Tuesday, 18 September 2012

fear, itself ♥

Yes, its coming up to my favourite time of the year again (no, not Valentines day..) Halloween! I can say without a doubt, that dressing up in sexy, scary costumes really is on top of my "Things that make Jade happy" list. What's not to like about Halloween? Running around wearing high heels and Wonder Woman hot pants really is as fun as it sounds. I'm incredibly depressed and jealous that I can't go as wild this year because I've finished uni - I can't really see myself running around my hometown wearing fangs with blood on my face this year... So for the rest of you that are free to dress up, I've put together some outfit suggestions from a nifty little website called Girly Night Out. They pretty much do all the hard work for you, so if you're not into making an outfit from scratch, check out some of these outfits! I hope you like my selection, I blame Mean Girls for ruining my "scary" Halloween costume looks, since watching that film, I only like pretty ones haha. I think  my favourite outfit has to be the clown costume - its fun, flirty and yes, it does remind me of Harley from Batman ;) There's also a cute little quiz to find out what fairytale fancy dress costume you are, I ended up with Snow White. How about you? What is your favourite outfit? Let me know what outfits you've been thinking about for this year, I hope these outfits have been helpful! So for all of your sexy Halloween costume needs, click here. Have a good week girls! ♥


  1. I must admit when I do Halloween I prefer to leave out the sexy and go all in this year if I'm going out I'm thinking zombie I have a major walking dead obsession at the moment haha. However I think the outfits you've picked out for those who still like to look sexy are nice and the clown one does have a resemblance to Harley xx

  2. See, I wish I could pull of the actual scary costumes! Although, I'm quite proud of myself, last year I drew blood drips under my eyes like Katherine from the vampire diaries - I think this counts as scary right?! hahaa ;) Glad you like the outfits :) Let me know what you go as! :) Yess..you have to love Harley :D xxx

  3. i always go for the dead prom queen look! this year i might go as a female version of the joker. good post :) x

  4. Ahh really! Thats such a great idea :) You should get one of your girlfriends to go as Harley! Love your costume idea! :) xx

  5. Ahh I'm "Goldilocks" apparently?! Haha! They costumes are fab, I can't decide whether to a Clown or a Zombie... Maybe I should be a Zombie Clown?! :-S


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