Sunday, 28 April 2013

destiny ♥

Hello girls, how has your week and weekend going? Safe to say this weather is officially crazy - I can't keep up! I've been incredibly busy this week, but it's the proactive type of busy so it's all good. For today's post I wanted to talk about the amazing L'Oreal Paris Sublime Tanning event that I was invited to. Now as we all know, I am a huge fan of L'Oreal products, I've been using them ever since I can remember and I've used them even more since the fabulous Cheryl Cole became one of their ambassadors. I think she is the ultimate L'Oreal girl so to see her as the face of the new L'Oreal tanning range is incredible! The event was held right by Selfridges so it was a lovely trip into the heart of London, as you can see from my pictures the event was held on one of the top floors, which included a beautiful balcony that overlooked the city :)

The lovely and gorgeous L'Oreal girls greeted us with waiters holding champagne and caviar trays - yes, by the end of the evening they would just come straight towards me with the food ;) Now, I'm going to do two separate posts about the L'Oreal range, this post is just the event itself but the next post will focus on me trying and testing the products. It was amazing to meet all the L'Oreal Paris team and the other bloggers, we got had a guest appreance from the lovely Charlotte Conneley who actually did Cheryl's tan for the shoot! We learnt so many new tips and tricks and I openly admitted about stealing petrol gloves as a tanning mitt. I'll be going over in more detail about Charlotte's tips in the next post! ♥

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

lineage ♥

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 
With all the Mario and Lucy drama heating up, I couldn't help but notice how gorgeous Miss. Lucy Mecklenburgh looked earlier this week. She may have lost her man, but she is definitely showing him what he's missing! To get Lucy's look I've kept everything pretty high-street - this outfit is perfect for a shopping trip, a date or even a drink with the girls. With the 90's trend making a comeback this season, I am loving how Lucy has styled her hair sleek and straight with the straighteners rather than using her normal backcombing technique! I am in love with these brand new straighteners from Doll Hair Care called The WonderStyler - they are perfect for creating shine and sleek locks even on synthetic hair. 

I am also loving Lucy’s wedges, they definitely add instant glamour to this look, and I have found a similar looking pair from Debenhams for only £40! What do you think of Lucy’s new single girl look? The statement sunglasses and trousers are definitely worth investing in, they will never go out of fashion so you can definitely wear them again and again! On another fashion note, I just wanted let you all know that I've recently been writing for the fabulous Female First! I'm so excited that I can write about all the latest trends, so keep your eyes peeled for the my posts! :) 

Sunday, 21 April 2013

life of the party ♥

Trousers £7 h&m - Top £7 ebay Zara - Heels - £16 Zara - Jewellery - Primark

Now, I would proudly like to announce (while I'm stuffing my face with a Kit Kat) that I have now bought another pair of leather trousers ;) We all know I'm addicted to leather style trousers, I have black, red and dark red in my collection but when I was running around h&m this week, I spotted this gorgeous trousers in the sale. They were £22 I believe, but I got them for £7! :) As you can tell, I'm a happy, happy girl. I'm really pleased with them and I never wear white so it's nice to mix it up a little bit. The Zara top I bought from ebay for only £7, it's a nice casual top that doesn't fit too tightly. What do you think of this outfit? I'm still a bit confused to how to dress in this weather, it's either windy, cold or..both. 

I want to start wearing summer dresses! My plan for today is to write a To Do List..and actually get around to doing everything. I've been invited to quite a few press launches at the moment so I'm super excited to be tagging along! I'll let you know if the next few weeks what I've been up to ;) I''ve just got back from taking Kaya for a walk - the weather is lovely at the moment so I'm taking full advantage of going outside! I'm a tad sleepy though because I had a crazy urge to clean and organise my entire room at half 12 last night...very bad timing Jade. I'm going to get back to my exercise routine this week, summer is slowly creeping up on us and I really think I've let my healthy Jade plan take a back seat for a while. Do you have any healthy diet tricks that you use? 

