Sunday, 17 March 2013

supersymmetry ♥

I don't know about you, but I am dying for Summer to arrive, call me keen and slightly crazy but I can't wait to wear summer clothes! I've been getting quite addicted to Look Book lately, I've found some incredible blogs that are really good at giving you inspiration. Nany's Klozet is definitely one of my favourite blogs at the moment, her style is gorgeous and it really inspired me with today's post. I saw her wearing a lovely white leather jacket so it got me browsing through the online shops until I found this little beauty from H&M! When the weather gets a bit warmer, a nice white jacket will look perfect for dresses and simple skirts. I do have a black leather jacket, but white completely changes the tone of an outfit. Now, the skirt and wedges are also from H&M so I want to go there on Thursday (late night shopping an all..) and see if they're comfy enough.
I want to be able to wear them everyday...I buy too many shoes that just aren't comfy and I find it really, really hard to find the strength to walk in them without getting blisters! So fingers crossed they actually don't hurt my feet! I also wanted to do a little update of what's in my bag at the moment, I'm currently reading American Psycho - incredible book (I hope you've all seen the film ;)..), I've also got into the habit of taking a notebook with me and writing little To Do List's. I also write what food I've eaten, what blog posts I want to do and what clothes I want to buy. I also do little sketches :) I've got into another habit of putting Disney stickers next to the page when I've done it...strange I know. What are the main things you carry around with you? Hope you're having a lovely evening girls! I'm currently watching The Tudors - ahh Jonathan Rhys Meyers ♥


  1. I love the leather jacket and the bag. So cute!

    1. I know! ;) It's definitely on my wish list :)


  2. Yes, so wanting summer to arrive right now. Those Ray Bans are cute. My neighbor just bought a pair like yours. I want them too.
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  3. Tudors was such an amazing show....his eyes were everything lol


  4. Hī, where is the bag from, it looks amazing!


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