Wednesday, 31 October 2012

hell's bells ♥

Hi girls, hope you’re having a lovely Wednesday. Again I am sitting at my desk stuffing my face – yes, I do admire the Boots meal deal. How is everyone's week going? It’s been incredibly busy at work today, I feel a little all over the place. Last night I went to Nando’s with the sister and ate my body weight in chicken – definitely my favourite place to go out to eat! For today’s post, I wanted to do another 'Get the Look' and I wanted to base it on my favourite Saturday girl - of course, I am talking about the gorgeous Mollie King. The 25-Year-Old was lightly running around Los Angeles in this scrumptious little outfit. Simple, but stylish and very neutral, so it would suit anyone's liking. I am incredibly proud of my detective work right now, I managed to find the actual shorts that Mollie is wearing in the pictures - they are £50 from Lipsy. Slightly pricey in my opinion but hey, I'm a cheap skate haha. Aren't they gorgeous though?! Very nice indeed ;) The rest of the outfit I went high street based, the top I found is from H&M and the shoes are from River Island for £60. 
For the make-up, Mollie has kept it pretty neutral, but her eyes do have a hint of bronze tones to it, so I've included the fabulous Chanel quad. Next is the Kate Moss lipstick and of course the fabulous John Frieda shampoo for all you blondes out there ;) What do you think of this outfit? Due the incredibly cold and depressing weather, I would just wear this on a night out. I love Mollie's style! Anyway, I'm back to work, but I hope you all have a good evening – I’m off to have a girly night in tonight after work (let’s hope I don’t have takeaway…). Let me know what sort of posts you want me to feature, I’m in the mood for some product reviews! How about you? ♥


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

dead things ♥

Hi girls, hope you're having a lovely week. I am currently exhausted at my desk from attending the Seanhanna awards last night - it was amazing! I may be dying of tiredness but boy oh boy, it was certainly worth it. The hair industry surely know how to party - it was full of glitz, glamour and a whole lot of hairspray. There were countless awards given in the seanhanna industry and there was also a catwalk show that demonstrated all the unique techniques that the seanhanna empire were famous for! It's incredibly inspiring to see Sean and to see how he turned his name into a brand name. Why can't I be good with scissors?! The only thing I know how to do is to ramble...and eat and buy make-up...ohhh I could write about edible make-up?! I could be on to something here ;) - maybe? Ahem, moving on... I wanted to show you all the fabulous pictures from last night, I think I pretty much captured everything from the show, I casually went in front of everyone to take good pictures for you all, I'm surprised someone didn't try to cut my hair off haha. Attending the award show made me realise how much I need to sort my hair out...everyone looked so glam and perfectly groomed! 

The gorgeous Olivia Cox from Marie Claire was there to present an award for the best retail receptionist of the year, it was lovely to see everyone from the magazine industry attending. Skyler McDonald is the Creative Director for seanhanna and she was also on stage showing off her magic skills! It was incredibly inspiring to watch the hairdressers create different looks, I definitely think you can call the hair and beauty industry a form of art. The collections they put together - wow, oh wow. I've been to two different hair shows in 2 weeks now and I have to say they are becoming incredibly addictive, I just love the runway shows with the music and the models. I got to spy on the male models too..yes, I am a perv. But 6 packs are very hard to find these days - they're so pretty! Have you been to a hair show before? Did you attend the seanhanna award show last night? Let me know who you would love to see create a runway show - yes, you can say Kim Kardashian. This is a Kim allowed blog remember? ;) Have a lovely evening girls, let me know what blog posts you'd like this week! 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

the replacement ♥

The smell of my vegetable curry is slowly travelling around the office, yes it may be part of the Shapers range but for lunch, it will most certainly do. I'm trying to be healthy (still...) and I must say, I find my diet is going well this week. Although..last week I had a massive pig out on Mcdonald's so I guess it doesn't count? I find it even harder to diet now I'm not at uni, I would wake up around 1 for lectures and would just eat dinner and a few snacks, but at work - I'm an eating machine! I've also started drinking coffee to fit into the whole "work mode"'s a tad different from drinking apple juice all the time and I've noticed my eye twitches from drinking it. Maybe I should stick to juice, oh so grown up Jade.. My plan for tonight is to see the best friend and watch movies in bed, she's somehow managed to chicken out of going to the cinema to see Sinister because she is the biggest scardy cat ever, but I am determined to watch it with her! Have any of you seen it yet? I hope its scary!

