Tuesday, 4 December 2012

over the rainbow ♥

When it comes to keeping fit and healthy, it can be harder than it sounds. I mean, just take today for example - I have to walk past KFC and Burger King every morning on the way to work, then I go past 3 corner shops that sell countless chocolate bars. Since I've graduated from uni and started working in the fashion and beauty industry, I find it incredibly hard to..well, stop stuffing my face with junk food. Even with all the industry events I've recently attended, I am surrounded by beautiful people. Models in particular. They all dress amazing, exercise and eat healthy. How?! I find myself reaching for the cookies whenever I can and I have a strange feeling its because I'm in winter and love being wrapped in my duvet. Whatever the reason for my unhealthy eating, I need to stop! Now, I'm not saying I need to go cold turkey and completely cut out junk food because hey, that's just impossible... But what I am saying is, I need to start finding time to exercise more and actually eat a healthy and balanced diet. So I found that healthy snacks are the perfect solution for my junk cravings, instead of pigging out on a chocolate bar, I simply have a packet of fruit raisins. 

They come in a variety of different flavours and are absolutely delish! I think this is the first time where I can eat fruit and not want to dive into a packet of crisps. They also count as one of your five a day ;) As for the exercise part well...for me, I find my stomach to be the most stubborn. So when I received a mysterious brown box in the post last week, I was curious and slightly in awe of what was inside. The XLS Medical was waiting for me inside and boy, oh, boy did I have a treat waiting for me. This exercise tool is perfect for me, I mean really. There are hundreds of ways to use this bad boy but for me, I mainly want to focus on my stomach. So by placing it on the floor, you can stretch the bands forward and feel the burn! It basically works as an elastic band for your abs and you can feel it working out your core. The best part is you don't get bored using the machine so you will be able to stick to it. Have you got an exercise tool that really keeps your abs in check? Post the link below, I'd love to see it! Have a lovely evening girls and get those abs! ;) ♥

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  1. someones moved on to angel episode names I see ;)


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