think Style Me Celeb is the perfect choice for all you Kim fans like me! ;) Have you been on Style Me Celeb before? Let me know what your favourite dress is! This week has been pretty hectic at the moment so I haven't been able to take outfit photos, I will be doing this at the weekend so you can see what it's like on! :) 

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

not fade away ♥

Okay so I did say that I would not be going out until I'm on holiday - I failed miserably and went out on Saturday.. I haven't done an outfit post in a while so I thought my outfit from the weekend would be pretty interesting to share, first of all the Zara shorts are my new baby. Aren't they gorgeous? It's such a lovely white shade, and it fits lovely on your hips, although they look like a skirt face on, they are actually shorts. The heels were also from Zara, I was lucky enough to get these bad boys for £16 in the Winter sale, they are perfect for glamming up an outfit, especially because the heel is quite chunky. The necklace was from New Look, I'm not usually a big wearer of big, colourful necklaces but this went perfectly with my outfit! I really adore New Look jewellery, especially they're brown and black necklaces.I had a real struggle trying to find a top for this outfit, I did pair it with a lime crop top from Topshop but it was too much stomach out! 

So I found this lime crop t-shirt from Republic for £14. I'm not really a fan of my stomach area, so pairing the Zara shorts and top together really did work well together. Of course I had to wear my Massimo Dutti watch - you can't go wrong with a gold watch! :) For my hair and make-up, I curled the ends and brushes it out - I used L'Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray to set everything. For my face, I accidently went a bit over the top with my eyeshadow :( I'm now on an eyeshadow ban for this week just because I'm getting pretty tired of having brown eyeshadow on! Have you put yourself on a make-up ban before? If you had to give up one beauty product, what would it be? Hope you have a lovely week girls - let me know how you would wear these Zara shorts! Oh and apologies for the very extreme pout, I was rather excited 

Thursday, 6 June 2013

power play ♥

With my holiday slowly creeping up, I am really starting to panic. Don't get me wrong, I am really looking forward to laying on a hot beach with a cocktail, it's just being prepared with all the beach tools isn't as appealing as it sounds. Until a few weeks ago, I didn't realise how important your beach make-up has to be to protect your skin. My basic knowledge was, sun cream good, none, bad... But you can buy a variety of different sun protector products that include SPF 15 or 25. This is where the Lanolips Lip Ointment range* comes in - firstly, I would have to say that anything with a cartoon sheep on automatically has a thumbs up from me, how cute?! I received these through my post box last week and I've been using them non stop since, I have my holiday in a few weeks though so hopefully I won't use them both up before I get to the beach - I'm addicted! The two shades I received include Brown Honey and Sunshine - aren't they gorgeous shades?! 

What really stood out for me when reviewing this product is the applicator, it squeezes out quite a large amount which is perfect for your lips to get a good amount. I get slightly annoyed when applicator squeeze a tiny amount out so the Lanolips applicator design did very well in my books. Why these would be perfect for your beach bag is the added SPF 15 factor - perfect for protecting your lips in the sun. Brown Honey has to be my favourite shade out of the two, the colour goes very well with my complexion and the product formula is just dreamy! It's very thick but non sticky, I know it is a rare occasion when someone likes sticky lip products! I give this product 8/10 - have you tried Lanolips before? Let me know what your favourite shade is, hands up for Brown Honey! 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

the girl in question ♥

Okay so when this little parcel popped through my letter box last week, I was squealing with excitement - hello, it's Chanel!! Well, Le Volume De Chanel mascara* to be exact ;) There is something very refreshing when you can say your sitting at your desk wearing Chanel mascara, I mean just look at the packaging - it's chic and sleek, incredibly sophisticated and that's just describing the box! The colour shade of the mascara is 10 Noir and this sample size is 3g - now, according to Vogue, this is one of the first volumizing mascara's that Chanel has released and it will be available in Selfridge's through a vending machine! Why is this mascara classed as volumizing? Well, if you take a look at the brush, you can see the hundreds of little britstles that are coated in the thick and creamy mascara formula. 

With bristles this style, you can expect a lot of coverage for your lashes! The brush is incredibly flexible so you will definitely be able to coat all of your lashes, when I first applied it this morning I really did not a dramatic change from my usual Rimmel mascara - I can't believe what a difference a unique brush can make! It coated my lashes perfectly and did not make them clump, which is always a plus in my books! The Chanel mascara was incredibly useful at catching my bottom lashes, I usually find with other volume mascaras that the brushes and formula is far too heavy for my tiny lashes. I think this mascara is dreamy, I really recommend it and I will be adding the regular size to my wish list ;) 9.5/10 Have a lovely afternoon girls, have you tried this mascara before? 

Monday, 3 June 2013

time bomb ♥

Okay so it's been a while since I reviewed a lip gloss that I am really, really crazy about - don't get me     wrong, I love a YSL lip stain, but I'm talking about the actual product formula - something that is personally more important to me than just pretty packaging... I have finally found a nude lipgloss that has made me want to be faithful. The Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer range is definitely worth investing in, (just £4.99 at the moment in Boots), this particular lip product has a perfect formula that has a pure, creamy and thick texture. The particular shade that I bought is called Nude Eclipse in 600, as you can see it's very thick and has a lovely matte texture to it. I have a habit of layering my lip products anyway when it comes to nude lips, I find that I always have to prep my lips with foundation to create a nude lip colour so I love that I don't need to do that with this product!

I really am impressed with the pigmentation of this lip colour, the applicator is also very interesting. The unique shape actually makes the application of the lacquer very accurate so it's perfect if you sometimes make a few smudges like me! I am so happy with this product, and as soon as I run out, I will be running to buy this shade again. I am going to branch out in the other 7 shades so I will let you know the other colour results I get! The shade Galaxy looks incredible ;) Overall I give this lip gloss 9.5/10 - have you tried this range before? Let me know what you think of it and your thoughts on the "perfect nude lip gloss". Have a lovely week girls!
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