For today's post, I wanted to go back to my love of all things Kardashian - doesn't Kourtney look gorgeous? I am terrified at the thought of what I will look like after having children (if I ever find a husband of course...*cough* Bridget Jones jnr. *cough*) so it is depressing at how beautiful Kourtney looks. Besides from my usual black leather addiction, I think the colour palette that Kourtney is wearing is amazing. Lovely and summery! Okay, it's not summer here, but hey, I'm currently wearing bright pink trousers right now! For this look, I would wear these John Lewis trousers paired with the Vera Moda top. I think that the neutral colours do make it more winter based, plus I couldn't find any the right shade as Kourtneys. The chain bracelet was from Debenhams - only £8! The sunglasses are from H&M and the gorgeous little nude bag is from Topshop. Let me know what you think of this outfit - I love it. 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

superstar ♥

Surrounded by pizza and my warm, cosy duvet is the perfect combination. To top it off, my kind mother is currently making me some hot chocolate - it doesn't get any better than this. I'm still in a grouchy mood today, I'm not sure why but maybe its the weather? I long to be on a hot beach and covered in tanning oil - actually picturing this makes me think of nandos chicken. This really isn't a normal thought... Anyway, before we start going into depth about my strange mind, I thought I would give you the long awaited Alternative Hair Show pictures. The woman warned us before we sat down that we weren't allowed to take pictures, but of course I sneakily snapped away ;) The Royal Albert Hall is absolutely beautiful, I've never been there before so I was pretty amazed when we finally sat down. It was huge inside! The first part of the show we were introduced to all of the iconic hairdressers and Vidal Sassoon's son came to the stage to speak about his father, which was incredibly moving and inspiring to hear about all of Vidal's achievements and the great impact he had on the hair industry.

How amazing are these collections? Okay, my camera doesn't exactly do them justice but, hey, you get the rough idea. I swear a new camera is on my Christmas list! Anyway, a range of different hairdressers put separate collections on, it was so hard to pick a favourite but for me, it has to be the black gothic look and the glittery gold body suit set! I really want a gold body suit after seeing this... It was really magical watching these collections, they were all very enchanting and very fairytale inspired. Have you been to an Alternative Hair Show before? They've been around for 30 years, so I was lucky enough to go to the 30th Anniversary. I definitely recommend going, especially to see the hairdresser Anne Veck - she really has a unique and edgy take on hair styles! Let me know what you think of the collections, what one is your favourite? I'm back to listening to Taylor Swifts Red album and starting my new skin routine - I might go a few weeks without any skin make-up...gasp! Have a lovely evening girls, let me know what your favourite skin product is! ♥

Monday, 22 October 2012

fool for love ♥

For some strange reason, I'm in a incredibly grumpy mood today, for those of you who follow my crazy ramblings on Twitter, you would have seen my tweet "In the worst mood, just want to marry Ryan Gosling then go to sleep forever surrounded by nachos" - if someone could arrange this dream plan of mine, then I would freely share the nachos with you (not Ryan I'm afraid..). I've just been interrupted by my 15 year old brother to help him with his English homework, and when I say "help" I mean do...he sounds like he understands it more though, so I think I get my 'kind sister of the day' award now. Since I got home from work, I've been listening to Little Mix's new song DNA - I'm addicted! I love the Sin City inspired music video - very chic ;) Have you seen it yet?
For today's post I wanted to do a review on a beauty elixir from the brand Orofluido - have you heard of it before? The beauty elixir is a serum that protects hair from harsh weather conditions (which I think is pretty nifty with the odd weather we've been having), it was actually tested in the Sahara desert so I thought that I was really interesting! The packaging really is beautiful, I think it's really glam and sophisticated, especially because I'm really picky about how my beauty products look. The serum is silky and smooth and leaves your hair feeling just like Cheryl's in a L'Oreal advert ;) I really recommend this hair product if your hair is slightly frizzy (like mine) and tends to really get damaged from heat products and harsh weather. Let me know what you think of it! I give it 9/10 and 10/10 on the bottle design - very glam ;) Hope you're having a good week girls, I'm back to listening to Little Mix and trying to 'tidy' my room. Have you all started watching the season 4 episodes of the Vampire Diaries yet? I haven't seen it! What is wrong with me? haha. Let me know what posts your feeling like and thank you to all of my new followers ♥

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

storyteller ♥

Hi girls, hope you're having a lovely week. I am currently on my bed with my duvet wrapped around me - for some strange reason, my dog is trying to drag my duvet out of my room while I'm typing this. Annoying little pooch! Last weekend I spent my Friday and Saturday night in bed (as usual) watching Robert Di Nero films with Harry, we were feeling incredibly lazy so we went to McDonald's drive through and I ate my body weight in mozzarella dippers - they really are heaven on earth! On Sunday, I went to the amazing Alternative Hair Show, it really was a fantastic experience. It was the 30th anniversary and it was set in the Royal Albert Hall - I've never been there before but to actually go and see the collections was amazing. It was such an inspiring night, I still need to find all of the hairdressers names in the show but I was lucky enough to sit next to Anne Veck's family. She is an amazing hairdresser who has been featured in countless magazines - definitely worth popping into her salon! Besides from the fact that I was pleased about being seated next to the ice cream section, the hall was enormous and look very glam. We were seated on the balcony which over looked everything, so I got very snap happy with my camera.