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

hell bound ♥

1. 2. 3. 4.
We all know how obsessed I am with American super models, the style is incredible. I'd kill for their wardrobes, but I can never find anything like that in the UK! Whenever I look at their outfits, they just look so glamorous and the clothes look perfectly fitted and styled. So you can imagine how excited I was when I stumbled onto Ranging from dresses, shorts, sunglasses and even hats, She Inside is incredible for unique, well fitted outfits! With the summer coming up, I'm super, super excited to get in my dress and sandal mode, I've found this gorgeous dresses here. It is currently £18.39 so I don't think we can complain about the price, we all know how pricey buying new season clothes can be! I would wear a nude colour tight tank top style dress underneath but other than that, I would let the jewellery do all the talking. Aren't these pieces lovely? I really think it makes a huge difference to a simple dress. What do you think of this summer outfit? Let me know what is on your She Inside wish list, make sure you leave a link below! :) Have a lovely afternoon girls

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

unleashed ♥

For today's post, I wanted to do a little reviewing on the Phil Smith Argan Oil sample that came with this months Cosmopolitan. Just in case you haven't bought your issue yet, Alesha Dixon is on the front cover. It's full of gorgeous summer outfit ideas so as well as a nifty free sample, so you can also get summer inspired! :) Now, the Phil Smith Argan Oil is amazing - the packaging says it is a "Hair transforming cream"  and what I've learnt about argan oil creams is that they are really great for adding sleekness to your hair without being to heavy. What sticks out most for me is the smell, it smells incredible! It's hard to describe the smell, but I would have to say it's quite fruity. I've used the cream this morning to keep any loose strands coming out of my pony tail! You can use this on damp hair before you blow dry it, but I also like using a pea size amount as a serum to get rid of frizz when I've styled it with flat irons etc. 

Overall, I would give this oil 8.5/10 - I've really fallen in love with the smell of the product and for me, hair that smells great as well as being glossy is always a plus. I know that hair perfumes are getting quite popular at the moment, but I think adding a serum then a perfume is adding a bit too much product on! My hair can get quite hard to manage with too many products so a product that smells great and makes my hair smooth is much better.  Have you tried any Phil Smith products before? You can find a range of his products here. Let me know what other freebie products you love getting from magazines - god bless Glamour magazine and their occasional Nails Inc samples! :)  Have a lovely afternoon girls! 

Monday, 15 April 2013

just rewards ♥

Hello girls, how is your weekend going? The weather has been lovely today but because my photographer father is out with my brother taking him to football, I haven't been able to take anymore photo outfits. I had quite a few things arrive this week, including my delivery from H&M so I'll have to show you some point next week what I've bought :) Today's post I wanted to do a brief "my week in photos", although some of the pictures are from a few weeks back...woops! Last night I watched Casino with Robert De Niro, love, love, love this film - I'm pretty obsessed with Robert De Niro films. Another film I watched was a little more light hearted, Healthers with Christian Slater from the late 1980's. I think it's been called a "darker version of mean girls" - very american! :) I'd also like to say a huge thank you because I've reached 1,500 followers!

It really means a lot that you all follow my blog, so thank you. The song I can't stop playing is Still Into You by Paramore. I think a few people aren't too keen on how "upbeat" the song is, but I don't think it'll hurt being cheery on this one occasion ;) Tonight I'm going to Sushi Samba with the girls, so I'll make sure to take photos of the food! The product that I'm loving at the moment if you haven't already seen my constant tweets on Twitter is the Daniel Sandler Sculpt palette - I really, really can't get enough of this product. I think it's perfect for creating more defined cheekbones. Have you used any Daniel Sandler products before? Hope you have a lovely afternoon girls, I'll let you know how the sushi is ;)   

Friday, 12 April 2013

home ♥

I'm still feeling in the Easter mood this week, i.e I've been stuffing my face with chocolate everyday. I've yet to snoop around for half price Easter eggs though, seeing as Easter has passed its a good way to get cheap chocolate! Another way to get Easter egg thrills is from the brand new L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Nail in Les Top Coats Confetti 916*. Now, when it comes to L'Oreal Paris nail products, I have nothing but praise for them. I think the matte colours are incredible, they are full of colour. If I had to pick a favourite shade, it would have to be Lush Tangerine 303 - perfect for the summer! I've got hundreds of these L'Oreal bad boys in my make-up cupboards, I'll do a giant review next week :) I would really recommend this top coat nail varnish to anyone who wants to get creative with their nails, but are not that patient (cough, cough).

