Thursday, 6 September 2012

phases ♥

I’ve just had to run from my desk and buy some Polo’s – I had this weird Moroccan salad and to be honest, it wasn’t very pleasant. Aside from my lunch drama, I’ve had a pretty relaxed morning – I’ve been working on beauty facts and sorting out appointment times, all in the PR job description :) I had a lovely night eating Chinese with Ashley and watching Bridesmaids, it is unreal how much Annie (the main character) reminds me of me, oh dear. When I got home I collapsed on my bed and was awoken by Kaya (my 9 stone Rhodesian Ridgeback) – sharing a bed with a dog this big really is as uncomfortable as it sounds haha. Today I’m wearing my gold jumper from Select and my Primark leather shorts, although, I kind of wish I had checked my back leg before I left the house… I have a giant white patch in the middle of my leg. Not very glam Jade -_- Tonight’s plan is to organise my room, pre write some blog posts and take a long hot bath and use a hair mask! I’ve been dying to do one all week but I’ve been rushing around everywhere, god bless hair masks. Oh and I’ll also try and fit my theory revision into this. Sigh.

I just wanted to update the first half of this post, I wrote it this morning and a lot has happened since - Fairytale Kiss has been allowed to go to London Fashion Week!!! I am so grateful and thankful for being able to go, I can't wait to take all the pictures and see the new trends - I'm still in shock I'm going! I'm already starting to plan what outfits I should wear - I might do a poll so you can all help me pick what outfits I should use. Another bit of good news, I've been offered another internship that starts after my Flipside one, perfect timing or what?! It also specialises in hair and cosmetics - so excited to start there too! So to celebrate my amazing day of good news, I bought myself the American Vogue - it's the 120th anniversary since Vogue was first published (in 1892) and Lady Gaga is on the cover. So I've been relaxed on my bed, listening to Azealia Bank's 1991 and flicking through the iconic Vogue pages. I've taken some pictures of my favourite pages, it was so hard to pick them, every page is beautifully put together. Let me know who you're favourite Vogue cover girl is - I definitely think Cindy Crawford is mine, wow she is gorgeous.♥



  1. Ohhh wow! Such good news about LFW and your new internship!! Well done :) Really well deserved! xxx

  2. Picked this up a week ago!! It's so big lol!!

  3. I have an award for you in my blog
    Hope you like it ^^
    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Congrats on getting to go to LFW and your internship! how exciting, good luck.

  5. congrats

  6. Great post! Congratulations on making it to LFW. I think you'll do a lovely job.

    Love your blog so definitely following! :)


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