Wednesday, 27 March 2013

release ♥

Hi girls, how is your week going? I've been incredibly busy at work this week, but one of the many perks of my job is that I get to attend hair events, yesterday, I attended a GHD workshop with Michelle Griffin and Alan Austin-Smith. Alan Austin-Smith (who worked for Vidal Sassoon when he was just 16!) spoke with a team of really talented salon owners and hairdressers about presenting themselves on stage and how to explain what inspires them to be in the hair industry. I found it really interesting to watch and it shows how hard hairdressers work to be successful in the industry. Alan engaged with the team Colour Project and taught presentation skills. He taught them how to feel confident, communicate with their audience.They were also taught why they were in Colour Project and also how to overcome being nervous when being on stage when presenting their collections. 

This was done by looking at the teams state of mind, breathing techniques and how to generally connect with your audience. After Alan finished his presentation, renowned hairdresser, Michelle Griffin, made the team show their mood boards that were inspired by fashion houses. It was so interesting to see how current trends reflect hairstyles! I didn't think that the new Gucci Spring/Summer collection could be seen as an inspiration for hairdressers?! But the simple outfit designs actually reflected really well onto the hairstyles that the team put together. What inspires you when you have to work on something? I've put together a little mood board of my own here ;) 

Monday, 25 March 2013

salvage ♥

Salmon salad made by moi ;), Mirrors by Justin Timberlake - I'm addicted to thing song, me getting my hair done at the Hair Awards by the seanhanna hair team, my addiction to coconut water, I watched The Last Song on Sunday night, and finally - my messy dresser!
I'm currently wrapped up in my duvet as per normal, so by now, you would have seen my John Frieda review from Sunday, but I've also put this post together! I don't feel like I do enough "My Week In Photo" posts so I hope you like this one :) I just realised that yesterday's post was the 300th post on Fairytale Kiss - can you believe how quickly 2 years has gone by, that's quite a lot of posts! So thank you for everyone who follows me and actually takes the time to read my crazy ramblings. Tonight I'm going with the girls to eat at The Shampan, it's a gorgeous Indian cuisine restaurant, so it's safe to say my healthy diet is taking a pause today ;) My plans for this week include more product reviews, some new outfits to share with you and I'm going to do more Mollie King outfit stalking! Hope you have a lovely start to the week girls! Let me know what your plans are for this week :)   

Sunday, 24 March 2013

calvary ♥

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Ahead Shampoo, Conditioner, Luxurious Volume Blow Dry Lotion Root Booster, John Frieda Frizz-Ease Miraculous Recovery Intensive Masque
It's safe to say that as soon as I see the slightest bit of snow, I'm curled up in my duvet and never stepping outside into the real world again. This weekend I've been watching quite a few TV programmes with my dad at home - we're incredibly exciting people ;) I still think this weekend has gone past far too quick though, it's already Sunday! :( For today's post, I wanted to look at a range of different John Frieda products - John Frieda is renowned for dealing with a variety of different hair types, so I recommend you try this range if you want to tame your frizzy hair (like mine!). The products I received include the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Straight Ahead shampoo, conditioner, Frizz-Ease Intensive Masque and the Luxurious Volume Blow Dry Lotion Root Booster. I've been using these goodies for a few days now and I can honestly say I can already notice a difference, my hair feels incredibly sleek and smooth which can be quite hard to achieve with this weather.
We all have hair icons and I'm obsessed with Nina Dobrev's hair (Elena from The Vampire Diaries) - her trademark look is super straight and shiny locks, that are in incredible condition. The Intensive Masque is where the magic happens to get Nina hair ;) I cover my hair with the masque and leave it on for about 5 minutes - then voila! The masque focuses on damaged ends and repairs hair strands before they get even more damaged. I definitely have to say I'm not usually a hair mask kind of girl but I have really noticed a difference with the condition of my hair, my split ends aren't as noticeable and the ends don't feel as dry. I've found a video on Youtube from the John Frieda page that will help give you a nice little How To guide! :) Let me know what you think of the John Frieda Frizz-Ease range *♥

Friday, 22 March 2013

awakening ♥

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in 690 Mocha Cream - £1 from Poundland
Seeing that it's "Fat Friday" I'm giving my diet a pause for today ;) Gregg's doughnuts all around! What's your "Fat Friday" treat? For today's post I wanted to tell you what I found in Poundland last night. The amount of hidden treasures that you can find in there is pretty impressive. We all know that the 90's trend is making a comeback this season, add this to my Buffy obsession you'll find me on the hunt for 90's make-up products! I found this gorgeous Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in the shade 690 Mocha Cream. It's a lovely brown tone which is incredibly 90's inspired ;) What do you think of this shade? I've definitely moved past my nude shade obsession and I think Rimmel have really nice brown shades in their lipstick collections.