I think it's a fantastic go to product, especially if you've just started to experiment with nail products like me :) What I like about the new Top Coat range is they really give you a chance to get creative with your nails. For the past few years, everyone has gone nail crazy - I've seen countless different designs and looks but they can look slightly tricky to create, but with the L'Oreal range, it really is simple. Simply paint your nail with the main colour, (the one above is called 502 Pearle De Jade* - great name huh? ;)..) and then apply a thin layer of the top coat. This creates a very cute, freckled egg look and I can't get over how easy it is to do! I'm not the most creative person when it comes to nails, but when L'Oreal have made it this easy to do, it's hard to say no ;) What do you think of this look?* 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

peace out ♥

Yes, I jinxed us again - the weather is back to it's normal miserable self, but for the one sunny day we had on Sunday, I managed to take another outfit post. I have no idea what inspired me with this outfit, to be totally honest I'm not quite sure it goes well but hey, "I was in the moment". The skirt is main thing I wanted to talk about, I recently purchased it from H&M for £20.00, I was going to buy the orange skirt from Topshop but for £20.00 less, you get the exact same style but just in white! I know this style is better suited for a smarter top, but I wanted to keep this outfit quite casual. The t-shirt is from Primark and I think it is really on trend right now, everywhere I look I keep seeing animal print tops! I'll be honest, I've worn this top a total of two times, but I thought I'd dig it out again ;) Have you got any animal print tops? The make-up I'm wearing can be found here just in case you're wondering :) What do you think of this outfit? I've also bought the matching top for the skirt so when it arrives, (hopefully today), I'll take a full outfit post for you. Have you purchased anything from H&M recently? Have a lovely afternoon girls. 

Sunday, 7 April 2013

shiny happy people ♥

Ironically in my last post, I am complaining about the weather but today is the first day where it feels slightly springy. I took full advantage of today's lovely sunshine and I've prepared two more outfit posts for you all, go me! I made my incredibly skilled father take these photos today, this outfit was sent to me from the Zalando* team - isn't this outfit gorgeous? I picked the blazer and the skirt because I really think these are essential items for your wardrobe, you can get so many uses out of this outfit! I would wear this outfit to probably a job interview or maybe London Fashion Week, but the jacket you can wear with jeans or leather trousers for a more casual look.
I really love that there are so many different ways to wear this look, obviously it all depends on the right accessories and how you have your make-up and hair etc, but overall, I really think we should all have an outfit like this hanging in our wardrobe! The skirt can be matched with a black crop top and voila - you also have a very chic evening outfit. How would you wear this matching suit? I got a size medium which fit really well, separately the blazer was £26 and the skirt was £22 in the sale, I think £48 is amazing for a whole outfit! Have you shopped at Zalando before? Let me know what you've bought from Zalando - have a lovely afternoon girls, I'm off to write another blog post for you all! :)* ♥

Saturday, 6 April 2013

inside out ♥

I must admit, I was slightly sceptical about doing this post...why? Well to all my UK readers, have you looked out of your window recently? There is no sun! I can't remember the last time I actually thought "Wow, it's an oven out here..." I miss the summer weather terribly so I find it slightly ironic when I see all the new Spring trends being displayed in the shop windows. I don't know about you but I'm still dressing like it's Winter - it was even snowing on Sunday night... But, for my love of the new Spring trends I've decided to ignore this strange weather and brace the skirts and t-shirts. I put this outfit together just because I have no idea whether it goes but I'm getting a strange obsession with animal tops and bold skirts. We all know I love these sandal heels, I need to get a pair that actually keep my feet in though...

H&M have a really nice pair for £29.99 so I might buy them, have you got any sandal heel recommendation's? The skirt is from Topshop for £40 and the top is from H&M for £7.99 - I think this is such a fun and playful outfit that is made glam by the Zara heels and the Chanel bag. I think I would put a black belt around the skirt just to neaten it up a bit, what do you think? I've ordered a few goodies from H&M today including this top so I'll let you know how it looks. What do you think of this outfit? I'm going to be putting up a review of the L'Oreal Paris top coat nail varnish on the left so let me know if you want to see any other product requests :) Have a lovely weekend girls ♥

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

players ♥

Having the flu really wasn't on my to do list this Easter holiday but alas, I am surrounded by tissues, lemsips and anti-bacterial gel. Ahh being ill is fun isn't it?! How was everyone's Easter break? As usual, it went far too quick but I'm sure all managed to eat your body weight in chocolate Easter eggs like me...or was I the only one? This weekend I celebrated the best friends birthday, (I will be doing a present guide this week inspired by this!) and then spent the rest of the weekend watching The Walking Dead. Have you seen this programme before? I've only watched a few episodes but it's really good :) For today's post I wanted to talk about the Company Style Blogger Awards 2013 - I would love you to nominate for Best Personal Style Blog. It would mean so much to much if you would nominate me, I would love you to spare a vote :) 

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