Monday, 8 October 2012

out of my mind ♥

Vest Top: £4 Primark Skirt: £12 Primark Bag: River Island/ebay £15 Cardigan: Primark Lipstick: Yves Saint Laurent £26 Rouge Pur Couture The Mats shade 206 Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Pumps: £4 Primark Watch: £100 Massimo Dutti
Hi girls, hope you're having a lovely Monday. I'm currently sitting on my bed with my duvet wrapped around me, I've just come home from Zizzi's with Emma, wow did I eat a lot. Yes, I had two starters..Woops! I had a pretty busy day at work earlier so I'm incredibly tired, but I'm determined to do a outfit post today. How was everyone's weekend? Harry was round all weekend so we watched a hell of a lot of films, including American Psycho and Devil's Double. I absolutely love American Psycho, definitely one of my favourite movies. I'm going to buy the book too, I'm running out of things to read... Can anyone recommend any good murder novels? :) My plan for this week is to do more outfit posts! I don't think I do enough, mainly because I don't appreciate how unphotogenic I am, but hey, I like sharing my outfits with you all ;) This outfit is pretty Autumny, (if that's even a word..) and I must say, as much as I liked the "England sun", I do like dressing in Autumn colours. Khaki green and brown shades go so well together! I really like my Accessorize necklace against the green vest top.
What I love most about this look is the lips, yes I am becoming a sucker for dark autumn trend shades. This Yves Saint Laurent lipstick is perfect, I'm going to do a review on it, but I really love wearing it so far. It's definitely a change from the normal nude shades that I always wear. My mum says I look like Wednesday from the Addam's family but mehh, I like Wednesday! My plan for tonight is to read the rest of Fifty Shades Freed, stop my dog from kicking me out of my bed and maybe make a salad for work tomorrow? I am doubtful of the salad plan, I'm far too lazy right now. I think I'm going to the cinema on Wednesday to see Taken 2, so, so excited to see Liam Neeson - is it odd that I find him quite attractive in this film?! Don't judge me! He wears a leather coat! Anyway...let me know what you think of the outfit girls and let me know what you think of the lipstick - yay or nay! :) Have a lovely week. ♥


  1. that's such a cute outfit :)

  2. You are so so gorgeous honey.
    Look atchu :) Definitely a petite kim kardashian!
    Beautiful xx xx

  3. You look great! I'm so jealous of people that find some really great stuff in primark! I'm missing that gift!
    Becky xx

  4. Lovely outfit ! xoxo


  5. You look amazing in that skirt! Feel free to visit my blog at :)) GREETS

  6. I love your bag!! Wish it was recent!
    Yay to the lipstick, very autumnal xx

  7. Love everything about this look esp the neck piece its awesome :)


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