I feel incredibly lucky to have found it in Poundland - they are £6.29 in Boots! I love Rimmel lipsticks, I find them incredibly thick and creamy so they also add moisture to my lips (hence the name of the lipstick..) so I love wearing it at work because my lips get so dry in the office! I really recommend popping into your nearest Poundland store and seeing what you can find ;) I bought two of the Rimmel lipsticks simply because I know I'll use it so quickly! Have you found any goodies in Poundland lately? I might pop in there after work to see if I can see any other shades :) Hope you have a lovely Friday girls, I've got a few more products to review - let me know if you've seen anything that you'd like me to buy and test for you all 

Thursday, 21 March 2013

long day's journey ♥

Hi everyone, how is your Thursday going? I've dressed a tad bit summery today so I'm slightly regretting it now - a white blazer and strap top isn't matching this weather at all...hurry up summer! I'm back on my healthy eating (again) and I've made cous cous, salmon and cucumber salad for lunch - although I'm not too sure if cous cous and salmon goes?! Anyway, for today's post I wanted to look at the Bourjois BB Cream 8 in 1 compact - as you all know, BB creams have been huge over the last year and to tell you the truth - I don't think I've really tried one before! So lets get to the basics - what is a BB cream? The BB cream originiated in the Korean area and the BB stands for Blemish Base or Blemish Balm. It's not actually a skincare product that focuses purely on spots though, it's an added feature that focuses on even skin tones.

This Bourjois BB Cream has 8 properties in the formula, including SPF 20, anti-ageing, anti-shine, targeted correction, perfecting, smoothing, long lasting hydration and anti fatigue. I applied it to my face a few hours ago and my skin looks incredibly sheer and fresh! :) Obviously my skin is naturally oily, so I always have to apply a sprinkling of powder over my t-zone, but the Bourjois palette is taking quite well to my skin. I've used my foundation brush, simply because I'm not a fan of sponges. I think the overall design of the compact is incredibly snazzy! ;) The mirror rotates around so you can see your face at whatever angle. Overall, I would say this compact gives medium coverage and will be perfect for the summer when you want a foundation free routine. Hope you're having a lovely afternoon girls, let me know if you've tried the Bourjois BB compact* 


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

apocalypse, nowish ♥

Lately, I find myself constantly changing what's in my make-up bag, I'm really indecisive at the moment. Usually I'm wearing brown lipsticks from Rimmel (stolen from my mother muhaha) but I'm stepping into the fuchsia pink shades this week. I actually got this lip gloss from Poundland - it's by Rimmel too. The actual lipstick I used is from YSL - it's incredibly pigmented so I like adding a darker fuchsia pink over the top just to match my darker features more. Although...I do like slightly pale in this picture. For my eyes, I've kept it incredibly matte - we all know I don't think shimmery eye shadows suit me so I've gone with my usual matte brown shade. As you can see, I've slightly blended the shadow slightly past my crease to create a cat eye type of style. I think my eyes are quite small so a lot of shading is in need!

It's actually from Natural Collection for only £1.99 so it doesn't hurt your bank balance at all. I'm using the Daniel Sandler Sculpt and Slim powder for my cheeks and for general contouring - I reviewed it for Look magazine last week, so I've been in love with it every since! If you want to see my full review for Look magazine, I've finally made a press page here. For my brows, I've used Vaseline (it's the best brow gel ever! ;)..) and Benefit brow zing kit - I've stolen this off my sister and no, she's not getting it back. What do you think of my make-up kit so far? Is there anything you think I should try instead? I'd love to see you do your own make-up face post! :) Have a lovely afternoon girls 

