Monday, 11 March 2013

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So sorry I've been slightly absent from the blogging world everyone, my laptop is slowly dying on me :( I really wouldn't mind a brand new Apple Mac right about now... I hope everyone is keeping safe is this crazy weather, I didn't even know it could snow in March!? Besides from freezing in my office, today I wanted to look at long lasting lipsticks, I mean lipsticks that really, really last long without losing pigmentation. I've tried quite a few in the past week just to really test out a variety for you and I have to say, W7 are fabulous by far! I applied swatches to my hand at 9am and I had to literally scrub them off when I had a shower at 10.30pm. The shades are absolutely gorgeous! I love the red shade - what do you think is the best shade?

The reason why I'm quite partial to long lasting lip products at the moment is because I can't touch up my make-up in the office as much as I would like to. So I'm really interested in finding products that last longer. I think the W7 Lipsticks are fantastic, you can see for yourself how good they look, so I really recommend these if you can't touch up your lippy while you're busy working. Let me know if you have any other products that you can't leave the house without. Maybe I should do a snow friendly make-up guide?! Have a lovely afternoon girls, time to reach for the gloves and hat again... *


  1. I feel the same way about long lasting lipstick. I really can't keep touching up during the day so I would prefer something that stays put and keeps up its pigmentation. These are pretty colors, I really like the middle shade!
    On my latest post, I'm wearing Revlon's Black Cherry (it's still winter like in NYC so why not break out the dark lippies lol) which is long lasting too.

    Jen xx

  2. Oh I definitely agree! Exactly, it's really hard to find products that actually last.

    I love that shade! I'm such a fan of darker lip colours at the moment! :)

    Jade xx

  3. All three shade are gorgeous , I think w7 iss pretty under rated xx

  4. I know - the staying power is amazing. What is your favourite shade? xx

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments girls :) x


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