Wednesday, 17 October 2012

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Hi girls, hope you're having a lovely week. I am currently on my bed with my duvet wrapped around me - for some strange reason, my dog is trying to drag my duvet out of my room while I'm typing this. Annoying little pooch! Last weekend I spent my Friday and Saturday night in bed (as usual) watching Robert Di Nero films with Harry, we were feeling incredibly lazy so we went to McDonald's drive through and I ate my body weight in mozzarella dippers - they really are heaven on earth! On Sunday, I went to the amazing Alternative Hair Show, it really was a fantastic experience. It was the 30th anniversary and it was set in the Royal Albert Hall - I've never been there before but to actually go and see the collections was amazing. It was such an inspiring night, I still need to find all of the hairdressers names in the show but I was lucky enough to sit next to Anne Veck's family. She is an amazing hairdresser who has been featured in countless magazines - definitely worth popping into her salon! Besides from the fact that I was pleased about being seated next to the ice cream section, the hall was enormous and look very glam. We were seated on the balcony which over looked everything, so I got very snap happy with my camera.

The theme of the of the show was called 'legends', it basically introduced all of the iconic hairdressers including the late Vidal Sassoon. His family came on stage to give a lovely thank you message to all of his supporters in the industry and to celebrate his talent as a hairdresser. I'll add the photos from the show this week! Now again, before I start rambling, I wanted to show you the Autumn wish list. All the items here can be found in River Island, Topshop, Miss Selfridge and H&M. I love, love, love Autumn colours and I think its shown perfectly in these clothes. I really like the gold and black pattern trend, I think it looks very classy and very glam! What is your favourite item? I think mine has to be the £26 Embroidered Mesh Crop Top from Topshop on the first row. I think it would lovely on a night out, especially with some leather trousers! Let me know what post you'd like me to feature girls. Have a lovely evening. Before I forget, make sure you pop onto the seanhanna Facebook page to enter their Blonde Bombshell Competition - you can win some Redken treats so make sure you click here ;) ♥


  1. Wow! All awesome, but that black and silver top is a real stand out - I'm sure I've seen it somewhere before but can't remember where it's from??

    Sam Muses xx

  2. I know, I'm glad you like it! I know what you mean, I have seen one similar!

    Thanks for your comment! :) xx

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    Love your style, following back :)


  4. I WANT aallll these pieces! I love your blog I'm def your newest follower - fancy a follow back please after checking my blog out?

  5. Love this post!
    Maybe we could follow eachother! :)

  6. Love some of these! Especially the black and gold shorts, the wedges underneath and that grey jumper! SO nice xx

  7. great clothes you choose:)
    follow your blog :)

    Maybe follow each other???:)

  8. OMG! So many lustworthy items! Adore the baroque shorts!
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo
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  9. All must haves of the season in one picture :)

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  10. You have great taste !


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