Monday, 18 March 2013

spin the bottle ♥

Hello girls, how is your Monday going? I'm incredibly tired today but I think I've got through a lot of stuff so I'm happy! For today's post, I wanted to talk about red lipsticks, particularly from the fabulous brand Smooch. I've been a huge fan of Smooch blushers for a good few years now so it's nice to branch away from their "hero product" so to speak. The lighter red shade is called Crimson Fire - it has a gorgeous orange tone towards it and is perfect against a darker skin tone. The darker shade is called Merlot and as you can see it has a very vibrant blue tone underlying the red pigments. Now, I know it can be a bit confusing when I talk about orange and blue tones when this post is about red lipsticks, but the under tones of a red lipstick are essential for choosing what shade will suit you personally.

If you have fairer skin, then blue tone lipsticks are usually best because they create a cool and even look against your lips and features but orange tones mesh perfectly if you have dark eyes, dark hair, tanned skin. I check all of the above, minus the tanned skin at the moment - I'm in need of a holiday! I have to say I really love the texture of Smooch lipsticks, they glide on smoothly and coat your lips in a gorgeous matte finish. They look incredibly glossy and vibrant which is perfect is your due for a girls night out! I think the packaging is incredibly cute and the variety of different shades will match every mood. I give these lipsticks 9/10 - have you tried them yet? 

Sunday, 17 March 2013

supersymmetry ♥

I don't know about you, but I am dying for Summer to arrive, call me keen and slightly crazy but I can't wait to wear summer clothes! I've been getting quite addicted to Look Book lately, I've found some incredible blogs that are really good at giving you inspiration. Nany's Klozet is definitely one of my favourite blogs at the moment, her style is gorgeous and it really inspired me with today's post. I saw her wearing a lovely white leather jacket so it got me browsing through the online shops until I found this little beauty from H&M! When the weather gets a bit warmer, a nice white jacket will look perfect for dresses and simple skirts. I do have a black leather jacket, but white completely changes the tone of an outfit. Now, the skirt and wedges are also from H&M so I want to go there on Thursday (late night shopping an all..) and see if they're comfy enough.
I want to be able to wear them everyday...I buy too many shoes that just aren't comfy and I find it really, really hard to find the strength to walk in them without getting blisters! So fingers crossed they actually don't hurt my feet! I also wanted to do a little update of what's in my bag at the moment, I'm currently reading American Psycho - incredible book (I hope you've all seen the film ;)..), I've also got into the habit of taking a notebook with me and writing little To Do List's. I also write what food I've eaten, what blog posts I want to do and what clothes I want to buy. I also do little sketches :) I've got into another habit of putting Disney stickers next to the page when I've done it...strange I know. What are the main things you carry around with you? Hope you're having a lovely evening girls! I'm currently watching The Tudors - ahh Jonathan Rhys Meyers ♥

Friday, 15 March 2013

the house always wins ♥

Today I really wanted to do a review on a product I'm raving about at the moment, I've been looking for a mascara brush like this since..forever! As you all know, my natural lashes are incredibly stumpy, so I find it really hard to find mascaras that catch every single eyelash. Bourjois have released Fan-Tastic Volume Mascara - for some reason my camera has made this look blue, but I can assure you it's a lovely purple colour! The mascara brush is perfectly spread with tiny bristles that ensure all of your lashes are caught. I have always been a big fan of Bourjois mascara's because of the product they use, I find that it makes a bigger impact and doesn't flake compared to other mascara brands. It manages to catch all of my lashes evenly, and gives them extra length and does create "a fan effect". Another favourite Bourjois mascara that I really recommend is the Bourjois Clubbing mascara - this baby is perfect for giving extreme thickness and volume to your lashes. When it comes to using this mascara though, I usually tip the brush straight and individually coat the bottom lashes, it really does make such a big difference.  Have you tried this mascara? Let me know what you think girls. Have a lovely afternoon *