The theme of the of the show was called 'legends', it basically introduced all of the iconic hairdressers including the late Vidal Sassoon. His family came on stage to give a lovely thank you message to all of his supporters in the industry and to celebrate his talent as a hairdresser. I'll add the photos from the show this week! Now again, before I start rambling, I wanted to show you the Autumn wish list. All the items here can be found in River Island, Topshop, Miss Selfridge and H&M. I love, love, love Autumn colours and I think its shown perfectly in these clothes. I really like the gold and black pattern trend, I think it looks very classy and very glam! What is your favourite item? I think mine has to be the £26 Embroidered Mesh Crop Top from Topshop on the first row. I think it would lovely on a night out, especially with some leather trousers! Let me know what post you'd like me to feature girls. Have a lovely evening. Before I forget, make sure you pop onto the seanhanna Facebook page to enter their Blonde Bombshell Competition - you can win some Redken treats so make sure you click here ;) ♥

Monday, 8 October 2012

out of my mind ♥

Vest Top: £4 Primark Skirt: £12 Primark Bag: River Island/ebay £15 Cardigan: Primark Lipstick: Yves Saint Laurent £26 Rouge Pur Couture The Mats shade 206 Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Pumps: £4 Primark Watch: £100 Massimo Dutti
Hi girls, hope you're having a lovely Monday. I'm currently sitting on my bed with my duvet wrapped around me, I've just come home from Zizzi's with Emma, wow did I eat a lot. Yes, I had two starters..Woops! I had a pretty busy day at work earlier so I'm incredibly tired, but I'm determined to do a outfit post today. How was everyone's weekend? Harry was round all weekend so we watched a hell of a lot of films, including American Psycho and Devil's Double. I absolutely love American Psycho, definitely one of my favourite movies. I'm going to buy the book too, I'm running out of things to read... Can anyone recommend any good murder novels? :) My plan for this week is to do more outfit posts! I don't think I do enough, mainly because I don't appreciate how unphotogenic I am, but hey, I like sharing my outfits with you all ;) This outfit is pretty Autumny, (if that's even a word..) and I must say, as much as I liked the "England sun", I do like dressing in Autumn colours. Khaki green and brown shades go so well together! I really like my Accessorize necklace against the green vest top.
What I love most about this look is the lips, yes I am becoming a sucker for dark autumn trend shades. This Yves Saint Laurent lipstick is perfect, I'm going to do a review on it, but I really love wearing it so far. It's definitely a change from the normal nude shades that I always wear. My mum says I look like Wednesday from the Addam's family but mehh, I like Wednesday! My plan for tonight is to read the rest of Fifty Shades Freed, stop my dog from kicking me out of my bed and maybe make a salad for work tomorrow? I am doubtful of the salad plan, I'm far too lazy right now. I think I'm going to the cinema on Wednesday to see Taken 2, so, so excited to see Liam Neeson - is it odd that I find him quite attractive in this film?! Don't judge me! He wears a leather coat! Anyway...let me know what you think of the outfit girls and let me know what you think of the lipstick - yay or nay! :) Have a lovely week. ♥

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

teacher's pet ♥

Hi girls, hope you’re having a lovely week. Isn't it freezing?! My poor hair really doesn't appreciate the cold weather and you know what cold weather means…yep. My big Rudolph the reindeer nose is back for this autumn. Fabulous -_- And let me tell you, no amount of foundation will make the redness go down hahaa. Besides from embracing my new red nose, I've started work at Catalyst PR which is another hair and beauty PR company. I managed to snap up some lovely goodies there so I thought you’d like to see what brands they look after. Boy, oh boy there are some gorgeous looking products in that office! I feel pretty lucky that I get to do my crazy ramblings about the hair and cosmetic industry. Especially when they haven't all been released yet! 

Now the first product I had my eye on was the SunJunkie Tanning Mousse. I personally love to use mousse’s when I tan (that’s mousse as in mousse, not the animal moose…), simply because I find that they don’t streak and the colour develops really even on my skin. The only thing I can’t stand about using fake tan is the smell. But wow, the first thing you notice when you use the SunJunkie tan is the gorgeous scent of coconut. It’s doesn't smell sickly or strong, it’s a perfect, subtle hint of the tropical fruit and it really lasts on your skin! Does anyone else find the smell of general fake tan unbearable? The shade I used was Dark but there are a variety of different shades to suit any type of skin type. Have you used SunJunkie before? Let me know what you think of it and what your all time favourite tan is! 

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