Tuesday, 5 March 2013

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Hello girls, how is everyone's week going? I've had an incredibly busy week and it's only Tuesday! Last night I attended the 2013 Hair Awards so I'm pretty exhausted this morning, I'll be putting a post together for that this week. I wanted to do quite an unusual post for Fairytale Kiss, before you ask, I'm not suggesting that you guy and buy a Peter Rabbit book for yourself...my Aunt's daughter is turning 5 next week and she is really struggling to find presents to buy her! So I thought Alex and Alexa would be the perfect solution, I've put together a shopping guide to help hero out. I thought that this post would be quite helpful for those of you who have children yourself, although I am quite keen on the Hello Kitty notebook myself anyway... I hope this helps girls, Alex and Alexa sell a variety of different designer clothes for children and they also sell toys, books and dress up clothes! :) Melissa & Doug toys are perfect if you need any late birthday presents. Let me know what you would pick and I hope this helps all of you. Have a lovely afternoon 

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  1. N'wah, I used to work for Alexandalexa.com, I miss it so much after reading this! The soft toys are so worth it, super soft and cuddly! Hope you're well Jade! xx


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