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

ground state ♥

Technically this isn't the end of the week, but...when do I ever do things at the right time? I do like to mix things around, especially with my blog posts - so I thought today would be nice to feature my photos of this week :) The biggest thing that happened this week for me would have to be Look magazine. I was featured on their Tried and Tested page in the beauty section!!  I'm out in this weeks issue with Rita Ora on the cover :) Have you bought this weeks issue yet? The next photo is of Travis Garland, an incredibly talented and gorgeous artist - I definitely recommend listening to his albums! Next is a posey picture, I don't think I include shots of my make-up enough so let me know what you think of my brown and black eye make-up. I curled my hair with the Enrapture hair curlers that I featured a few weeks ago.
Next is the Hair Awards 2013 - I attended this last week and I got to meet Nicky Clarke and Zoe Hardman from Take Me Out - The Gossip. Reviewing the GHD Style Kit; I'm still obsessed with this shine spray! I've also put myself forward for the Company Style Blogger awards so make sure you spare me a tiny vote ;) it would mean the world to me if I got shortlisted! I went to Sugar Hut last weekend for my friends birthday so I wore the bright skirt from Topshop. Another highlight of this week was making my dog, Kaya walk up to my mum and give her our Pandora charm for Mother's Day - cutest thing ever! Hope you've had a lovely week girls, Thursday feels incredibly far away. Have a lovely evening, I'm back to watching Miranda episodes in my bed..alone, with Ribena.. ♥

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

deep down ♥

Hi girls, hope you're all having a lovely afternoon - today I wanted to talk about the ultimate hair brand - we all know who I'm talking about of course, GHD! I am so excited that I've got the chance to review this brand, especially because I've been a big fan of their products since I was 14. My mum first bought me the infamous hair straighteners and styling products for my 14th birthday so ever since then I've had nothing but praise for this brand. They really are luxury personified! The GHD Style & Protect gift set is what I will be reviewing for today's post, the set is worth £39 so it's perfect for presents or if you just want to treat yourself ;)

The set includes a paddle brush, Style Straight & Smooth Spray, Style Final Shine Spray and two sectioning clips - I'm a big fan of these when it comes to straightening my hair! What I found most interesting is the shine spray because I think that my hair can lack shine in the winter weather so I found this spray the perfect pick me up. I think hair care products are really important with the horrible weather we've been having recently so I think it's lovely to treat ourselves. I give this kit 8.5/10 because it has really made my hair look sleeker and shinier - it's such lovely packaging too. Have you tried this GHD gift set before? Let me know what you think girls. I can't stress enough how much GHD products can improve the quality of your hair! ♥

Monday, 11 March 2013

tomorrow ♥

So sorry I've been slightly absent from the blogging world everyone, my laptop is slowly dying on me :( I really wouldn't mind a brand new Apple Mac right about now... I hope everyone is keeping safe is this crazy weather, I didn't even know it could snow in March!? Besides from freezing in my office, today I wanted to look at long lasting lipsticks, I mean lipsticks that really, really last long without losing pigmentation. I've tried quite a few in the past week just to really test out a variety for you and I have to say, W7 are fabulous by far! I applied swatches to my hand at 9am and I had to literally scrub them off when I had a shower at 10.30pm. The shades are absolutely gorgeous! I love the red shade - what do you think is the best shade?

The reason why I'm quite partial to long lasting lip products at the moment is because I can't touch up my make-up in the office as much as I would like to. So I'm really interested in finding products that last longer. I think the W7 Lipsticks are fantastic, you can see for yourself how good they look, so I really recommend these if you can't touch up your lippy while you're busy working. Let me know if you have any other products that you can't leave the house without. Maybe I should do a snow friendly make-up guide?! Have a lovely afternoon girls, time to reach for the gloves and hat again... *

Friday, 8 March 2013

benediction ♥

Spring is just around the corner, which means fashion, like nature is going through a most welcome revival. We can now start dreaming of warmer days and put a lot of colour in our wardrobe and our make-up. Nail polish is one of the best ways to enlighten your outfit and showcase your mood, especially with the new trends for this spring. What better way to stock up on every colour you need than to use your Boots promotional code? Now, let's see what nail polish trends and shades are in for this new season. Variety is the spice of life and it seems to be the keyword for spring looks. When it comes to nail polish, many different styles are emerging, starting with pale colours. White nail polish is a must-have this season, giving your nails a classy, natural look that matches most of your outfits. Any type of neutral tone works, for a soft, elegant touch. 

