Monday, 11 February 2013

carpe noctem ♥

Hi girls, how is everyone weeks going? I hope you all had a lovely weekend, minus this strange weather! For today's post I wanted to talk about Now, I know I'm not a Valentine's day fan but they've come up with a really clever idea of how to say "I Love You" to that someone special ;) They will make messages of love sent on Twitter even more personal, unique and meaningful as the nation gears up for Valentine’s Day. From today, anyone can tweet a romantic message (or comment on the Facebook page) using the #Tweetheart tag, along with their declaration of love, and will select five messages to bring to life with teams of musicians and artists in London. To make each message even more special, it will be tailored to the content of the selected tweet, with the resulting bespoke ‘live gift’ sent wherever in London the lucky recipient is to be found, whether in their office, at a restaurant or walking in the park. 

Holly Tucker, co-founder and CEO of commented: “We’re taking original and meaningful ways to say just how you feel about someone a step further with our #Tweetheart campaign, helping lovebirds create a heartfelt, unique experience they’ll never forget. We all want to find the most thoughtful gifts for our loved ones on Valentine’s Day and that’s what is all about, with a wide range of carefully selected gift ideas that stand out from the usual Valentine’s Day clichés.” To enter a declaration, simply tweet @notonthehighst using the hashtag #Tweetheart or post it on the company’s Facebook page. Chosen entries will then receive a private message from to get more details on where their Valentine will be on a certain day and the ‘live gift’ will be delivered during the course of the week commencing 11 February. Let me know how you get on girls! ;) 


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