If you prefer darker tones, you'll be able to indulge in anything from moody greys to mysterious purples or romantic blacks, which are also great hits for spring and give a sexy edge to your look. Nothing is ever black or white though and new nail polish trends involve a lot of innovation and originality. For example, you can play with shiny hues of gold or silver, with or without moderation! Those precious colours add the final touch to any type of manicure and will make your hands sparkle in any circumstance. Another interesting trend is the use of new patterns and elements. If you think plain colours are boring, feel free to experiment and let your imagination guide you. Sky's the limit when it comes to nail polish designs so don't be afraid to be bold! 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

a new world ♥

I really think this week has whizzed past, I find it hard to just sit back and pamper myself, so last night I made it my mission to dye my hair darker, have a hot bath with bubbles and candles and after that I tanned my legs, painted my nails and even experimented with new make-up looks. One of the new products that I am loving at the moment is the Boots No7 Spring collection, particularly the No7 Ballerina Beauty Blush Palette. I can safely say that this is my Spring product of the year - I absolutely love it! I think it can be quite hard to go from dark vampy lips and eyes, to springy warm shades. I'm usually quite pale (I blame my lack of holidays...) so it's nice to add some rosey cheeks to the mix! I usually apply blush the apple of my checks, I know people also apply it to the cheek bones but I think I prefer bronzer for that. What do you prefer?

This blush is perfect for adding warmth to your look and I love applying it over tan, we all know I have a oily skin type so shimmery blushes are a no,no but this pink shade works perfectly to not add unwanted shine. I think its the perfect "pick me up" product to add instant brightness to your look - incredibly relevant for how miserable the weather has been lately! I love the design of this blush, usually my blushers crack after 5 minutes but this compact is pretty firm (touch wood!). Have you seen the Boots No7 collection? What do you think of blushers, are you more interested in bronzers? Hope you're having a lovely weekend girls, I'm back to my pamper routine - time for some teeth whitening kits ;) *

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

a new world ♥

All products can be found here
Hello girls, how is everyone's week going? I've had an incredibly busy week and it's only Tuesday! Last night I attended the 2013 Hair Awards so I'm pretty exhausted this morning, I'll be putting a post together for that this week. I wanted to do quite an unusual post for Fairytale Kiss, before you ask, I'm not suggesting that you guy and buy a Peter Rabbit book for Aunt's daughter is turning 5 next week and she is really struggling to find presents to buy her! So I thought Alex and Alexa would be the perfect solution, I've put together a shopping guide to help hero out. I thought that this post would be quite helpful for those of you who have children yourself, although I am quite keen on the Hello Kitty notebook myself anyway... I hope this helps girls, Alex and Alexa sell a variety of different designer clothes for children and they also sell toys, books and dress up clothes! :) Melissa & Doug toys are perfect if you need any late birthday presents. Let me know what you would pick and I hope this helps all of you. Have a lovely afternoon 

Sunday, 3 March 2013

the price ♥

When it comes to eyebrows, I really need help. We all have bad beauty moments where we always say "What was I thinking?!" well, I have this thought with my brows... In my second year of uni I had an obsession with eyebrows with high arches, (I still do now), so I decided to take a razor...and shave half of my eyebrows off o_o After I did this, I would draw them on with a brow pencil that was far too light for my actual eyebrows. Overall, my eyebrows have never really recovered and they are in dyer need of help. So when the Rio Celebrity Brow Define Kit popped through my post box, I was incredibly eager to try it out. The kit comes with brow shadows, pencils, tweezers and what I found quite helpful was brow stencils. They come in a variety of different shapes to help prevent any brow disasters. 

I think I personally suit brows that are in the middle of full and thick or really thin. I've learnt my lesson from using a razor to "shape" my eyebrows so my advice is to invest in a Rio Celebrity Brow Define Kit! I'll admit I didn't have a clue about how to do eyebrows, but this keep is perfect for anyone who is a beginner or who just wants to experiment with their brows more. I'm so happy with my brows now so hopefully I can forget all about my dodgy brow past! The instructions are  super easy to follow so you can really get the perfect shade and shade for your eyebrows, this is definitely one of my favourite beauty products at the moment. What are you ultimate tips for eyebrows? Have you had any brow disasters that keep haunting you? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of the Rio Brow Kit. Have a lovely afternoon girls 
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